Derek Hough – ROA Premiere, One More Time

Seriously, we’ve seen about all there is to see, but this first picture from INeedMyFix was too cute to not post. Be sure to visit her site as she has a ton of pics from the premiere.

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20 Responses to Derek Hough – ROA Premiere, One More Time

  1. dianaromy19 says:

    that interview was really bad…if maria has some respect for derek she should leave him alone to find a girl as he deserves. i don’t known why, but maria accepts to be humilating by her 14 years bf. if he has all that issues, as we clearly understand that he has, it is better resolving them in private. i can’t understand how a person says he loves you and then humilates you like this…i can’t understand also how a person tells that he respects your family and then speaks in pubblic about your VERY private life, whitout taking under consideration that your parents will hear all these…sooo ugly…sooo dissapointed from maria. i agree with sharon and hope derek steps away from this mess, he deserves the best.

    • Kristin says:

      Maria knew what she was getting into…you don’t go on Howard Stern to talk about your dogs and rainbows. It is a graphic show that will most definitely bring up intimate subjects. She has to be fine with the discussions as her first time through it was sexual (as most of his interviews are)and this time would be no different. I actually don’t think they said anything out of the ordinary- i mean some subjects are pretty gross and wild, but this was just standard talking about a 14 year relationship. I actually have more issues with Maria. I mean you have a bf, you aren’t leaving him…so why do you keep up the are they/aren’t they facade? I mean she danced around the Derek questions with her “Noooooaaa” giggly responses. She should just say, we are just friends. I have a boyfriend. It is not what it seems…but she doesn’t do that. I would think most of the people on this board would be happy…they finally got a someone honest, behind the scenes interview- Kevin is insecure somewhat regarding Derek, Maria and Derek def connect and have attractions to each other, and if there was one person that Kevin thinks that Maria would possibly leave for it would be Derek. I think that answers all the questions of was it just a showmance…no not at all. The short video that Howard released that is about 2 mins actually shows her in studio…her non verbal speaks volumes…she looks uncomfortable and when she shows Howard her phone..she is shaking. I don’t think its enough to end a 14 year relationship…but she def had her days where she thought what if.

      • Kristin says:

        But Howard nailed things right on the head…Maria likes attention- don’t let her kid you. He asked her straight out- why do you act like you are single? Why did you not give props to Kevin during your DWTS packages- to which she responded, i don’t know. I personally thought maybe DWTS was editing it on purpose to continue pushing the “implied romance” but it seems like Maria didn’t really push the subject all that much. I actually think Kevin seems like a pretty cool guy…he said he doesn’t look through her phone, that if she wants to cheat that is on her, he can’t cage her like an animal, etc. He did get really mad at her the last night of DWTS and told her they needed to talk when she got home- guess that explains why she did talk about him more on GMA. I also picked up on the fact that Howard brought up Katherine, to which Maria said no nothing happened- however Kevin in the background said “are you sure Maria? those guys get tons of girls…” Oh, and lastly- Maria emailing Howard to vote for them…she said Derek doesn’t solicit..just goes to show what a great guy he really is. I actually liked the interview and it put Derek in a good light…hot, talented, young star who respected a hot woman and never crossed the line and his talent, charm, and great personality almost stole her away…i will say this…they were on there for about an hour and half and they somehow managed to talk about Derek for about 55 mins or so:)

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh Mimi there you are. Was waiting, in anticipation, for your reaction.
    Well put. Love the stiletto reference.
    The whole thing is such a shame and I for one hopes Derek walks away from this mess.

  3. AliceE says:

    Too bad that Maria allows this Kevan to discuss such private issues or that she gets involved in the discussion herself. As much chemistry as she and Derek obviously have with each other, I just can’t see him being comfortable with any details of his private life being shared with such abandon. He was so respectful of Cheryl Cole, and she has not discussed their relationship either. I do believe he really cares for Maria, but this type of behavior might be a deal breaker IF she were available and they were to start dating.

  4. mimi f acworth says:

    This is how strongly I feel about this kind of boyfriend/husband. If I ever found out that they had said any one of these things to just one other person, they’d be gone. And if he said it in my presence, he would need a dr. to remove my stiletto from his nether regions so I could put it back on to walk away from the disgusting piece of _ _ _ _. Don’t know what MM problems are(insecurity, dependance, fear of change ??) but she should dump KU and be rid of at least one of problems. She has such potential to do SO MUCH BETTER. She reminds me of a gorg friend of mine who stays with an abusive yutz because she is insecure and has no idea of her own potential and what a great life and relationship she could have.

    • Sharon says:

      Wow this news article and then Maria’s interview on Howard Stern with Keven (classless) sorry but can’t help myself.
      What is going on in her head?
      Have to say I’m really disappointed in her – noone knows where Derek’s feelings are but IMO he deserves better than any of this garbage.

      • michelle says:

        I have no idea why she went a second time. She didn’t deserve to be treated the way she did but she has to take action herself. Instead of making an empty threat to leave the show just leave. Maybe she has made empty threats to Keven about leaving without going through with it. Maybe that’s why he treats her the way he does.

      • DW says:

        I agree Sharon, Kevin’s remarks and Maria’s replies are totally classless and a bit appalling.I know Howard stoops to that garbage level, but I’m disappointed that Maria does as well. It speaks so poorly of her. I’m embarassed for her because evidently she is not embarrassed enough for herself to refrain from that type of talk or have Kevin refrain from it.

  5. Catherine L says:

    OK I have just died, the 1st picture – Lord please forgive me!

  6. martine says:

    derek is really beautiful with this hair length and style: it looks fantastic

  7. DW says:

    Ditto for keeping that hair length and style: it looks wonderful.

  8. Sharon says:

    Yes keep it coming can never get to tired to look at this handsome face and YES hope he keeps hair the way it is.

  9. jl2285 says:

    That 2nd pic… dang!!! Hopefully with Dirty Dancing on hold he will not cut his hair now. It just looks too good as is!

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