Derek Hough and Amber Riley: Fan Appreciation Videos!

I usually post these in the off season for other fans to enjoy – so send them to me if you’ve got them! :-) ┬áToday I got two more good ones – great job ladies – to join the one I posted from Elmaril earlier today. First up is one from @livelyhood (Jennifer):

Next one is by Almogit Nahmias:

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4 Responses to Derek Hough and Amber Riley: Fan Appreciation Videos!

  1. Jane says:

    Great job, ladies – that was fun!

  2. lois ferg says:

    So very impressed with the videos, and always amazed with Derek’s choreo, and Amber. Actually, any partner he has,
    he brings out the characteristics that are their strong points, and allows them to show & shine with their very best.
    Derek is blessed to be able to see these traits, and work them to the star’s advantage in each dance.
    What a great performer Amber is, and Derek for bring her to life on stage, as she sees something in herself she
    never knew she had, and that’s true professionalism on his part.
    The good Lord put him on this earth for something good, and I pray he always stays true to himself, and keeps up the
    amazing work!
    God bless Derek, and Amber’s new future also.

  3. nobleze says:

    TYVM to Jennifer and Almogit Nahmias! These are gems!

  4. Voguerista says:

    Awesome! Good job All!!!

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