Team Shawnough’s Foxtrot – The Music

As of the time I’m writing this, Courtney and myself are only about 95% sure that Shawn and Derek are going to be dancing to…

“Good Time” by Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepson Good Time - Good Time - Single

We know that this song is being used in the show and used some deductive reasoning to figure out that Shawn and Derek are dancing to it. That’s possible when you know what many of the other couples are dancing to – see PureDWTS for songs for the other couples. It will be updated throughout the day. Also watch for a post by Courtney and myself about how some couples got “perfect” songs for their dance and how others? Not so much. Conspiracy theory?? I don’t think Derek would pick this song for a foxtrot, despite being a fan of Owl City. But who knows?? Courtney’s bf is a professional ballroom dancer and he thinks this is a “stupid” song for a foxtrot and would not dance to it. But again, if anyone can make lemonade out of lemons?? It’s Derek. 🙂

When you listen to this song, do you hear foxtrot?? I don’t, but it’s possible to get something like the Michael Buble foxtrot. Regardless, it’s entirely possible that Len will hate it, so I hope you’re all ready to VOTE. 🙂

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23 Responses to Team Shawnough’s Foxtrot – The Music

  1. margaret says:

    The thing is if he or anyone knows Len will not like it why even try it? Derek is a genius as we all know but Len is and can be a grump. Although he in my opinion is very fond of Derek.

  2. mimi f alexander says:

    Oh, I think they will dance beautifully, maybe even perfectly, and with Derek’s choreo….but the question is why THIS SONG when there are about 8 million others better for FT and MUCH more relatable to the audience of this show?

  3. Loiss1724 says:

    Think Derek will do fine, but this “selective song choice” is annoying. I’d like everyone on the same playing field. The last couple of seasons the pimping of some has been REALLY annoying. Let everyone do their best with good music!

  4. Nat says:

    Oy… I don’t think that this is a good foxtrot song either. But hopefully Derek will make it work. Better go make some more email addresses…

  5. laila says:

    I actually can see a foxtrot to this song, kind like Katherine and MArk foxtrot las year to “the show”

  6. margaret says:

    Can he slow down the tempo if he’s allowed? He may be able to do a foxtrot like the michael buble song. Knowing Derek.

  7. Elara38 says:

    ooh..i don’t know about that song…for a foxtrot? next to Apolo’s perfect anthem…? not to mention..all the team numbers i was hoping for them..are already taken… 🙁 not happy…

  8. mimi f alexander says:

    No…I don’t and why would they be given THIS song out of all the possible ones that could be chosen. Sounds like they are dancing second and to a song that “the usual demographic” of this show will go HUH? And what is worse is that most viewers including friends of mine that follow ALMOST as much as I do, think the stars or pros pick their own songs. So then they sit at home and go “What a stupid choice or I hate that song” and many vote for others because of just that. And youre right about Len even tho he KNOWS they don’t pick their songs….he’ll use it as a reason to score her lower even if she dances perfectly.

    I think Shawn will prob be OK the first week but I still wanna know WHY they seem to handicap some, play favorities, throw obstacles, it seems. especially to Derek? Soooo P O already this season over several things…I wonder what Coutney’s BF opinion is of often it just seems a little TOO deliberate….

  9. Voguerista says:

    Soooo exciting. YAY!!!

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