Derek Hough Going to Rehearsal…

…with a different hair color?? Okay, someone find out why he dyed his hair!! Last time it was for a movie. From Zimbio:

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11 Responses to Derek Hough Going to Rehearsal…

  1. Graysantmy says:

    So glad I’m not the only one who immediately said – what’s with the color?! No question that he’s colored it. I feel much less stalkery now! haha! This pix also confirmed that he’s growing the hair out – which make me a VERY happy person. LOVE LOVE LOVE me a DH with longer hair. SWOON.

  2. Shayla says:

    What? It looks exactly the same. He didn’t dye it. Hey good looking.. whatcha got cooking?

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      No actually, if you put it next to a nearly identical picture at the same place from the same site, his hair appears a good bit darker.

  3. Voguerista says:

    He’s a doll. It does make you wonder why he’s color his hair. Something has to be up?

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  5. Catherine L says:

    I really don’t care what colour his hair is, because I am not looking at it, how can you notice that when it is on a body like that

  6. margaret says:

    the guy is just getting handsomer!

  7. DW says:

    Well, Derek sure is eye-candy no matter the day, the hour, the clothes(or not) or the hair color. Having said that, I don’t find this particular shade the most flattering. Imho, he looks best with a cool-hued pale blonde color that matches his natural skin tone; this darker golden-blonde hue, not so much, But who cares, that is what’s fun about hair: changing it up every now and then! We love ya, Derek, enjoy!!

  8. Elara38 says:

    well…again…i do think his hair is brownier 🙂 … is that a word? don’t matter…i must say he is stunning … don’t know if it’s Maria, if it’s the fun time he’s having, if are some professional project besides music that he is in… i think/hope a movie too Heidi…but the man is looking gorgeous..and that smile…oooo that smile in the first pic made my day!!!

  9. martine says:

    It is so cute with any hair color

  10. Kenna says:

    may be just me, but his hair colour looks the same to me…

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