Pasadena Weekly and Good Day LA Interview Derek Hough

Pasadena Weekly has an article that goes a bit more in depth on Derek’s upcoming performance with Cal Phil.

Rather, they’ll be treated to the latest show by the California Philharmonic — “Dance Fever” — as the renowned orchestra welcomes the top male dancer from ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Derek Hough, for an evening of singing and dancing under the stars.

“This is my first time singing in this environment, and my first time singing publicly in years,” says Hough, 28. “I’m nervous about it, also excited. I did it because it’s an honor to do it with such an amazing orchestra. I wasn’t really prepared for it but I did it knowing that throwing myself in the deep end like this will help me raise my standards.”
A Utah native, Hough was the lone boy among five children, and he and his younger sister, Julianne, both developed a passion for dancing at early ages. While their parents weren’t professional dancers themselves, they met while on a ballroom dancing team in college.

Derek showed musical talent from an early age, singing and drumming at 8 with a Beach Boys tribute band that otherwise consisted of teenagers. But even then, his dancing drew more attention.
“I liked to sing Hound Dog and moved my hips like Elvis, which was funny because my dad said no pelvic thrusts,” laughs Hough. “It wasn’t that they were uptight, but just that I was 8 years old and a little young for it, but now it’s how I make my living.”

“I’m into anything that makes sense, that’s the right project,” says Hough. “I don’t want to get into something for the sake of doing something. That doesn’t work for me. What I really want to do is inspire people now that they have more social confidence from dancing or a better marriage. I always want to perform but want to improve your life somehow. That’s what it’s all about. I want to do that with thousands of people, reach out and touch a broad band of people.”

Don’t know what he’s trying to say about marriage, but okay. 🙂 Below is his interview on Good Day LA.

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13 Responses to Pasadena Weekly and Good Day LA Interview Derek Hough

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  2. nobleze says:

    LOL about growing his beard! And those blue eyes! Just OMG! I’d love to watch him dance every Monday, too, but like you Miss Heidi, I’d like him to go while on top. Maybe take a season or two off. His Wonderwall interview and this one revealed how busy he is and it seems more projects are coming. And there’ll be more, for sure, since it seems that Make Your Move is doing well in European countries–a great way to create a lot of buzz in the US. And the Calphil performance. I bet that would open more opportunities for him–Broadway maybe?

  3. Sharon says:

    Great interview – nice to see his mom as well. I was thinking like you Katie it almost seemed like he was going to do this next season – almost like it would be a challenge. I can’t imagine how he would have time = it seems like the projects keep on coming, which is great and I hope they continue.

  4. hafsa says:

    ok thank you !!!

  5. hafsa says:

    i can’t watch this video. can you please put this video as a youtube version ??

  6. mea says:

    Hope he does DWTS this coming September, altho I kinda doubt it. He has so many things going on. Just saw Riverting Entertainment (music videos, commercials, etc.) looking towards future projects w/him. Mayb because they saw that great music video that he choreographed w/Kellie or that gravity dance or both.

  7. Voguerista says:

    And Katie, I kind of got the feeling he’s doing or would like to do DWTS again too (because of the new format)!

  8. Voguerista says:

    I love what he says about “pushing it to the edge”. That’s so key and why he’s a cut above the rest. Incredible!! Here’s to his performance this weekend.

  9. Katie says:

    Funny thing is, he didn’t confirm or deny that he was doing the upcoming season of DWTS? It almost sounded like he WAS. Is it just me and my wishful thinking? Haha!

  10. Kenya says:

    A great interview with Derek! It’s sooooooooo good to see him again! He’s an absolute treasure… thank you!

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