Kitchen Dance War: Hough Versus Menounous

This is the funniest and funnest thing I’ve seen in a while. I don’t know how it started, but for those of you not on instagram, Derek’s family is having a dance war with Maria’s family. I think it started with Derek singing to Marabeth and Maria got competitive… 😉

ETA: The Dance War made People Online too. 🙂

Then it devolved a bit…

Then Maria tried to sing…

Derek got weird with a bird…

Maria felt she had something to prove… 😉

And then Derek choreographed his family to an overwhelming victory…he is an Emmy winner after all. 🙂

Maria tries to answer, but without a tiny little blonde on the center island, you’ve got nothing. 😀

Julianne promises a finale video….stay tuned…. 😀

ETA: Maria rejoins with “Work Bitch”

ETA: And the Ballas family joins to give the Houghs REAL competition – but they still lack the key ingredient…a tiny blonde and a movie theater full of people. 🙂

Derek answers back, rapid fire…

ETA2: LOL and now Maria fires back again and then wraps it up daring them to more “dance wars” at Christmas. Hilarious! Also, these dance wars are going viral. Check out how the Daily Mail has picked up this story too.

Also, check out Amber and her family! They are challenging the Ballas and Hough families too….

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18 Responses to Kitchen Dance War: Hough Versus Menounous

  1. Jill says:

    Love love love 🙂

  2. Joanna says:

    these are priceless! and amber has since added her family into the competition with a step routine

  3. Grace says:

    Just set down to rest after a big Thanksgiving with family. The Hough family and Maria’s family were fun to watch. May God bless them all. It is wonderful seeing families enjoying their time together. Thanks Heidi for putting this on your site. Loved it!!!!

  4. Geybie says:

    OMG.. LOVE THESE!!!! :)))))

  5. Betty says:

    All the talent and all the fun and love in this family is SO obvious. Think it is wonderful to see their mom joining in. Seems like every time you hear about them being together, they’re always having a good time. And the cute little ones. Ari almost stole the spotlight! Can only imagine what a show they would have had, had the rest of the family been there. You don’t see a lot of this kind of family togetherness these days and seeing this blesses my heart.

  6. Joveah Jade says:

    Love these videos so much!!! It made my day special I feel like I’m celebrating also Thanks Giving here in the Philippines!!! Love it…. #HoughFamily #TeamDerek….

  7. Alina says:

    This really makes me smile!! I’m so glad Maria started this stuff hahaha but Derek and his family win LOL especially when they were on the stairs dancing to wake me up!!

  8. Voguerista says:

    AND LOLLL Heidi to : “Maria tries to answer, but without a tiny little blonde on the center island, you’ve got nothing. 😀 ” HILARIOUS!!

  9. Voguerista says:

    LOL!!!! I was loving these! What a hoot and such fun families!!! Great post!!!!

  10. nobleze says:

    Love these so much! Things that I’m thankful for. Just clean fun and contagious camaraderie. Hope more are coming! Yep! Not being greedy at all, LOL!!! 😀

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