Derek on 20/20 – March 11th

I have no idea why – since Mark and Cheryl are also on, I assume the main reason is for Dancing with the Stars. Derek is the reigning champ, so….?  I saw this information on Shirley’s facebook – hopefully she is not mistaken. Anyway, set your VCRs. :-)

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  • Elmari

    Does anyone have the video of Julianne and Derek on 20/20 from 2007? I was looking for it on youtube and it’s not there anymore. I used to have it on my hard drive, but it must have been deleted because I can’t find it anymore. :(

  • malia27

    Wasn’t he at one time on 20/20 w/sister Julianne?
    saw Derek in J. Garth’s commercial in last night’s Oscars. It might b on the ABC DWTS boards.

  • Elmari

    Yay, something to look forward to! :)

  • Dee(upclose22)

    DJ, I agree with you! I’m very happy to know he’ll be on 20/20 as well! He’s been amazing on DWTS and I’m sure he’d be representing the show in some manner and who better to do so! I look forward to this interview and just seeing him on my tv! Wish him the best and hope to hear about his upcoming projects!

  • This news makes me believe Derek will still be very much a part of the show (when he can) this year choreographing and dancing in pro numbers…maybe even be a guest judge one night? He could give the celebrities advise too in their practices. *Can’t wait* :D :D

  • DJ

    Maybe it’s a segment on how much DWTS has helped the pro dancers, and what other projects it’s lead to for them. Derek’s film, Mark’s music, Cheryl’s book & studios. I don’t think we should question them including him without DWTS. It’s great ABC values him and does still include him even though he’s not on this season. He has certainly done enough for them to deserve it. I hope it’s a great interview and that Derek has more exciting career oportunities to share with us!! :)

  • oe_star

    *stares at pic* If he on 20/20 then I can’t wait! Going to really miss him on DWTS this season, that picture with him dancing with Julianne makes me miss him more~

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