Derek Hough Talks Cobu 3D! (Video)

To say that I can’t wait to see this movie is a massive understatement. :-)

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  • margaret

    Wow! They should change the title to “Feet of Flames”. Hope when he returns to DWTS, he gives the audience a preview of one of the dance sequences from the film!

  • OMGGGG DID YOU SEE THOSE FEET? This guy was born to dance any style he wants. He’s so seriously talented!!

    Gawd, I can’t wait wait for this movie. I love the new edgy, muscular, darker look he’s sporting for it too. I love what he said about being a perfectionist which is what has made him what he is today.

    GO DEREK! FLY!!!

    PS: I love the other dancers in this too. This is going to be so hot!

  • Elmari

    Seriously can’t wait for this movie to come out. I better start saving now cuz I think i’m gonna watch this thing so many times in the theater and it had to be in 3D! haha! What, that’s like $15 a ticket… =P

  • Dee(upclose22)

    OMG,that was INCREDIBLE!! His footwork was ridiculous!! Derek is so focused and is definitely a perfectionist. I can’t wait to see this movie!! Let’s go #Cobu3D!! I watched it tonight but of course I can watch it over and over again!

  • silverlining1

    Thank you, Heidi!


    Was sooo jazzed to see Derek’s tap (or hoof as he calls it) on the video! He gave the 3 Hougheteers a preview when we had him to ourselves in Tyler, TX. Awesome! He is just so talented I can’t stand it! As Derek always says…..Good Times! :)

  • Karol

    Thank you so much for these pics/video. Sorry, Heidi, no stereotypes intended in my earlier comments. I lived in New Orleans for seven years so I’m familiar with the street dancers. I was only having some fun visualizing a possible scenario as to how D might have a black brother…am aware there are several possible explanations. Am also aware crime is everywhere,but, again, was running with idea of D being in a gang – thought it would add grit to the movie…had nothing to do with being poor. I know a little something about gangs too since I’ve taught members of gangs..some were not poor, but all had been in trouble with the law at some point. Anyway, no offense intended.

  • WOW!!Did you see those feet fly?!! I’m really excited!

  • Patty

    Wow! So exciting! I can’t wait either Heidi!

  • lena

    Heidi, thank you so much for posting this so quickly!

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