Derek Hough And Amber Riley Astrology Study And Forecast For The Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Finals!

Hey All! Just for fun, Donamadrina and I thought we’d do an Astrology study on Amber and Derek to see how they might fair for the finals of Dancing With The Stars next week. The information we found may have nothing to do with how the competition might turn out but, it’s fun and fascinating to dissect and think about just in case it does? And wow, did you know Fred Astaire was born in the same weekly period as Derek? It’s so extraordinary thinking about it being both men have had such an impact on dancing and entertaining then and now. Amber has some strong figures born in the same weekly time period as well. Below is more.

Vogue’s findings:

Amber – Born February 15th, Aquarius
Positive traits: friendly, inventive, progressive, lively, affectionate
Negative traits: irritated, vulnerable
Other famous Aquarians born in the same time period: Jane Seymour, Roberta Flack, Carole King

Derek – Born May 17th, Taurus
Positive traits: caring, persevering, passionate, endures, full of grace, fun loving, imaginative, adventuresome
Negative traits: rebellious, frustrated
Other famous Taureans born in the same period: Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper

Union Together: These two signs together may have some conflicts …especially in the beginning. Taurus likes to control while Aquarian wants to be independent and find their own way. However, one thing they do share is a common passion for all things in life….and a grace, warmth, and caring for others (animals and people alike) as well as being lively and adventuresome. They also share a rebellious trait when challenged and times get tough as they both just want to fight that much harder. If these two can find a mutual balance and respect what makes the other tick in the conflicting times, tremendous things are possible. In other words, when they have found that happy spot, watch out. They are unstoppable, enthusiastic, and creative. Is this what we’re seeing in these two? I think so.

And below is Donamadrina with her Astrology forecast on Derek;

As for Derek’s astrology, I don’t see anything “jumping” out at me that would indicate another mirrorball, but he does have a lot going on. He’s got Pluto transiting the 10th, which is a powerful placement for transforming and regenerating his career. Also, it can indicate problems with authority figures if one decides to go against the norm. (Think Len.) Saturn is rising in Derek’s chart, indicating steady success in his career from hard work. He’s approaching his Saturn Return, but it’s not exact until November 2014. The Saturn Return is when one is rewarded for all of one’s past efforts, if reward is due. Though the Saturn Return is a year away, Saturn is still positively affecting his career efforts, especially because transiting Jupiter is currently making a trine to his natal Saturn. This could represent making real something one has sought, and the integration of long range plans. Since Saturn is the ruler of his 10th house, it is a good time for advancement professionally. Would this mean another mirrorball? Hard to say, but he also has Venus transiting the 10th, indicating lucky breaks career wise.

On Monday, 25th, Venus trines Derek’s North Node, indicating positive/pleasant experiences. Also, on the 25th, transiting Moon trines Neptune, which is in his 10th house (of career and the public), activating his creativity, charm, etc. Neptune represents dance. So this is a positive aspect for creative choreography that is received well by the public. 🙂 The transiting Moon trines his 10th house on the 25th, as well, indicating the ability to adapt to the needs/emotions of the public or of authority figures, and activity with the public. Overall, with Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter all making positive aspects to the 10th or to it’s ruler, he’s certainly has the aspects to experience positive things on the 25th. Transiting Moon also trines his natal Mercury, favoring all kinds of communication on the 25th. Maybe that could translate to lots of voting for him. 🙂 The transiting Moon also trines his natal Moon indicating a peak in his popularity for the day. Yay! Transiting Uranus, planet of surprises and unexpected occurrences has been making a wide trine to his natal Venus in the 1st house for a while now. Not only can it indicate sudden relationships that start with women, and end just as suddenly, but it is another indication of appearing favorably to the public, and increasing one’s charm and magnetism. Hmmm. Can he be any more charming and magnetic than he already is? 🙂

ADDING: And here is a bit more from Dona:

Though Amber is an Aquarius and Derek a Taurus, which square each other, Amber’s Moon is in Taurus and that is a GREAT placement for harmony between two people.

If you’d like to read more on the other couples Astrology forecasts including a new Numerology report by Dona, see PureDWTS!! Let us know what you think after reading and let us know your sign as well. Thanks All!!!xx

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15 Responses to Derek Hough And Amber Riley Astrology Study And Forecast For The Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Finals!

  1. Voguerista says:

    Love your comments. <3 Thanks so much for replying on this!!

    Nobleze, you are dead on about them imo!

    Della, in the way you connect with Kellie, I feel that way with Amber being our birthdays are so close.

    Thanks again, Guys!

  2. della says:

    Loved reading this! I believe Derek and Amber can pull this off. My sign is Cancer. My birthday is 2 days before Kellie Pickler’s. I feel like I know Kellie so well. We are loyal to a fault, have a great capacity to love unconditionally, and have so much joy in life. I also have some of Derek’s traits regarding others. Can not dance, can not carry a tune, but I do laugh a lot. It would be awesome to sit down with Derek and have a normal conversation with him. This guy has a sweet spirit and a brilliant mind. His heart appeals to me as much as his talents. I can not say enough about Derek. He is every woman’s dream! Perfection! I think so. Amber is a sweet lady who is so talented also. She deserves this Mirror Ball Trophy. If she does not get it, I hope Bill does.

  3. nobleze says:

    Wow, this is really fascinating! When you think of the entire season, Derek and Amber had several challenges thrown their way, yet they always rose to the occasion. I truly admire how they power through each week and each performance despite their injuries. Clearly, these two know how to strike a balance between working hard and maintaining health and good partnership. I cannot wait to see what they’ve prepared for us next week.

  4. Selindira says:

    I’m scorpio, born in november 12th. 🙂

  5. Kaitlyn says:

    I totally agree with you, Vogue, about them finding a mutual balance. I think last week they really hit a good point and they both appear to still be on that same path this week.

    I don’t know much about astrology but I’m very intrigued by it. My birthday is the day after Derek’s so I feel like I’m also getting my own personal astrology report! haha

  6. Voguerista says:

    YW! Glad you liked and thanks for reading and commenting. xx

  7. Selindira says:

    Thank you, Dona. Thank you, Vogue. Love it. If I’m not wrong, it indicates good things for them in the finale? I hope so. You guys ROCK. Thank you. 😀

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