Derek Hough and the DWTS Champions At Sea Cruise – Review

This is a review from the Cruise Critic and it’s dated today – but I still had to check to make sure we hadn’t already posted it. It looks new – it’s just that the cruise seems like ages ago when it was only a week. 🙂 I think most of the pictures on the review you’ve probably seen already. Click the link to read the whole thing, but I’ve put a few Derek-related excerpts below. 🙂

Northern Lights nightclub was almost always filled with people past midnight — a mix of passengers, HAL dancers and occasionally celebs — all either working the dance floor or enjoying the scene from the bar. One night, Derek was up singing along with fellow passengers in the Piano Bar until 5 a.m. The energy was refreshing… and contagious.

On the championship theme cruise, the dance classes you’d typically find on regular sailings are replaced by judged dance performances, similar to those on the show. (Don’t worry; there was still an opportunity to take lessons led by Derek and Emma.) There also was one big production show, where the pros, celebs and HAL dancers — and a few lucky passengers — took the stage. The talent was overwhelming.

I felt inspired. I have always wanted to learn ballroom dance, and my days onboard made it seem more tangible than ever. I may never be as swift-footed or chill-provoking as the dancers I witnessed in action, but I plan to enroll in a dance class and at least try. One thing’s for sure: I’m a new loyal fan of the show.

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  1. Julliana (@JuCutolo) says:

    aww… you see? singing until 5 am… and we can’t find a single video of that moment… some ppl are so selfish 🙂

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