Derek Hough in Annex Man Magazine

Warning…High Fashion Photos ahead. You may get the vapors. 🙂

Click the link to see a preview of the issue – then click the “Click to read” and keep going until you see Derek’s Photos. 🙂

Here’s an embed code the site gives me…we’ll see what happens.


ETA: Got the magazine. I won’t copy and paste here because it’s not available online, but I will paraphrase. You can buy a digital version for less than $4 and see the gorg pics. Summary:

  • He’s keeping Blackpool hush hush for now, but things are progressing nicely.
  • He’s working on new music
  • Lots of projects in the works, doesn’t know about DWTS. This was in response to a question about more acting – he said a lot of his new things don’t include acting.
  • Mentioned Make Your Move but said it was due in April.

Check out Pinterest – won’t be putting photos here.

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12 Responses to Derek Hough in Annex Man Magazine

  1. Linz says:

    Man, that guy can melt hearts just by looking into a camera.

    I’m wondering if the new music he’s working on is for the “Move” tour. Amazing if he’ll be dancing to his own compositions!

    I love the close-up pic, but wish there was a way to get rid of the gun.

    • Julliana (@JuCutolo) says:

      I thought the same, Linz! he really can melt all of us and not only our hearts 🙂 and I wish that gun wasn’t there too…

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow very creative photo shoot and the subject is HOT HOT HOT! Hope he does more.
    Glad to see he’s got lots on his plate.

  3. nobleze says:

    These are hot, hot, hot! While I love all his pics, I have to say that my top favorites are the ones where D’s wearing a hooded jacket and the black & white close up. He really knows how to work the camera, and I’m just so glad that the camera loves him. His eyes–they really have a way of getting to you and commanding your attention. Sigh! I’m really excited for him, what with all the many projects he has going on. Wish him all the best.

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  5. Kelsie says:

    O_O STUNNING!! My favorite is the one with the hooded jacket.

  6. Elmari says:

    Umm.. Can I have a huge poster of the one with him and the superimposed gun?!?!! LOL… The only bad news in this post is that there is no acting in the near future. =( I wonder what his thoughts are on acting and his own acting…

  7. Voguerista says:

    So creative again. This type of shoot was a good move and refreshing. Like his dancing, he naturally keeps changing things up and challenges himself to do something different. Once again, he’s reminding me of Madonna.

  8. Geybie says:

    Blackpool and new music? OMG, I can’t wait. 😀

  9. Dee(upclose22) says:

    Those poses are stunning!! Derek is a natural.. So handsome.. Derek doe edgy well!-SEXY

    Thanks Heidi for sharing!!

  10. Voguerista says:

    OMG LOVES!! Love the edgy feel of them!! HOT!!!

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