DWTS All Stars Week 7 – Team Shawnough’s Fusion Music

Every week we need to vote more and more if we want our team to win. Hope you’re ready for this week. There is no results show due to the election and therefore no elimination – but we do have to vote as the votes and the scores will carry over to next week. So don’t get lax!!

As you know, Shawn and Derek have Tango/Paso fusion as their dance. We still don’t know if Derek will dance or not, and I have a feeling we won’t know until show time. Shawn and either Derek or Mark are dancing to: “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi Livin' On a Prayer - Cross Road

From what I hear, Derek is choreographing the dance so that the Paso and Tango steps are an actual fusion. Not just Tango steps followed by Paso steps. Of course. 🙂

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28 Responses to DWTS All Stars Week 7 – Team Shawnough’s Fusion Music

  1. DW says:

    I’m “Living on a Prayer” that Derek is truly well enough to dance what is sure to be an incredible fusion on Monday.

  2. Lisa W says:

    Very excited about this fusion dance! Obviously hope that Derek does what is best for his health and long term options, but agree with others that it would be fabulous if he was well enough to dance the fusion dance and sat out the marathon and other dance! But that’s just me being selfish! Excited either way – at least he has choreographed it!

  3. Deena says:

    IMO, Mark would be thrilled to dance three routines, as it would be more air time and attention for him. I am hoping that Derek is physically able to dance the fusion routine with Shawn.

    • Melissa says:

      I bet Mark would love to be on all those dances. A bit too much Mark for me. Hope Derek is fine but if he could at least dance the fusion.

  4. Naomi says:

    Twitter Shawn Johnson‏:

    2 days before show day and we haven’t even started our second dance!! Haha I am starting to get a little nervous! #DWTS

    Come on Shawn, Derek and Mark!

    • laila says:

      I was worried about that too, because of the CMA I don’t think she got to rehearse Thursday. Since Derek can’t dance and MArk is also working with the Utah kids this week and I’m pretty sure that the paso tango is crazy hard (Shawn never dance tango) + missing one day, I was almost sure they were a little behind.
      But People don’t actually dance much during the marathon, even if it is a swing marathon most couple will recycle their jive and them put some extra steps plus lifts. So I’m sure by monday they will be really, there are couple that haven’t done jive and couple that suck doing. Melissa is by far the biggest competition for this thing, she did jive and jitterbug and she can do a bunt of lifts too. If Shawn’s knee is ok for lifts + plus her stamina she will be gold, or at least silver.

    • cathyinohio says:

      Last night (Late Saturday) on Marks twitter feed he said he just finished 12 hrs of rehearsal’s with Shawn. They must have made up for the time they missed. Im also thinking Derek will not dance. He said he just got his MRI report back today and sees the Dr. Monday morning. The Dr. also asked him if he had been in multiple car accidents. Doesn’t sound good to me.

  5. Margaret says:

    Maybe Derek will do the fusion dance with Shawn, and its possible Mark can do the Marathon dance and the special piece he was talking about? Otherwise Mark has to do three dances!

  6. laila says:

    awesome song, Derek did a amazing job with team tango dancing you give love a bad name, pretty sure that this will be amazing too.

    Renee, I was thinking that too, but I don;t think the producers would allowed.

  7. KellyK says:

    Awesome!! I SO hope Derek can dance on Monday…sayin a Prayer 😉

  8. Gitte says:

    What a great song!
    Can’t wait to see the dance.

  9. Voguerista says:

    Oh man, this is going to be a good one. I can’t wait!! Go Derek and Shawn (or Mark if need be)!!!!

  10. renee says:

    Love thr song. Hope Derek feels up to dancing but will enjoy Mark as well. I wonder if Derek could do the fusion and Mark the marathon?

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