Derek Hough Friday Flashback: A Dance That Received “Best Compliment” From DWTS Len Goodman

Awwww *sighs* How about this flashback from Dancing With The Stars Season 10? Derek and Nicole Scherzinger’s dance in Week 9 was an unforgettable and steamy Argentine Tango which left my jaw on the floor. To this day, it STILL DOES!! Bruno Tonioli stood up immediately afterwards (as he always does when a dance is exceptional) and told Nicole that she was “a divine enchantress using each move to draw us deeper and deeper and deeper into a love spell from which there is no escape.” Carrie Ann Inaba was moved to tears. Lastly, Len Goodman said there was a reason he was on medication and then further went on to say that he had the “best compliment he could give” and that Derek and Nicole’s dance was “more delicious than his grandmother’s apple pie.” All three judges summed it all well that night, didn’t they?!! Do you remember how it made you feel afterwards? Let Heidi and I know in comments what you think and/or remember in appreciating Derek, Nicole, and this phenomenal dance. ~Vogue

10 comments to Derek Hough Friday Flashback: A Dance That Received “Best Compliment” From DWTS Len Goodman

  • Kate

    I love this AT! I remember it well. It is so intense and passionate. They really did have great chemistry – even if she did cry quite a bit. Their 50′s Paso may be my favorite dance of all time. I also remember Derek mentioning that this was a dangerous dance for him. She kicked him good a few times and he said (even remember other seasons after this he said the same thing) that when he practiced for the AT he learned he had to wear shin guards and a cup because he wanted to have kids some day. Watching this over, I can see what he meant. Funny what you remember. I remember them pannign the BF always sitting in the front row that season and shaking his head and nodding. I think I heard tell, he was one of the ‘jealous ones’ and must be one of the ones that D was referring to when he talked about Kellie’s season and said her husband was “not jealous”, very secure…unlike other BFs in the past. Maybe I’m remembering this wrong but supposedly he didn’t want D touching her booty and he most definitely spanked at the end of their Cha Cha and I got a good laugh out of that. Bruno almost fell out of his chair. It was really PCD kind of sexy. I still have their jive DVR’d too. Best jive I’ve seen on this show, still. You forget how many, many dances D’s provided for us to enjoy over the years until you take a trip down memory lane. Thanks for posting this gem!

  • Jane

    Yes, I would say this is my favorite AT or tied with Derek and Jennifer. They’re both so great! I also love Derek’s AT with Kellie Pickler – starting behind the screen. Wish I had a DVD of all my favorites!

  • TonyDanza

    This and their Foxtrot are still my two favorite dances in all of DWTS, and I’ve seen all but seasons 3 and 4. No other AT comes close.

  • Betty

    I will always remember that Derek’s neck was hurt. He never gives any hint of being in pain. Don’t know how he powers through those difficult moves. It is so hard to say which one of his ATs has been the best. This one was great but also loved the one with Jennifer. Think this one with Nicole may have been one of the most difficult. He is so amazing. He seems to know just what each partner is capable of and always choreographs to their strengths. He is always so considerate of his partners. He’s is so nice and pleasant, makes everyone comfortable. Never shall forget the night he won with Kellie, first time to see him cry. He was the most emotional I’ve ever seen him. Can’t say enough good things about him so I better stop right where I am! Thanks, ladies, for this site. It really keeps us abreast of all that is happening with Derek. Wish him all the love and joy he so richly deserves.

    • I think he was teary the night he won with Brooke. And I think his AT with Nicole was the one where he and Nicole went backstage and “Had a little cry” afterward because it was so intense.

  • Susan

    Truly astounding. It’s funny to watch Derek’s face while Bruno is talking. Reminds me of another thing I love about Derek — getting 10′s never gets old for him. He’s thrilled each and every time. It also brought home the fact that Derek won with Amber without doing any lifts or tricks — surely a first for him.

    I had been watching some of Nicole and Derek’s dances earlier this week and I was struck by how different the ballroom looked. It looked more “classy” than it does now. Between the “glitter pit” and couples standing right there to get their scores it just looks schlocky. You’ve got this giant space, and everything is crammed into this one area. They should get rid of the glitter pit, and appoint that space for the couples after they’ve danced, getting comments and scores. I understand that the new format doesn’t allow for couples to go somewhere else to get their scores (or for the confessionals, which is probably what I miss most), but the way it’s done now is extremely inelegant. The “rehearsal space” (which was a bust) should be rededicated for the competitors, before/after dancing. Keep Brooke out of there, just give the dancers their own space. I also think seeing dancers sitting on those couches before they’ve danced takes something away from the performance. By the time they dance there’s a bit of a “been there, seen that” kind of feeling. I think the judges’ table should be recessed a bit more so there’s not the feeling of everything being squeezed in. Also, since the judges are right there now when they give the scores, can’t they do away with that split screen thing and just take a wide shot of the area? I really hope they make some changes to the way the ballroom is set up.

    • Thanks so much, Guys!! I love your thoughts and remembering back!!

      And Nobleze, my story is similar. I found this site and Heidi first too. I remember doing a search for Derek Hough when I first got on twitter (I couldn’t get enough of him, Maks, and Edyta at the time) and “Pure Derek Hough” came up. I followed and lurked for the longest time too here and at PureDWTS (which I found through her). Then finally one day, I stopped being shy and started posting at both sites and the rest is history. lol

  • nobleze

    I just love this AT from Derek & Nicole, one of my all time favorites of Derek’s AT choreography! Actually, Nicole introduced me to Derek, well sort of. I stumbled upon her Phantom of the Opera performance on YT and other videos of Nicole were recommended. I happened to click on this AT’s package and performance. I was so impressed by D that I asked myself: “Who is this talented & cute young man?” My “love affair” with D started with this dance. I searched the net for info about him and YT for all his performances and much to my delight, I found a treasure trove of everything Derek. Then I came upon this site. I became a “lurker,” coming here every day and reading everything about D. I was so glad to have found PDH, which led me to PureDWTS. My DWTS experience has been made more exciting because of these two sites. Yeah, that’s my story, LOL!

    Thank you always, Miss Heidi! Thank you, too, Voguerista, and all who contribute to this wonderful site!

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