Derek Hough and Amber Riley – DWTS Week 1 Media, Part II

Two more tidbits of media!  First up, we have GMA and Melissa Rycroft weighing in with her opinion on the dancers —> GMA and Melissa (I’ll get the video later for those who can’t see it).

Next, Anna Trebunskaya has this to say about Amber and Derek, via her blog for ABC News:

Amber Riley: “The Tigress of season 17″ ! Yes she is. That was an amazing Cha Cha. Really clean and rhythmical. Wonderful routine that is suited to Amber perfectly. Looking forward to seeing all that she will bring to the ballroom.

Anna’s Take
Overall, a really good level of dancing from all the competitors. It will be very exciting to see everyone develop and improve. I’m concerned about Bill Nye. He has the lowest score from the judges, but what makes “DWTS” the show it is is the audience voting factor, so you never know! Like I said, exciting!


ETA Vogue here: Also, if you go to Entertainment Weekly, you can see Derek and Amber (as well as some other cast members) being interviewed in their VIDEO SECTION on the “right” hand side of the page. Find the video with Mark pictured and then click on it (sorry, this is only way we can figure out how to tell you to view it). They talk of how they feel about the Bus Stop being next to the judges. Derek has an idea how to trick Bruno. Hilarious. Thanks to Lori for sending.

Below you can see Derek and Amber being interviewed by EXTRA as well. They have written some great things about Amber as well.

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ETA: Heidi Here: Lots of HQ pics from last night at OTRC (more than were previously reported by Vogue, so check again. Plus, the EW video that Vogue linked to above is below in youtube form. 🙂 We are tag teaming. 🙂

Derek and Amber on PopWatch Week 1 by dm_522b53c92ff33

ETA2 Vogue again: *High fives Miss Heidi* And next be sure to read a new Dancing With The Stars review by Chelsie Hightower at ABC. Note how she gave Bill Nye the lowest score and Amber Riley the highest score. Below is a quote from the link on Amber…

Amber Riley: Amber Riley is already winning over my heart with her humility and humor — and this girl can dance!! Technically the best of the night for me, so far. Naturally good feet, natural body rhythm and hip movement, stepping on straight legs, not losing her connection to the floor. Very impressive! She may be my favorite girl of the season. Very excited to see where her journey goes. No doubt it’ll be a good one. This routine was great. I give it an 8.

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9 Responses to Derek Hough and Amber Riley – DWTS Week 1 Media, Part II

  1. sislx says:

    Mellissa is ridiculous and not worth talking about. her opinion is hers. Whatever. but i didn’t see derek and amber in the interview with extra. did anyone else?

  2. mimi f acworth says:

    Before Melissa “judges” dancing or starts laying out critiques and opinions about anyone’s dances, she should probably “know” something about it first. Being handed the All-Star trophy out of sympathy over the person who worked her ass off all season, is not a qualification. Why don’t they have Anna T. or anybody with some knowledge as their guest commentator? Oh thats right, she’s under contract or something right?

  3. MARCI says:

    melissa rycroft is an imbecile,she is no one to judge dancing,she was a failure on the bachelor.maybe she’s fuming because she never had derek as a partner.she’s just jealous.i cannot stand her.why don’t you jump off the earth melissa.ugly b—-.derek is the best

  4. Dee(upclose22) says:

    If I hear them call her the All Star champion and show that clip again, I’m going to scream. Go away Melissa or please just critique the routines if you must.-lol

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      Heh. Melissa, it took you two tries on the show to win and no, you weren’t the best dancer. You were the only dancer who hadn’t won, which gave you a leg up.

  5. Dee(upclose22) says:

    I knew Derek and the pros would have a little problem with the contestants being seated in the audience. Like Derek said, they all have their rituals. If they need to walk away they have go basically go through the audience. Gonna be interesting.

    Yes,please play some tricks on Bruno-LOL

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    I love that a lot of them comment about being too close to Bruno in that Entertainment Weekly Video.

  7. Jane says:

    Janet – I agree with you wholeheartedly. The “All Star Champion” had the nerve to say that Amber & Derek didn’t deserve the 9’s. She is such a biatch. I can’t stand her. A & D had the whole audience on their feet – it was exciting to watch.

  8. Janet says:

    I can’t stand Melissa, so I will be skipping her GMA sessions from now on. Amber and Derek had one of the best Cha Chas I’ve ever seen, and it was only week 1. Who is she to imply that Brant is a nobody with how she rose to “fame.” Ugh, she’s so fake to me. Sorry for the rant.

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