New Derek Hough Interview With TV Guide: Talks Olympics, DWTS, And More

TV Guide is featuring a new interview with Derek! They ask him about choreographing for Meryl and Charlie. Also, check out how they ask him if he’s doing Dancing With The Stars this season…..

Have you been keeping up with their contests this season?
Hough: Yeah, I’ve been watching videos. They’ve been killing it. … To watch them get the highest score in history at the U.S. Nationals last month was so cool. I’m just really excited to see them at the Olympics. I’m not going, but I’ll definitely be watching it at home and freaking out. I’ll be losing my mind. They’re so great and inspiring. They’ve been working so hard. Four years ago, they took silver, and it lit a fire in them. They said, “We want to go all the way.” They went after it and they’re the best in the world right now. It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish working with them and to be part of their journey.

You teased last year that you might incorporate something you learned from them into the show. Have you?
Hough: Yeah. I did it with Kellie [Pickler] in our freestyle. What happens when you’re doing something like this is it makes you go, “What if we try this?” [In the freestyle] where she puts her feet on my shoulders and I start spinning her around, it’s something you might see in ice dancing. I wasn’t taught that, but maybe because I was working with them, I thought that was something we could put in.

That raises the question: Will you incorporate something again? Have you decided if you’re coming back next season?
Hough: I haven’t decided yet. We’re still working things out right now. We’ll see. It’s just making sure everything’s in order. I’m working on a book that’s coming out in May called Taking the Lead and I have some other projects going on.

What if either Meryl or Charlie — or both — come on? They could withdraw from worlds next month and you guys always poach an Olympian after each Games.
Hough: [Laughs] That’s true! If they ever do the show, that’d be awesome. I think they might want to defend their title.

More at TV Guide. ~Vogue

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