Derek Hough at the DWTS Malibu Beach Party!

He’s a bit over dressed, unfortunately. 🙂 The ladies of DWTS are looking great as well!!  Dona sent me the pictures below, and you can see many, many more at IsoPix.  I’ll keep looking for more. 🙂

Hey, his facial hair is back to normal. 🙂

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3 Responses to Derek Hough at the DWTS Malibu Beach Party!

  1. Sharan says:

    Cheryl, wear bangs PLEASE. You are soooo cute but the hair thing is bringing you down. Bangs, bangs.

  2. dj says:

    Love these pics. So cute!! And thank God Derek shaved and is back to his gorgeous self. That mustache was giving me nightmares. So thank you D. Love you! ;)But the boy spoiled us this summer in Miami with the hot beach pics, but decided to cover up in Malibu while everyone else was playing on the beach in their swimwear. What’s up with that D? You really should take every opportunity to flaunt that body for the cameras and your fans! 😉

    Heidi, there’s a great pic of Derek and of Derek & Jen you can grab from this site too! I’m really happy he was able to catch up with Jennifer.

  3. Voguerista says:

    He’s such a doll. I loved his jeans and his boots. It’s so good to see him and Jennifer together again too.

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