Derek Hough: Working with Kate Hudson and Is NOT on DWTS Season 17?

According to Lori Andrews, Derek and Emma Slater danced at a Corporate Event last night and had a few interesting things to say about his immediate future!  Thanks to Lori for sharing – check out her facebook page for more pics. Thanks also to @DWTSGossip and Kristen for finding this info and sharing it on twitter.

Lori FB

Derek and Emma Laguna Hills

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12 Responses to Derek Hough: Working with Kate Hudson and Is NOT on DWTS Season 17?

  1. Joyce says:

    Do you know why so many videos of Derek and Nicole’s dances are deleted from youtube? I never saw the Pretty Woman one and can’t find it anywhere. Also their Quickstep with sailor suits is deleted. I didn’t see much of that season because I was ill most of the year. If they can be found anywhere will someone please let me know where? Fabulous web site by the way.

    • nobleze says:

      Hi, Joyce! I wondered that, too. But I was able to find a video of the “sailor” quickstep using Google. It led me to Maybe it also has the Pretty Woman number. Why don’t you try it? BTW, hope you’ve fully recovered from your illness. Hope that this bit of an info helps you.

  2. Dee(upclose22) says:

    I’m so excited for Derek and cannot wait to hear more about his upcoming projects. I would love to see him in a movie with Kate Hudson. It would be hilarious and they’d be gorgeous together.

  3. Elmari says:

    Just did some quick research on Kate Hudson on IMDB… I am getting nothing on her next 2 movies in pre-production. But she did play a recurring character as a dance teacher on Glee. I’m wondering if Derek’s involvement has anything to do with that role. Eventhough I have not watched Glee since it’s 3rd season, I always thought it would be fun to see Derek acting and singing on that show as a guest star. However, I AM hoping that the Kate Hudson connection is related to MOVIES…. =)

    • Grace says:

      I am praying the connection is movies!! If he goes on Glee he will be called gay forever!! He could be simply helping Kate to polish her dance skills. Hopefully someone will find out real soon.

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  5. Voguerista says:

    Wowza. Emma and Derek look HOT together. omggggg

  6. Joey says:

    Emma is from the troupe and Lori is someone who was at Corporate event last night. They danced there and derek was talking and he revealed this information- to either the crowd or to her. He did the same while he was in London…it’s the only time he actually opens up and doesn’t give politically correct answers.

  7. nobleze says:

    Literally, my jaw dropped to the floor while reading this and the one posted on puredwts. I’m trying to digest all the little details in this news. But I’m extremely excited about the movies and Kate Hudson project.

  8. Chanel says:

    Who is Emma? I would like to see him playing in the movies, not only dance movies.

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