Derek Hough to Dance with Adrianne Haslet-Davis (Boston Bombing Victim)

I tweeted these articles out yesterday while I was on the road and I’m still catching up – so here they are for those of you non-tweeters. 🙂

I find this woman to be incredibly brave and inspirational. I can’t even imagine what she’s gone through, but she has a passion for life and for dance that won’t quit. I think we will see another emotional Derek – he’s got such a huge heart and isn’t afraid to let it show.

First up, The Daily Mail:

A professional dancer who had part of her leg amputated after being injured in the Boston bombings
is to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

Adrianne Haslet, who has become a symbol of American resilience after the attacks, said she is ‘honored’ to make a guest appearance on the show.

Details of her guest appearance and role on the primetime dance competition are yet to be revealed.

But the ballroom dancer – who is said to be a fan of the programme- said ‘dancing is my life’ and vowed to start training as soon as possible.

Mrs Haslet messaged a friend saying ‘OHMUGOD!!!!!!!!! I loooove Derek!!!!!!’ when she learned that DWTS favourite Derek Hough wants to dance with her.

Hough told the Boston Herald: ‘It’s hard for anyone to really quite understand what she must be going through and what she’s going to go through with rehab and getting her balance back’
‘But if she has the determination and she has the passion — and it sounds like she does — she’s going to run that marathon and she’s going to be dancing again. It’s not going to slow her down.’

Articles similar to this one (almost verbatim, thanks to some PR person somewhere) popped up all over, including:

The Boston Herald

A rep for the show said producers for the hit ABC dance competition will be in Boston this week to follow Adrianne as she begins her rehab. Details of how she will be incorporated into the show will be announced during the broadcast next week.

In a front-page Herald story Monday, Haslet-Davis told columnist Peter Gelzinis that not only will she dance again, she plans to run the marathon next year. She took a first step towards that goal earlier this week when she was discharged from Boston Medical Center. She is currently a patient at a rehab facility in Boston where she will begin her long journey back.

The NY Daily News:

“DWTS” pro Derek Hough even told the Boston Herald that he would dance with her after she recuperated and underwent rehab.

Haslet-Davis was watching the Boston Marathon with her husband, an Air Force captain who recently returned from Afghanistan, when the second bomb exploded. Haslet-Davis’ husband was also injured in the blast.

Haslet-Davis said to AP, “I remember thinking, ‘That’s so gross,’ and being terrified that this is the moment I was going to die,” after she saw the severity of her injuries. She woke up the next morning, with her mother by her side, and found out she had lost her left foot.

From E! News:

Dancing With the Stars is giving a Boston bombing victim a chance to get back in the ballroom.

After losing her foot and part of her leg in the Boston Marathon attack last week, 32-year-old dance teacher Adrianne Haslet-Davis will make an appearance on the dance competition show in a profile piece scheduled to air Tuesday, as host Tom Bergeron noted on this week’s show.

Producers reportedly sent a camera crew to Boston Tuesday to capture footage of the injured professional ballroom dancer who has vowed to return to dance and run the marathon next year in spite of her amputation.

And when she’s ready to get back on the dance floor, Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough told the Boston Herald he would love to dance with her.

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  1. Meggie says:

    Thank you, PH, from a “twitterless” Derek fan. Isnt this just typical Derek!? He has such a big heart!

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