Rumor: Derek Hough And Nina Dobrev Have Split??

As always, be guarded about news/rumor items like this. Heidi and I weren’t sure whether to post about it being we don’t know if it’s true or not or even if a deeper relationship ever really existed? Whatever the case, let’s hope fans out there will be class acts about it for whatever has gone right or wrong in this relationship for the sake of their favorite celebrity and wishing them the best above all else. ~Vogue

From US Magazine….

Derek Hough’s dance card is once again open. A little less than two weeks after their first public date, the Dancing With the Stars pro and girlfriend Nina Dobrev have split, sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The couple of six weeks — who hit up Universal Studios’ Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights in L.A. on Oct. 5 — decided recently that the relationship had “played itself out,” one insider tells Us. Geography was a factor, too: Hough, 28, is filming DWTS in L.A., while Dobrev, 24, is shooting The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, Ga.

“The distance was too much to handle,” a pal says of the pair.

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27 Responses to Rumor: Derek Hough And Nina Dobrev Have Split??

  1. Selindira says:

    @Vogue I’m kind of doubt if their relationship deep enough. If it really ever existed and deep enough it would’ve lasted longer than 3 weeks.

    • Voguerista says:

      Selindira, we know that NOW (that is, if this info is true?). But, before today, we didn’t know how deep the relationship was, right?

      Joe, something seems off to me too with this story. Then again, I’ve always been one to second guess the media being they like to sensationalize and make up stories. They’ll do anything to get readers.

  2. Selindira says:

    I feel sorry for the celebrity who has crazy fans like Nina’s. It’s unhealthy obsession. The kinds of fans like that come and go.

    @CatherineL: “he could be dating Mona Lisa for all I care” Actually I’m laughing out loud right now. Hehe 🙂

    I dont care about whoever he’s dating or not. He’s talented, amazing person. Period. But her crazy fans’ comments was too much. I’m afraid if it happens longer would eventually affect him. I can imagine how he feel when open his twitter and those hating comments in front his eyes almost every day. He’s human after all.

    If the broke-up’s true. At least he has peace in mind now. He has things he needs to focus on and upcoming things in front of him to achieve. So whatever it is I wish him the best. 🙂

  3. Trinka says:

    Did anyone else notice the past two weeks on DWTS he had stopped the discreet love messages at the end of their scores?

  4. Joe says:

    I doubt distance was why- if it is even true. They knew they would be on opposite coasts from the beginning- heck Derek made it work with CC for a year and she lived across the pond. Plus come November he has down time and could travel to Atlanta. I find it funny that US leaked the story, however no one contacted their reps. Their reps were contacted about them dating and they both replied about not commenting, however for this story there is nothing. I just don’t see them letting a story get out that they are dating to have it end 2 weeks later..its not really Derek’s speed. He admitted to not being single 3 weeks ago- if he thought this was a flakey relationship i think he wouldn’t of even brought it up. Plus Nina is bff with jules- i doubt she would casually date her bro and break things off after 6 weeks..something seems a bit off to me. I guess time will tell.

  5. Debra says:

    Do the parents of these kids who spend all day sending hate and threats to Derek and his sister know what is going on? Don’t they check on what their kids are doing on-line? This stuff was so over-the-top.

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      No, Debra, they don’t. Clearly they don’t. The hateful behavior that they participate in has real world consequences too – I saw a news story today about a girl who was bullied online using much the same language that these “fans” threw at Derek, and she killed herself. The people who dealt in hate are being prosecuted because they “terrorized” her. This may set a precedent that will get a lot of people in trouble. Now, Derek is a grown man who is equipped to handle this sort of thing (and likely just walks away from twitter), but you don’t think that people who act this way limit it to Derek, do you? I don’t. I think they are hateful little bullies who will suffer consequences in one way or another.

      Karma, she is a bitch.

      • Voguerista says:

        “Bullies” …that describes them best, Heidi. Yes and thank goodness Derek is strong enough that he can handle them. I read about that poor 14 year old girl too. Sad.

    • Voguerista says:

      Well said Kaitlyn!!

      Debra, I wonder on that too. They must be totally unsupervised….or nuts. It’s times like this that Derek must be so thankful his fan base isn’t like that.

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    I agree with all comments below. I think there was definitely something real, but if it was true, distance has got to be hard…especially with the fact that Derek can’t leave LA at all while DWTS is going on (unless his partner leaves and Amber actually lives in LA).

    No matter if they were something real or if it’s true if they broke up (I’ve learned to never really believe anything these magazines day on both the dating and no longer dating front), all I care about is Derek finding his happiness. I just hope that he’s doing well throughout all this craziness with the tabloids and some of her fans that are a bit nuts.

  7. Voguerista says:

    Thanks Cath and I agree ! Yeah, and JL, I wonder if the long distance played a part too. It’s sad. Whatever the case, it’s just too bad her fan base harassed Derek so much which I wonder played a part in it too. It must be next to impossible to try and build any kind of relationship with another celeb.

  8. Catherine L says:

    Well said Vogue 🙂

  9. Catherine L says:

    I will always wish well for Derek, but so long as he is happy and on the dance floor, movies whatever, he could be dating Mona Lisa for all I care 🙂

  10. jl2285 says:

    Interesting if true. Derek seemed pretty smitten with all the discreet love messages to her on DWTS. Maybe she couldn’t handle the distance. Figured she and her ex lasted as long as they did because they worked together, were in close proximity to each other, until he moved on of course. Will see what the holidays bring.

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