Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler – Week 5 Dances!!

First, the group dance. I may edit this later for just the Derek and Kellie parts, but I may not because the whole dance is great!!

Fantastic, beautiful foxtrot!!

8 comments to Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler – Week 5 Dances!!

  • Kashti

    To me it was like Marilyn meets Gatsby…i don’t know,but it was perfection in my opinion!And to have Anna and Henry in it was like the cherry on top!

  • DW

    What a total treat to see this beautiful foxtrot with the elegant performimg team of Derek & Kellie! Beautiful choreo, another Derek gem! And I vote yes….to watching Derek dance Latin with Karina or Anna. It would be breathtaking.

  • mimi f. alexander

    One of my uncles(dance instructor) calls Derek a “hybrid”. He says Derek has the flair and elegance of Astaire and the “build” and athleticism of (Gene)Kelly with a splash of (Bob)Fosse thrown in! LOL I know why Derek gets so stressed when he has someone with so much potential, you just want enough time and to find the right way to make them shine. And Kellie is amazing. The foxtrot was like a beautiful scene from the old dancing movies. Elegant, sweet, entertaining and fun. I think it might be replacing my prior fav with Nicole! makes me want to see so much more !

  • Ali

    I loved this foxtrot! Derek has choreographed some great foxtrots in the past and this one was no exception. This foxtrot was elegant yet playful. It’s so hard to believe that Kellie missed at least a day of reheasals because she was amazing.

  • Sara

    Those few seconds in the pro dance? From about 0:27 — 0:42? THAT is the reason I’d give just about anything to see Derek and Karina do another latin pro number together. Those two dancing latin just stand out in a crowd.

  • Sharon

    This foxtrot was one of the best I’ve seen from Derek. Kellie did an awesome job. Love these two together. They get all my votes as well.

  • Meggie

    Thanks so much for this PH! As I said over at PureDWTS, I didn’t get the show tonight. Loved seeing this incredible dance of Derek and Kellie’s! :) Don’t worry, I voted though!

  • Grace

    WOW!! Kellie and Derek did a great job!! Derek’s choreography was fun and fantastic! So good ! I will watch it over and over. They get all my votes!

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