Derek Hough Ballroom With A Twist Coverage From Wilmington, Delaware (Photos)

Coverage of the Ballroom With A Twist show in Wilmington, Delaware is starting to come out being the first shows premiered today. Below is a picture courtesy and with permission from @DmitryDreamTeam. You can view more fun pictures including pics of Derek at her personal facebook page. Note how she even got an autographed picture from Derek and the other pros. She said she “loved the show”. Susan M tells us in comments that she saw the show today too. She had this to report. I love what she said about Derek:

Just saw Ballroom with a Twist 2 in Wilmington, DE, and it was OUTSTANDING. Tony & Cheryl was great, but Derek has a certain something that made his dances with Peta so exciting. If it comes to a city near you, I highly recommend this show.


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4 Responses to Derek Hough Ballroom With A Twist Coverage From Wilmington, Delaware (Photos)

  1. Kristin says:

    Are there meet and greets with the celebs at this event?

    • Voguerista says:

      At this show, yes, but, they aren’t having “meet and greets” at all of the shows. I’ve been told the “Meet and Greet” tickets cost an extra $100.

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  3. della says:

    Derek is so perfect that it scares me. I have never ever seen someone who has it all like Derek does. If a female has a chance with Derek and does not make the most of it, she has to be insane. You can feel that something special in him, and for me, there is a light that shines around him. Amazing guy!

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