And Derek Hough’s New Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Partner Is….

And Derek Hough’s new partner for Dancing With The Stars Season 18 is……drum rolls please…..AMY PURDY!! Amy is a an American actress, snowboarder, co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports and spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. You can read all about her at Wikipedia.

Exciting!! What a beautiful and inspirational person Derek has for a partner. We look so forward to the inspirational team they will make on the new season of Dancing With The Stars and the message they will send to everyone about “defying the odds”. Let’s send them some love and support in comments, All!!! ~Vogue and Heidi

ETA: Derek also mentioned how there will be a “switch” this season at some point when the couples will switch partners. America will do the voting on it.

ETA2: Derek announced at twitter he will be travelling to Russia tomorrow to join Amy at the Paralympics. He tweeted, “Such a courageous and inspiring Woman . #newmeaning #defyingtheodds” And that it is!!

Also, if you’d like to see Derek “behind the scenes” at the first Cast photo shoot, see the official site. Below is a behind the scenes take with Charlie White courtesy of Derek’s publicist….


Below are a couple of takes from the cast announcement today courtesy of @YukiSNYC. You can also view another at ET Online.



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20 Responses to And Derek Hough’s New Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Partner Is….

  1. Deeupclose22 says:

    Derek & Amy are truly an inspiring collaboration! Just reading about her backstory pulls at the heart strings.

    To say I’m amazed about this young ladies courage and Derek’s zest for life and exceeding challenges is an understatement. This will be a very gratifying and incredible experience for them. She’s in the best hands possible.

    Oh yeah, their cute together too…

    Wow,there’s is the team to watch..

  2. Voguerista says:

    I’m loving your reactions, All!! When I first heard about this, I was like “wha??, but, I want Meryl.” But, omg, all I feel is this heaven like feeling now. The message is going to be so beautiful, important, and inspiring…which is actually some of the most important things in life. I see this as special gift. I can’t wait.

  3. lana says:

    With the new twist, we now have the chance to make Meryl and Derek happen. But only if it’s for one week. I would’t like it when it is permanent. So there you go, the rivalry between Derek’s and Maks’ fans grows even bigger. And the hate for Derek by Maks fans are going tremendously off the roof.
    I like the pairing Amy and Derek. She looks super sweet and I got a very positive vibe from. Very brave.

  4. Cathy says:

    It’s great to see Derek again, and he looks so happy! Thank you for returning to another season of DWTS, Derek! Also…wishing you a safe trip as you travel to Russia tomorrow to be with Amy at the Paralympics.

    Amy and Derek…what a beautiful pairing! This partnership sounds so exciting, and it is so meant to be. They will absolutely inspire each other. Individually they are such an inspiration to so many. Now together…I can’t even imagine how meaningful and rewarding this experience is going to be for both of them. It will truly be amazing to watch as they develop and grow throughout the season in ways beyond just dancing. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to watch them on this incredible journey. I’m sure each performance will pull at our heart strings. Lots of tissues will be needed this season, for sure! Love and best wishes to both of you, Derek and Amy. God bless you.

  5. sislx says:

    i wasn’t for this…but at least this is a challenge for Derek…something to make it interesting…she’s pretty inspiring…and i just watched her clog…so people better not sleep on this girl…she just might have it…i wonder if she has heeled prosthetics…

  6. uschi says:

    I cannot imagine how it should go but if someone does a good job then it is Derek and he will do his best.The best with this great challange …Chapeau Derek and Amy!

  7. Abby says:

    Ohhh I remember her on The Amazing Race!

  8. Roseann says:

    She is the best partner he could possibly have. At first I was hoping he would be with Meryl Davis but since they have the Olympic choreography history together I’m sure the powers that be didn’t want that to be seen as an edge but when I found out who Amy Purdy is and her achievements I know dancing with her will be a joy for Derek. They have so much in common in terms of interests (snowboarding) and approach to the challenges of life.

    She will be a challenge to his skills but I have no doubt he is up for it and at least the general public won’t say that he is being handed the trophy. If they were to win it this season they will have EARNED it. Great going, Derek!

    I am also excited that Meryl and Charlie are in the cast. I very much look forward to see them dance and compete with each other. I kind of think Charlie will be the better of the two but time will tell.

  9. nobleze says:

    OMG! I am totally excited about this partnership. Derek is an inspiration and his new partner, Amy, is another. Double inspiration = pure magic. I so look forward on how Derek works with her to showcase her strengths and abilities. Omigosh! Trying to hold back tears. The season hasn’t even started but I’m already becoming sappy.I think Amy is the inspiration story of this season!

    To Derek and Amy, we are 100% behind you!

    To Miss Heidi and Voguerista, thank you so much!

  10. Eniko says:

    I’m super excited. Maybe she was the reason Derek returned because I think her situation is definetly a big challange and he wants to show everyone that a girl without legs can even dance! Nice! Interesting!

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