Derek Hough’s Symphonic Singing Debut!!

Man, I’m jealous of those of you attending. Please send pics and blogs to me and I’ll post them for other fans to see. From Pasadena Now:

If one thinks this summer has been hot so far…just wait! Temperatures are about to soar this weekend, when award-winning dancer, choreographer, musician and Dancing With The Stars phenom Derek Hough joins Cal Phil for Dance Fever, Saturday July 27 at Festival on the Green at Santa Anita Race Track – which also happens to be National Dance Day – and Sunday July 28 at Walt Disney Concert Hall!

The only four-time champion of the hit ABC television show and former member of the Ballas Hough Band, Derek is set to make history again, this time when he makes his worldwide symphonic singing debut with Cal Phil. Accompanied by the acclaimed orchestra, Derek will sing the Oscar winning song Falling Slowly and the ever-popular classic Feeling Good.

But that’s only the beginning. After all, the concert is named Dance Fever!

Yes, legions of Derek Hough fans, Derek will also be dancing, performing a powerful Paso Doblé and high-energy Jive as only he can.

“We are thrilled to welcome Derek Hough as our special guest during Dance Fever,” said Maestro Victor Vener. “Cal Phil is honored to share our stage with such an immensely talented artist as he makes his worldwide debut singing with a professional symphony. He is a phenomenal dancer and equally gifted musician. It’s going to be a fantastically fun experience for all.”

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16 Responses to Derek Hough’s Symphonic Singing Debut!!

  1. DW says:

    What a fantastic idea to showcase Derek singing. He will rock these songs out of the park!!!! He is such a great performer and has a wonderful voice. Go Derek!!! Wish I could be there, but look forward to hearing from those who are lucky enough to attend.

  2. mea says:

    Great song: “Feeling Good!”

  3. mea says:

    I wonder if he’ll be doing that Paso Doble like the one he did w/Maria Menounos… when they had classical night w/the big orchestra.

  4. Jane says:

    I’m going to the performance at Walt Disney Hall – trust me, Heidi, if I get anywhere near DHough you will be the first to know. I’m going with my co-worker, Stephanie, who ran into Derek at the Grove a few weeks ago. She said Hi Derek and he said hello back. I think she was going up an escalator or something – then she said – “Ohhh my co-worker is going to be so mad that she isn’t here” (meaning me) and he laughed. Put out the good vibes that we somehow get to meet him!

  5. Dee(upclose22) says:

    Wow!! That’s pretty fantastic!! So happy for him. What an amazing platform to showcase his singing/musical/dancing talents!!

  6. Elara38 says:

    ok.. i could not be happier.. no way i could.. it is simply perfect!!!!!!!

  7. lena says:

    Wow, so wish I could be there! Nice write-up! Thanks for the update Heidi!

  8. Betty says:

    Wishing the very best to the very best! Go Derek! Wish I could be there to see/hear you perform!

  9. Sharon says:

    This will be a WOW performance. The modern day “Song and Dance” man. Good on Derek.

    • JoAnna says:

      Modern day song & dance man indeed! VERY clever not to announce him singing so great boost for tix sales. I got tix when Heidi tweeted about it & what a very nice bonus!!! Gosh this is good stuff! 🙂

  10. carolyn says:

    I wish I could go. To those who are I will experience it through your reviews.

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