Derek Hough at the Primetime Emmy Awards Tomorrow (Video)

Tomorrows the big day, kids – the Primetime Emmy Awards. They’ve moved the Choreography award to that telecast and based on what’s been said it will be somewhere in the middle of the show. If you want to see all the nominated dances/choreographers, check out Kristyn’s blog. Derek has TWO nominations, one by himself and one with Allison Holker. This is the first time I’ve ever said this, but – this is his year, and if he doesn’t win at least one Emmy then there’s something wrong. Walking on Air has Emmy written all over it. So, cross your fingers, say a little prayer…but remember, it is a tremendous honor to be nominated (twice) in this category with these nominees.

His nominated dances with Allison:

His nomination for “body of work” as solo choreographer:

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7 Responses to Derek Hough at the Primetime Emmy Awards Tomorrow (Video)

  1. DW says:

    Thank you Heidi for these amazing videos. Watching them again takes my breath away. I feel so lucky to be living in “Derek time” and able to see the real-time amazing dancing and choreo of this unique and astonishingly talented individual. How lucky for us all, I think. If Derek misses out on the Emmy, something is very, very wrong.

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  3. Ali says:

    Love all of these dances. Good luck Derek.

  4. Lisa W says:

    Loved heart cry (and still do) but feel his solo body of work is stronger -(mambo with Shawn was amazing in particular), but think walking on air is simply phenomenal – and think it is well respected by other choreographers too – fingers crossed! Hope the performance goes well – am sure we’ll all be talking about that on Monday. Am also thrilled that if he does win, it’s been put in the main show. Am keeping everything crossed – there’s a kind of buzz around Derek at the moment – but there are some other amazing choreographers too so who knows. Lots of luck and hope he manages to enjoy it!

  5. Sharon says:

    Thanks Heidi for putting up these Emmy worthy videos. I love all of them. I also agree this is Derek’s year, he is so deserving of an Emmy. Love each of these dances but my personal favourite is Walking on Air.

    Good luck to our Mr. Hough. I’m with you nobleze, I will cry a little if Derek doesn’t win but he is a winner in my books and I know in all his fans books as well. He is Derek freakin’ Hough, Mr. Choreographer!!!!

  6. nobleze says:

    These dances never fail to amaze me! Each one is very Emmy-worthy. I think I’m going to cry a little if Derek doesn’t win, though not winning does not take away or diminish the brilliance of the one and only is D’ Hough!

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