DWTS Derek Hough And Amber Riley Have The Cha Cha For First Dance, More Title Shoot Pictures

Hey All! Get ready as Derek and Amber have a Cha Cha for their first dance. Perfect!! You can watch Derek and Amber talk about it in part of this new interview with Extra below. Also, be sure you head over to On The Red Carpet at this link. They have even more title shoot photos of the cast with individual pics some of which include Amber and Derek!!! So cute!

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UPDATE: And below is Amber and Derek with Access Hollywood. She’s nervous…but, an excited nervous and she’s having so much fun. So cute!! I also love how Derek says he’s already inspired by her.

Below is some street coverage from this morning too thanks to C Kavala You Tube!!

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5 Responses to DWTS Derek Hough And Amber Riley Have The Cha Cha For First Dance, More Title Shoot Pictures

  1. lois ferg says:

    I’m so happy about this team, because I know Derek treats his women/students like ladies, and with respect.
    She is a larger girl, and Derek will make her look like anyone else, because his choreography will bring out
    her, and who she is, and that is what we will see in the dances, that she’s awesome. All will fall in love
    with her now for her dancing also. She’ll do great!
    I’m so proud of Derek, and with Amber, we will see so much more of his wonderful values, that come out more each
    season. He’s always amazing, this will prove it to all! Great team!
    God bless you two, and best of luck!

  2. nobleze says:

    Loved the idea of them being paired during the pro-celeb guessing game period! Love this team being a reality! Both have fun personalities and are hardworking! I just love the contrast of their coloring. I’m also looking forward to how Derek dresses her up. He usually makes his partner look amazing. I’m already so proud of Amber, wanting to be fit and a good role model to youngsters. Derek seems to be dancing the cha cha cha as first dance frequently. And Amber sure can roll that voluptuous body. Woohoo! Come on, Sept. 16! We’re ready for ya! 😀

  3. Dee(upclose22) says:

    Love her, so sweet!! I think they are going be so much fun but she also wants to get healthy and in good shape. Love that she takes pride in being a role model to her fans.

    Derek & Amber are two good spirited/humble people. Looking forward to their journey!!

    • Voguerista says:

      Dee, I think you just hit it on the nail for why these two were paired together. Like Derek, I sense she is a perfectionist too. Also, if she is anything like for what we see on Glee, they are going to have the “entertainment” factor in spades.

      • Dee(upclose22) says:

        I’m so hoping that’s true, Vogue!!They definitely seem to be getting along quite well and in such a short time too.. I do think/and hope they will be good together!!

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