US Magazine on Derek Hough’s Injury on DWTS 15, Week 6

I think I forgot this article yesterday – there is a possibility that Derek will dance on Monday, as I think we already gathered from various pictures.  I have heard that the choreography for the fusion is going well and Derek and Mark like working together – no shock there, for most of us. 🙂  From Us Magazine online:

Adrenaline may not be enough. Pro dancer Mark Ballas, 26, will rehearse with Hough’s celebrity partner, Olympian Shawn Johnson, as the blond star heals. “If all goes well, Derek will be better and cleared to dance next Monday with Shawn live on the show,” Hough’s rep told Us. “If not, Mark will step in, but hopefully that won’t happen.”

According to a source, “Derek is taking extra precaution because he doesn’t want to aggravate his condition further. He trusts Mark and so he is putting Shawn in the most capable hands possible.”

The source added that Hough “will supervise and do everything he possibly can” to ensure Johnson moves on in the competition. “It is likely he will dance with her live next Monday in the ballroom.”

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13 Responses to US Magazine on Derek Hough’s Injury on DWTS 15, Week 6

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  2. Nicole says:

    Isn’t it much wiser for D to rest and heal now, and be fresher and stronger for later rounds, if S can get that far?

  3. Cyndi1113 says:

    I along with many others want to see Derek dance but more than anything I want him to be ok. Take care Derek. You have so many people that wish you well and love you.

  4. laila says:

    Just saw the live emmy thing, He said that he is doing a contemporary piece next week (based on twitter with Allison and some other amazing girls from sytycd). So he is dancing on tuesday anyway. Dancing the fusion + marathon and this contemporary piece with four girls can’t be easy, especially since the marathon has lifts and tricks, and probably the contemporary too. This boy is crazy.

    • Gitte says:

      There’s no result show next week though so the dance with Alison can’t be yet

      • laila says:

        I forgot that, and he probably forget that too, thank gor for that because he will have more that the rest for this piece, I can’t wait to watch , he is dancing with three best contemporary dancer ever on sytycd, allison, Kathryn and Melanie (and some other girl)

      • HeidiHo1013 says:

        Yeah, I think “next week” in DWTS time is not the coming one, but the one after. Derek’s weeks really start on Wednesdays, because of the way the show is shot.

  5. Gitte says:

    I just watched Derek on that Emmy livestream: “The choreographers: yesterday, today and tomorrow” and he said something about doing a comtemporary piece “next week”.
    Don’t know if it’s the Fusion dance he’s referring to or something else…
    Anyway… I highly recommend watching the video when it becomes available tomorrow – Derek was a special guest at the end and especially Kenny Ortega had some really nice things to say about Derek.

  6. Ces says:

    I really think that D is absolutely determined to dance with S this Monday — going as far as acupuncture, ouch! He’s being really stubborn and refusing to stay down. I think it’s particularly because of the fusion dance, which he loves to do, and because he wants to do everything right by S. To me, whatever makes you happy, D. I’m sure you know yourself more than any of us pundits combined. So good luck, rest up, and amaze us, as usual!

  7. Tina says:

    Lol, that’s the thing as well.. Even though Mark is D’a BFF and brother, I don’t think D wants Shawn dancing with anyone else but him. Plus he just doesn’t want to let shawn J down. We’ll see. But it is about wisdom..but I love seeing that man dance.. With shawn especially. Love mark, but it won’t be exactly the same. Get better derek! We love you

  8. Gee says:

    Derek, be wise young man. I know you don’t like Shawn dancing with anyone else, but we’re talking about Mark! She will be in good hands and you need to heal. That will be more important in the following weeks. God Bless you both.

  9. Mya says:

    Knowing Derek, he is stubborn like shawn. He actually may dance in Monday. He really doesn’t want to let shawn down, but if of course she is in the greatest hands. And what sucks us the tango and paso are his favorite dances. Including the AT, which I hope they dance. Have a feeling he’ll dance… If not that’s good on him.

  10. laila says:

    I wanna see him dancing this so bad, but neck injured and tango just don’t go together, and marathon with lifts and tricks can’t be good either. Maybe he can sit monday out and the dance is so good that they get the encore, and then Derek get to dance the encore on tuesday (one more day to rest and just one dance,).

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