AfterBuzz TV Reviews Amber Riley And Derek Hough’s Rumba!!

AfterBuzz TV has released their post game wrap up for Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Week 8. They start discussing Derek and Amber at the 26:42 mark! They question Derek and whether his shirt was suppose to stay on….Anna especially acted as if it wasn’t an innocent thing (not sure what I think of Anna these days? 😐 She seems to have issues with Derek the more and more we listen to her on these shows?). As for Derek and Amber’s Rumba, they have mixed feelings. Lots more below. ~Vogue

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27 Responses to AfterBuzz TV Reviews Amber Riley And Derek Hough’s Rumba!!

  1. sislx says:

    I watched it twice more….all she said were great things about the dance…she didn’t say anything against derek…even when they brought up that silly comment where derek joked about her ripping his shirt off…she was sarcastic about “that’s why your body was oiled and shimmered”…which made me laugh cuz he was obviously joking… umm…i don’t know what tone it is…i feel like she talks about amber and what she can do to improve…i feel like when derek is mentioned she always says his choreography is beyond…it was kristyn that brought up “undulating hips” which probably shifted the conversation from the choreography and music to the derek again which she defended him by saying at some point he has his shirt off and then she added most of the young guys do…i don’t see the negative…lol

    • Selindira says:

      Yes, I hope she didn’t mean that way. I like Anna. Her comments really bother me probably because I personally never talk about people that I know (friends) the way she did. 🙂

  2. Rosemary says:

    Thank you so much for posting these shows. I have to leave the house but can’t wait to get back home and listen to the entire show.

  3. nobleze says:

    All I can say is that there is nobody else in the show but Derek who could choreograph a rumba to that bad song choice by the producers and sell it big time!!! He even prepared Amber to expect a low score, yet they got immunity. They were right, though, when they said that Amber’s looking great each week. It’s kudos to the costume and hair and make up departments AND to Derek who ensures that his partners look awesome on the dance floor.

    • jl2285 says:

      ITA! I am surprised that no one (judges or after buzz) said anything about the strange song choice for that rumba. I really expected Derek to slow it down like he did for Maria’s Material Girl rumba. No doubt the producers wouldn’t let him, especially if they already wanted him to wear the sailor suit to play homage to Cher’s song. But Derek made it work like he always does. And he definitely has the best taste in costumes of all the pros. Like Suri has said, he can do no wrong in my eyes. 🙂

  4. Selindira says:

    Anna didn’t comment about Val going shirtless.

    • jl2285 says:

      I think she acknowledged it though when Suri mentioned it. Can always count on Suri to mention anything “la familia” related. 🙂

  5. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    I think Anna is jealous that Derek and Nicole beat her and Evan Lysacek in Season 10…the golden boy Olympic Gold Medalist Evan shoulda been a shoo-in to win, especially after Nicole flubbed up in her Freestyle

  6. jl2285 says:

    I agree with sislx. Anna was just reacting to Kristyn’s comment about the shirt thing being unplanned. Sometimes her sarcasm doesn’t come off right. Plus Suri had just commented that their show has been accused of being biased toward Derek. Suri especially loves everything Derek does so maybe Anna tries to balance that. She does give constructive criticism to everyone and loves Amber. She raved about their paso last week.

  7. Selindira says:

    I love hearing their comments on the show and appreciate their opinions. I watch afterbuzz every week this season, which I never have before. And I’ve noticed Anna comments about Derek almost always sound negative. Just a couple of times she said something positive about Derek’s routine or Derek personally, probably because she couldn’t find a thing to give negative comments at that time or maybe it would sound too abvious, for example last week. I agree with Vogue, I have a strong feeling she has an issue with Derek. The way she talks about him, her facial expressions and her voice really bothers me. She’s acted like she hasn’t known him personally. She’s worked with him for years! I really, really can’t understand it, because in my opinion, you don’t talk like that about your friend. Come on. I think everyone knows he was joking when he said Amber ripped off his shirt.

    • Voguerista says:

      I agree Selindira and Alexandra. What’s sad too is…has Derek ever said an ill word on Anna or any of the pros? Nope. He’s better than that.

      • Selindira says:

        Yes Vogue. I never ever heard or watched him saying anything but nice about the other pros. NEVER.

  8. Alexandra says:

    LOL, ANNA!!!
    She is there to criticize the dance, but she seems to forget that.
    Leaving aside, for a moment, her inappropriate comments with Derek, what bothers me most is the way she said it, her intonation and facial expressions during that comment. Clearly she has an issue with Derek. I like Anna, but she needs to learn to criticize in a smart way and to learn to find a balance.
    Derek goes shirtless rarely…and her way of criticism is not constructive

  9. sislx says:

    i didn’t get that at all…i think that she addressed all of them…she said at some point all of the boys goes shirtless except tony and tristan…which is true…lol…i think they were playing into the conspiracy theorist that didn’t see derek was joking when he said she ripped off my shirt. mostly she’s supportive of him…and even though this week wasn’t my favorite dance…she was very complimentary of the dance…

    • Voguerista says:

      I see what you mean Sisix for how she’s complimentary for them too in part of it, but, I can’t shake that “negative” thing about her either in some of what she said …as well as what she’s said in past Afterbuzz shows.

  10. n_s_23_23 says:

    I dont like Anna’s comment about Derek. what about Val or Maksim (these two always go for sexy),Mark….? Derek goes shirtless rarely.
    I think Anna has a problem w/ Derek, always judging him, She reminds me chmerkovskiy brother.
    I love Anna but her criticism about Derek is not constructive.

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