VOTE Amy Purdy and Derek Hough on Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!!

It’s that time once again, folks! Time to dust off your voting accounts, make some new ones and get ready for season 18. Derek has an amazing partner this season, one who is very inspirational – but one who also has a very tiny fanbase of her own. So, it’s going to be on us (and hopefully the regular viewing public) to carry Amy and Derek through to the finale.   This is the same tutorial I’ve used for many seasons now, so excuse any instance of the wrong person’s name. Just bring it to my attention. 🙂  Watch this post, also, in case they change any of the rules as we get closer to the premiere.

The Short Version

Call 1-800-868-3410 As soon as the show starts – you get the same number of votes as there are dancers. So week 1 you get 12 votes.

Go to and vote for Amy and Derek (look for the big “Vote Now” banner)- and keep going with as many accounts as you can until 8 PM Eastern time on Tuesday evening.

Don’t forget calling in via Skype and Voting Using Facebook

Detailed Instructions for beginners:

This is a voting tutorial that I created several years ago and have progressively added to as we learned more ways to vote…and more glitches in the systems. 🙂  You can make as many accounts to vote with (online) as you have time and email addresses…and you can make more of those too.  There isn’t much time left before we get started. So YOU get started making new accounts. 🙂  DO NOT assume they are safe based on score or that lots of people are voting. That mistake has been made time after time – like Zendaya for example.

This first section I believe was created by Donamadrina and is so you can make new email accounts. Once you make a new email account you register it with, then watch for the verification email. Then you’re good to go.  Keep a list so you can use the same accounts every week.

How to Create a Gmail Account (Here’a video tutorial) –

Click on that link over to the right…or below, where ever it appears on your browser…to read more on voting – I’ve stuck this post to the top of the page so it will be here all season. If you get the urge, tweet it on Mondays before the show.

You can make up names. For example:
First name: Romey   Last name: Hough (account will be
First name: Dereks   Last name: Bestfan  (account will be

Birthdate: make up different birthdates, and keep a list of these fake accounts.
Passwords: use the same password for ALL of them.
Email Address: For current email address: Use any one you already have.

Register at ABC
Vary the birthdate, and zip code. Use the same password for all; it makes it easier when voting.

How to access your new accounts in order to get the activation link from ABC. Go to Google again:
Sign in. Once you do that, click on Gmail and you should have a welcome email from Google and your activation link from ABC

TaDa!!!  Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for voting!!

1. Vote by Phone, number of votes per phone is usually equivalent to the number of dancers. So, on the first night, you get 12 votes per phone. PER PHONE, people. Your cell phone, your boyfriend’s cell phone, your home phone….you get the picture. You only have until 60 minutes until after the show ends to get your phone votes in – but you can start as soon as the show starts. Start early because it’s impossible once the show ends. Amy and Derek’s phone number will be 1-800-868-3410

2. Vote On-line during and after the show….and till 8 pm eastern time the next evening. Now, you only get as many votes online as there are dancers… PER EMAIL address!! So, what do we do? We make more email addresses AND register/verify them with Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever (see instructions above). Often, if you finish voting with all your email addresses, open a different web browser (safari, chrome, etc) and do it again. DWTS on

3. Call in using Skype! 1-800-868-3410  (it’s spotty on working)

5. Vote using DWTS Facebook App –> Facebook App

If you have problems voting by phone – like they say you’ve already voted all your votes using that phone and you know it’s not true – KEEP TRYING because there is a glitch in the system that makes that message that says you’ve already voted play if the phone lines are overloaded. On-line issues? Close your browser and clear your cookies. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser, like Firefox or Google chrome or some such thing. Don’t give up!!

MOST OF ALL – never assume someone will be safe due to a high score or even if they happen to be near the top of the leader board. That is more true right at the beginning, but it’s not fool proof.


Getting to the website is easy enough – once you find DWTS on, when voting is open there are VOTE NOW banners on the site. But here is a link where the couples should show up when voting is open – VOTE Derek and Amy!!!

Voting is open on MONDAY’S in the U.S., from 8 pm EASTERN time until 8 pm EASTERN time Tuesday evening. Now, if you’re not sure what time it is in the U.S., check out The World Clock,  look at U.S. New York – that is the Eastern Time Zone. That will give you the actual current time in NYC. If you’re a geek like me, then you might also like The Time Zone Converter and World Time Zone Map.

You can vote with as many different email addresses as you have. So if you have, say, 15 gmail accounts, you can vote the allotted number of times with one, sign out, sign in with a different one, and vote again. If you need a US Zip Code to register an email address on —-> US Zip Codes (aka Post codes) Just click on the map.

If you want to read the rules for yourself, OR REPORT A VOTING PROBLEM, visit the DWTS voting rules page.

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  7. Uschi says:

    Please, is it possible to get the name of the title number from Derek`s and Jules Dance?It is the same like GMA Oscar Party.Thank you

  8. kate says:

    I can’t find the “sign out” link after I vote to vote again. I’ve looked everywhere. Can you please advise?

    • Denise says:

      The only way I’ve found to sign out of my account (and to register new ones) is by going to this link here. I’m not sure if there’s a more convenient way other people are using (please share if so! 🙂 ) but that’s all I was able to figure out.

  9. Sueb says:

    Great to have all the info. Do they have a team name yet? I keep thinking team #purdyhough (kinda like pretty tough, as she has to be to do what she does…)

  10. Geybie says:

    Thank you so much. 🙂

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