Cobu 3D – Shooting Begins Monday!! Part I

That’s right, May 9 is the first day of shooting on Derek’s first movie! To commemorate this momentous occasion, I put out a call on my personal twitter last night for help in compiling as much info as possible. I’ve been so busy that I needed help. So Dee (@upclose), Dona (@donamadrina), Will and Elmari (@elmari) came through in a big way – thanks guys!!

You wanna know what Cobu means? Where it originated as a performance group? Well, check out the website! Here is an excerpt from their “About Us” Page:

Cobu, based in New York City, was created as a Live Rhythm Performing Arts Group in 2000.
Yako Miyamoto, the founder of Cobu is a current member of the off broadway-hit STOMP.
Cobu combines elements of the Japanese traditional Taiko drumming with rhythmic Tap dancing.
The extremely positive impact of the performance has received rave reviews from The New York
Times and The Chicago Sun Times. and has touched audiences through major festivals in
Boston and Chicago.

“Dance Like Drumming, Drum Like Dancing”

All movies get an IMDB page that tracks their progress and gives details on the stars and the production. This page will be important later, when the movie is released, because you will be able to rate the movie – and we know how to vote, don’t we ya’ll?? 🙂 IMDB-Cobu 3D

The New York Times also has a Cobu 3D page, which I find oddly exciting for some reason. 🙂  NYT-Cobu 3D

As most of you know by now,  Derek’s leading lady is the lovely BoA who is a major Korean Pop star.  If you want to visit the PDH equivalent for BoA, it is located at  There are also fan forums attached to the site where Elmari has been chatting with BoA fans about Derek. I will include the link here but I would ask (beg?) you all to represent Derek well.  Act how you would want visitors to this web site to act. It is a BoA fansite and as a result she is the main topic and they feel about her the way we feel about Derek. Please keep that in mind. 🙂

Will Yun Lee has been cast as Aya’s (BoA) brother, Kaz.  He has a pretty long resume, judging by his IMDP profile Page.  Pretty nice looking too. 🙂  Here is Will’s Official Site —> Will Yun Lee

Wesley Jonathan has been cast as Nick and is another well established actor that you may recognize. Also very handsome. 🙂

So You Think You Can Dance fans will recognize Allison Holker; she was recently cast in Cobu 3D as Gina.  She’s been in Toronto for a week or so.

Michael Mando is the most recently added cast member, also of a fairly long resume.  No idea right now what part he’s playing, other than his character’s name is  Rapheal, but he looks pretty tough. 🙂  Check out this video of a demo reel from IMDB.

Other cast members include:
Miki Ishikawa as Katsumi.
Izabella Miko is playing Tatianna.

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12 Responses to Cobu 3D – Shooting Begins Monday!! Part I

  1. Malia27 says:

    U’ve got a point there Elmari. IMO, since most are women that follow his twitter, I think whenever he attends an event, he should have his picture of himself in (on the side) w/the event, especially this season his not in DWTS so we can’t see him like we want to. He should take some hints from his sista Julianne or he could loose some fans.
    Saw a picture of him on one of the other dancer’s twitter when they attended the UFC(?) fighting event. He must realize that his fans wants to see pictures of him.
    Think that he doesn’t hang out w/BoA (even like just going to a movie) because it might get to the press n it wouldn’t look good if he was going with Cheryl. JMO

  2. Elmari says:

    Heidi, thank you so much for putting all this information together in a few posts! Much appreciated! Just want to tell Derek that I am so excited that he’s starting this new chapter in his professional career. I know that he is going to excel in this genre and really the sky is the limit for him because his talent seems to be limitless. I know that if Derek were reading this, he’d probably be humbled. But if there is one thing that he can improve on in his career, it’s his public relations savvy. He needs someone to really PROMOTE him! (Yeah, I’ve been reading the twitter convos! Haha!) So yeah.. Derek find someone that will do everything and anything to see YOU succeed because we all believe you can do it and we’ll always be here to support you!

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  4. Dee(upclose22) says:

    Wow, I’m so Happy for Derek & his new movie Cobu 3D! Heidi, he looks so handsome on that picture!! Such a Good Looking Cast!!! From their tweets, they seem to be very supportive of each other too. Nice to see Wesley in this film-gosh he’s FINE!!

    Derek’s such an incredibly talented, charismatic,passionate performer & entertainer. He’s mesmirizing on the dancefloor! I’m looking forward to seeing him bring that intensity & charisma into his acting and into this role. He said we will see an edgier side of him in this movie and that he will be dancing different styles of dance. One style I’m excited about seeing him perform is Tap!I love watching the energy and passion from performers who tap. He’s tapped a “little” on the show but the intense level of training he’s had for the last couple of months will take him to a higher level-I think we are in for an AMAZING performance!Maybe he’ll dance to the instrumental song that he wrote for the movie!.-cool!

    Derek(Donny) & BoA(Aya) are going to be a good looking couple and will be great together in this film! A movie debut for both and they seem to be VERY EXCITED about it! They are amazingly talented individuals and I have no doubt that they will bring their A Game!-The Taiko drumming is going to be very exciting to watch and I think BoA will be Amazing! I really hope they dance together at least once in this movie because I know that would be one “explosive performance” & in 3D too!-Woohoo Let’s go Cobu 3D!!

    Thanks Heidi for posting!!

  5. Peonies717 says:

    Such a great post commemorating the start of such an exciting time for Derek. Thanks to everyone! BoA really looks stunning in that picture. Such a beautiful woman.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thank you heidi for publishing this. I can not wait. This movie is going to be awesome. Derek and Boa and the rest and of the cast are going to be awesome.

  7. catherine - the english girl says:

    WOW what a cast!!!!!
    Malia27 not sure who is playing his brother, but I sure as hell know who wishes she could be playing his girlfriend – HELLO!!

  8. Dee says:

    I’m so excited for this. I saw on Boa’s twitter she went to the movies alone I was like aw her and Derek should hang out more! He likes the movies right?

    Will Yun Lee looks cute haha.

  9. Voguerista says:

    WOW EXCELLENT! Thanks for all the work put into this post! I love all the info on the other charachters I didn’t know about yet. Here’s to Derek’s new movie! I can’t wait to see it!! Go Derek!!

  10. malia27 says:

    I wonder who’s playing Derek’s brother?

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