Derek Hough and Amber Riley Tango!!! DWTS Season 17, Week 4

Great job Amber and Derek!! Great Tango. I personally didn’t care for the opening number, but I’ll put it up anyway. 🙂 Too much Derek hidden in a corner when he should be front and center.

DWTS: Season 17, Episode 4: Amber Riley & Derek… by amberrileynews

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4 Responses to Derek Hough and Amber Riley Tango!!! DWTS Season 17, Week 4

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    My only negative thought while watching the tango was when Derek was dragging Amber back in the beginning. I said to myself “I just wish his pants were a little tighter.” Ha! If that’s the only bad thing I can say I think it’s pretty good 😉

  2. mea says:

    I don’t think they mentioned that was the first ballroom dance 4 them.
    I think she’s the best partner his ever had. They have such great chemistry n their moves really matched together well. The mix of sharpness n flow w/technique was beautiful despite the little rehearsal time they had.
    Loved the song by Kanye West “Love Lockdown” so sexy n hypnotic. Liked the atmosphere matching the song too. Liked how he picks her up at the end n hugs her. Glad that they got great scores, altho I thought it should have been all 10’s.
    I hope Amber heals well because I think next week they have two dances.

  3. Lana says:

    I’m so so proud of Amber. She again rocked the $#*% out of that tango. You couldn’t even tell that she had been struggling with her knees. I love this girl and how she doesn’t want to disappoint Derek (awwww). She did great. Also, thank you Heidi for the straight man line for the opening dance. My response from DD? “No one puts Derek in the corner!” 🙂

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