Derek and Julianne Hough – “Move” on Tour

Well, this appears to be about the tour Derek was recently talking about. The Rialto is asking if you’d pay $55 to go. I’d pay to go…you??

Move On Tour

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66 Responses to Derek and Julianne Hough – “Move” on Tour

  1. Johana says:

    Beautiful poster. And of course I pay that price for them…And more, because I love Derek and Julianne Hough !!!

  2. Rosemary says:

    Oh yes, and please come to Dallas. We have a fabulous Arts District with several venues
    that you could appear at….YEAH

  3. Katie says:

    They should totally have Nicole, Kellie, and Amber headline for them when they are available! How fun would that be?! Also, have Mark and his band come play a few shoes! I’m totally excited! This will definitely give Ballroom With A Twist a run for their money!

  4. Voguerista says:

    Most definitely! Please come to Denver! Please please please!

    • Jeanette says:

      I totally agree with you they should come to Denver. I also live out here so that would be totally awesome if they did 🙂

  5. Enikő says:

    Since I asked you I’m planning my vacation in the U.S. and of cours visit more cities where they go. 🙂
    So this Rialto theatre in Chicago? As I see the poster no other information about cities.
    And I’d like to meet other fans also. So I’m hungry for news. 🙂

  6. Andrea says:

    Dream come true! I would definitely pay that to see them!

  7. Kaitlyn says:

    Well now we know why they were being photographed together!

    God, all I hope is that they come to the New England. Most tours like that come through Boston as it’s a huge dance hub but I would definitely even travel to see it.

  8. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    Oh heck yes!!! I’d go and pay that! IN a heartbeat!! Especially if I got a chance to meet Derek! I’d LOVE THAT!

  9. Kashti says:

    Yes yes yes!!!!! I pray they come to my city!!!!

  10. carolyn says:

    How exciting. I love the poster. I would go and pay more if I had to.

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