Congratulations to Derek Hough for Best Choreography Emmy Award (Video)

WooHooooo!!!! No one has ever deserved it more!! I’m working on more video, but for now, here is Derek back stage after winning the award. :-D

Look what trended. :-)

Derek Trend

The Package for the Dance

The Dance – which was, by the way, extremely awesome!!


A bit more of Derek backstage

ETA: In other news, sorry ladies – Derek is no longer single.

Derek Hough on AH before the Emmys by dm_522b53c92ff33

47 comments to Congratulations to Derek Hough for Best Choreography Emmy Award (Video)

  • Nana JuJu

    Derek, So excited for you! Your first Emmy. Next…an Oscar??? a Tony??? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be well-deserved. Enjoy the moment, and may you have many more.

  • Kelly(@RNCCRN9706)

    Congrats to Derek! So happy for him! He deserved it more than ever this year!! An Emmy is better than a Mirrorball Trophy ANY day!!

  • Ali

    Beyond thrilled! Congrats to Derek Hough, Emmy award winning choreographer! So proud and happy for you.

  • Dee(upclose22)

    Congratulations, Derek! OMG, YAY!!! I’m so incredibly for him and such a proud fan right now!! Congratulations baby! You so deserved this coveted #Emmy! Your choreography and performances have been simply Outstanding, the BEST and on this night you received the highest honor #EMMY

    This was so amazing also because the choreography haven’t been a part of the Primetime Emmys for over 50 years. So to have him win on a history breaking night and with such amazing routines was just incredible.

    Way to go Derek Hough! Mr. Choreography! Wohoo!!!

  • Kate

    Long overdue. So happy your enormous talent was recognized at this venue. It has been a phenomenal year of validation for you. The first Emmy will always be the sweetest. You were honored after an amazing number that was history in itself and the applause from the audience said it was appreciated. Onward and upward. So very proud of you Derek and cannot tell you how happy. I was praying for you all day and looking forward to this for months. I like all your fans, soooooooooo wanted you to win. Congratulations. Well done.

  • Rosemary

    I can now breath again…. Congratulations Derek, you so deserved to win, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on DWTS….

  • Susan

    Can’t wait for your ovation tomorrow night!!! You so deserve all this. And more. Much love to you.

  • Cindy Galek

    Congrats Derek! You deserve this recognition! It was nice of you to give a shout out to Mark and his parents as well as your parents and sisters! All of your fans are as happy for you as I am!

  • Kenya Smith

    YES!! Congratulations to Derek on his FIRST Emmy!!

  • Roseann

    OMG What a wonderful validation of his talent! I couldn’t be happier. You go, Derek!

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