Choreography Emmy Award Moves to the Primetime Broadcast!!

You know what this means, Derek fans. Derek and his co-nominees will be on the TV broadcast and they are choreographing a number for Neil Patrick Harris!! This is great. And the perfect time for Derek to WIN!! From the Hollywood Reporter:

The award for choreography is moved to the Primetime Emmys, while reality competition host moves to the Creative Arts Emmys.

For the first time in Emmy history, the nominated choreographers will join together to create and present a dance number during the show which will be built around host Neil Patrick Harris.

To cap it off, the Emmy for choreography will be presented on the Primetime Emmys show for the first time at the completion of this special dance production. In past years, the choreography Emmy has been presented during the Creative Arts Emmys the week before the primetime show.

Ehrlich also found an innovative way to deliver the news about the plan to the nominated choreographers – Derek Hough (a double nominee for Dancing With the Stars) and four other nominees, all nominated for So You Think You Can DanceSonya Tayeh and Many Jo Moore, Napoleon Dumo and Travis Wall.

Ehrlich and the Academy invited the choreography nominees last week to a special reception in their honor. “Once they were there we sprung it on them,” says Ehrlich. “Neil came and announced to them, ‘Yes of course we want to celebrate their nominations but basically we wanted them to choreograph a number collectively that would be one on the show.'”

The events at the reception were taped and most of the other work on the number will also be taped for a kind of reality show documentary to be shown as part of the presentation on the Primetime Emmys. “It’s obviously a very innovative thing to do,” adds Ehrlich.

The choreographers are holding a meeting this week to start figuring out what they are going to do for the Emmys telecast. An option being bandied include the choreographers dancing themselves, and each has been invited to hire two of their favorite dancers for the number (likely from the shows they were nominated for). The likelihood of big-name performers taking part is highly unlikely but remains undecided.

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8 Responses to Choreography Emmy Award Moves to the Primetime Broadcast!!

  1. mea says:

    If non pro, I think he should have Kellie Pickler and Brilynn Rakes for dance partners.

  2. lois ferg says:

    such exciting news. Derek is finally in the group that he is so deserving to be a part of, and can add so much to also.
    Can’t wait to see the dance they create. All the luck to Derek on the win’s also.

  3. perriparks says:

    I he doesn’t win JUST based on “The Box”, something is seriously wrong. Almost impossible feat and anyone comparing it to Astaire’s, not even close. Astaire danced ALONE, had a choreographer and shot in segments over months. Also Derek was on fire during Shawn’s season, I think could have pulled several for nomination from that season. Good Luck Derek. Emmy night should be EPIC for you!!

  4. Voguerista says:

    This is going to be so awesome. I can hardly wait. What a year it’s been for Derek!

  5. Jane says:

    Fantastic news! Can’t wait! This is Derek’s year!

  6. Dee(Upclose22) says:

    YAY, I’m so happy for Derek, I could scream.,, I was hoping his fantastic news would be something like this!!! He so deserves it!!! He’s gotta win!! Go get your Emmy Derek!’ My eyes will be glued on the TV and my fingers crossed!! Go Derek!
    Such great news,Heidi!!

  7. nobleze says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I was about to sign off from Twitter when a Twitter friend retweeted this! Thank you, Miss Heidi, for putting this up like lightning fast!

    This is beyond thrilling for me! Woohooo! Go, Derek! I fervently pray you win this year! I can already see in my mind the your genius in the Emmy choreography! OMG! Sooo excited I’m hugging myself, LOL! 🙂

  8. laila says:

    great news indeed. Can’t wait for the number as well, I remember the number they did a couple years ago, with maks and karina and the sytycd people, it was cool.

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