Derek Hough Post GMA Dancing With The Stars Press Interviews And More Media (Videos)

And the press interviews begin. Below is Derek with Access Hollywood talking about Amy and how this union has “new meaning” for him. See why….

ETA: Below is Derek with On The Red Carpet…

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4 Responses to Derek Hough Post GMA Dancing With The Stars Press Interviews And More Media (Videos)

  1. Renee says:

    Love the Hough. I am sure this will be a challenge for them both but if anyone can help Amy it would be Derek. Wow, only a little practice before the first show due to her competing will be tough.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m happy that Derek will be spending so much time with someone who is so inspiring. This pairing will also be of tremendous value to the dancer who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, who Derek said he would dance with when she was ready. Derek, being who he is, will take away so much knowledge from this experience that will be amazingly helpful to our Boston girl. I hope someone thinks to tell Amy about it; it would be another whole dimension to her time on DWTS.

  3. sislx says:

    i really feel like he wasn’t going to come back until he found out about Amy…that says so much about him as a person. Everyone else might have had a complaint except for maybe tristan…but derek really wants to work with her…how cool.

  4. Kenya Smith says:

    You can tell from the interview that Derek is already feeling the challenge of teaching her how to dance, especially with the limited time that they have… oh my Lord, what a special, special young man he is… he is sooooooooooo precious. On a purely superficial note, I LOVE the way he looks here.

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