DWTS Results Show Cut from the Fall TV Line Up – Derek Hough’s View

We discussed this at some length over on PureDWTS, and many of you probably saw us discussing it over there, but I thought that I would post about it here since Derek has apparently weighed in. I may add more to this post tonight if I find he’s discussed it in other places. From Today.com:

After hosting ballroom boots for 16 seasons, the Tuesday night results show on “Dancing With the Stars” will soon be sent packing too. Starting next season, ABC will only broadcast one two-hour episode of the dance competition each week.

Host Tom Bergeron and several of the show’s veteran pro dancers shared their thoughts on the move after the most recent results show.

“I’m kind of a ‘the glass is half full’ type guy,” Bergeron told TODAY.com on the red carpet leading into the show’s 300th episode party. “I get the rationale behind it. There’s no denying that our numbers have been slipping.”

The impetus behind axing the Tuesday results show is to drive those viewers to the Monday performance and get a stronger rating there.

Plus, it’ll keep producers from wracking their brains on how to fill up three hours of programming each week.

“I have two minds about it,” said Derek Hough, the competition’s only three-time champion. “The show is going to make it work and it’ll be fantastic, but I’m going to miss doing special performances on the Tuesday shows. I will enjoy having that extra day of rehearsal on Tuesday.”

Really, Derek’s reasoning is the only reason I would be upset about it. Think of the dances he’s created for the results show. The Paso with Chelsie, the DaD with Anna, Defying Gravity, dances with Allison Holker…the list goes on. But as someone else said in that article – as the season goes on and people are eliminated, they will have more time to fill. And besides, it’s about time for Derek to be a movie star and producer in his own right. 😀

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4 Responses to DWTS Results Show Cut from the Fall TV Line Up – Derek Hough’s View

  1. Grace says:

    Sad to learn that the Tuesday night shows are over. I loved the dances that Derek preformed. How will elimination go??? Derek is so ready to do bigger and better things, but I will miss spending Monday and Tuesday night with Derek. I look at him dance on the computer every day!!!So praying for wonderful things for Derek!!!!!

  2. Jax says:

    This is really sad to me. I love the results shows – more than the performance shows to be honest. The musical acts and the pro dances and random things like when Travis Wall and Kenny Wormald and Nick Bass all got together to do a number. You don’t see that anywhere else :(.

  3. Sara says:

    I agree with cutting the results show for the benefit of the show…I also think it’s a sign that it’s time for Derek to part with this show. Frankly, I’ve given up watching live (I just can’t sit through it) with all the filler nonsense. Derek, you really can do better. I think it’s still good for relatively unknown dancers, but you’ve moved beyond that. Please do a show (or movie — I vote movie) where people can see everything you’re capable of!

  4. Paula says:

    This is a really bad idea! Results show cancelled for some pet projects of new execs at ABC primetime. At least a half hour results show would be a much better idea than NO results show. They have constantly messed with the show since season 8 and the show has steadily declined since then. Stop messing with the basic formula of the show, give us good celebrities who aren’t politicians or 12 years old and give us a shorter results show on Tuesday!

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