Derek Hough and Peta Murgatroyd at Ballroom with a Twist and Other Stuff

OMG….Derek posted this on instagram from Wolf Trap. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Hopefully we’ll see lot more from BWAT tonight or tomorrow, but until then the official FB page posted this beautiful picture:

Derek Hough Peta Murgatroyd BWAT

This fantastic article was in Variety today, remember to click the link to read the whole thing:

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Derek Hough Channels Astaire

One Emmy-nominated routine from “Dancing With the Stars” had Derek Hough replicating Fred Astaire’s famous “dancing on the walls and ceiling” routine from “Royal Wedding.”

Conrad Green, executive producer: “When I do my job on this show, you’re an enabler rather than a producer. We say you have to do something new, and when you’ve done 300 episodes, new is pretty hard to come by. That’s the big challenge: to keep coming up with something original.”

Also, one of the troupe dancers from last season (not officially, but you know he was there a lot), Jaymze put a nice little vid of Derek and Peta rehearsing on his Instagram.  And Derek posted this one where he looks great sweaty. 🙂

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11 Responses to Derek Hough and Peta Murgatroyd at Ballroom with a Twist and Other Stuff

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    This is making me so excited to see the show tonight in Massachusetts! I’ll be sure to send all the details when I get home! 🙂

  2. nobleze says:

    Thank you to Ro and Lisa for sharing with us your experience! Glad you had a blast.

    The pic above is just gorgeous! Oh, those blue, blue eyes! Isn’t obvious that Derek’s not feeling well. And the vid with the puppy–both so adorable and golden, LOL! What intelligent thing can you say about sweaty Derek? Nada! 😉

  3. Dee(upclose22) says:

    D A M N Derek is FINE!! Okay, I had to say it.. He looks so good, like a young Brad Pitt!!- So many positive responses from the event last night. DH must have really killed it..

    Thanks for posting the picture, Heidi-

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  5. Ro says:

    Show last night at Wolf Trap was outstanding! Despite Derek being sick, he did a great job (no surprise there!). He and Peta did a very hot tango, and I’m blanking on the other dance they did together now. I want to say a jive, as that’s the one when he and Peta pulled two lucky audience members up on stage to dance with them. The lady Derek chose was not shy AT ALL! She was shaking it and getting down. He loved it. He got her to stand with her legs apart, then he ran forward and slid backwards in to a split through her legs.

    There was a little Q&A session. Someone asked who their dream partners were. Derek said he’d just done a little work with Kate Hudson, and while he’d love to have her on the show, he knows she wouldn’t do it. Another woman asked him if he had a girlfriend. He laughed, asked if she were single, then cuddled up to her, joking that he might slip her his number. He never ACTUALLY answered the question.

    Tristan and Anna had most of the hosting duties. Tristan was hilarious. That legendary accent of his did make him hard to understand at times, but Derek noted that this was the clearest he’d ever heard Tristan speak! All four of them got the audience on our feet and had us do a little meringue routine.

    Most of the dancing was done by the troupe members. Tristan and Anna did an opening number (again, can’t remember what it was, sorry); a routine to “Fever” that looked like part foxtrot, part WCS; and a Viennese waltz to “A Thousand Years” (I think that’s the name of the song). Hopefully other people who were there can fill in anything I might have missed. Let me know if you have questions.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree Ro! The show was outstanding. The Argentine Tango he and Peta did was hot. It was similar to the one they did at the opening for an Outlet Center way back or was it the show in London. Anyways, the other dance they did was a jive to Jump Jive N Wail. I like how he always pulls a member in the audience to dance. The lady he chose was not too terribly far from my section. I agree the lady he chose was so not shy. He loved it.
      I thought the little Q&A was interesting and cool. I recall here somewhere reading that he was working with Kate Hudson. I wonder what it is for. He was asked the girlfriend question as Ro mention. I knew when he was asked that, that in typical Derek fashion he would avoid answering.

      • Ro says:

        Thank you for filling in those blanks for me. I’m so sorry; my memory for details is the worst sometimes.

        The only thing I didn’t like about the show were those projections on the rear screen. Was it me, or did most of them look like old Windows screensavers?

    • Carla says:

      Get out! Normally when he’s single, he says so. When he’s in a relationship or “pursuing” something, he’ll keep quiet and avoid the question! That’s funny haha anyway, I’m so jealous you got to see him perform 🙂

  6. Voguerista says:

    Gorgeous! BOTH of them!!

  7. sislx says:

    just found out today that derek was at wolftrap…and i live in dc…needless to say i’m devastated…lol…the story of my life…and it was only for one day too!!!! jeez man…

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