DWTS Season 17, THE FINALE – Derek Hough and Amber Riley Dances (Video)

The Charleston

Amber Riley & Derek Hough – Charleston by GrinyasEntertainment

Samba Relay

Derek and Amber Samba Relay by dm_522b53c92ff33

Freestyle Package


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24 Responses to DWTS Season 17, THE FINALE – Derek Hough and Amber Riley Dances (Video)

  1. Debbie says:

    Last night was beyond Brilliant!! Regardless of what happens tonight or what all the Derek and Amber haters say, Derek has guided Amber so well and Amber has proven herself an amazing dancer and a fantastic student. No other pro could have come up with dances so tailored to their partner that you’re constantly in awe and that is why they get those trophies.Derek wouldn’t use any of these routines for his other partners because he knows that one coat doesn’t fit all. The other pros are amazing but anyone, who isn’t blinded by incomprehensible dislike of Derek, can see that Derek has a gift for showcasing his partners. Bless them both. I’m so proud of them. If they get that trophy, great. but even if they don’t, NO ONE can take away from how amazingly hard they’ve worked this season and how much they’ve entertained us.

  2. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    That was a pretty cool freestyle! LOVE how Derek let Amber be front and center!

  3. noah says:

    i voted for them every way i could we can still vote on abc.com so keep voting.

  4. Voguerista says:

    Coming back in to watch that FREESTYLE again!! OMG it’s so out of this world FANTASTIC!

    Ya know, I knew I’d love this team in the beginning, but one thing I never expected was them to top my fave DWTS couple of all time Derek and Joanna or my second fave Maks and Willa. Yep!! Amber and Derek are now my favorite DWTS couple of ALL TIME!! THANK YOU TPTB for teaming them up….and Derek and Amber for your creativity and theatrics to the max. *happy!!!!

  5. Elmari says:

    Thank you so much for getting us video of the freestyle and package!! I loved their freestyle & thought it was perfect for Amber. I have a feeling that we might be in for a surprise tomorrow… 😉

  6. Rosemary says:

    OMG, tonight was fantastic, and that free style is out of this world…Have watched it at least 8 times since seeing live on my tv screen….

    I am so anxious for tomorrow night… I voted for you every way I knew how….

  7. Selindira says:

    Thanks Heidi & Vogue. I couldn’t find their freestyle package. Now I finally can watch it. 🙂

    The freesyle.. AMAZING CHOREOGRAPHY! We’re so proud of you Derek.

  8. nobleze says:

    What a night for Derek & Amber! Wooohooo! Just loved all their performances. And that freestyle! Wow, wow, wow! I didn’t expect that. It was so Derek, surprising us all again! Amber was truly the highlight of that dance! Derek & Amber, you brought it again! Excited for you last dance tomorrow! Hugs & kisses for you two! 😀

  9. Grace says:

    Loved all Amber and Derek’s dances tonight. Got all my votes!!

  10. Voguerista says:

    Wow wow wow! JUST BRILLIANT!! OMG, that FREESTYLE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Just when you don’t they could top themselves, they do! Wow! Sooo creative!!!


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