Derek and Nicole on Rodeo Drive!!

We knew they were doing it – now X17 has pictures!! Yay!  Click the link to see all of them, but I’ve posted two below.

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5 Responses to Derek and Nicole on Rodeo Drive!!

  1. lovmycorgi says:

    knowing these 2 I would not be a bit shocked to see them portray Nicole as the rich one and Derek as the call guy!!! It would be so like them to do it this way–who knows. Looking forward to the Tango!!!

  2. Dee(Upclose) says:

    You know I can’t help but agree with you DJ, when I saw this picture, I was thinking Ricard Gere wouldn’t have worn that outfit-LOL I have faith in Derek though that he will be exquisitely dressed come show night. Can’t wait to see their performance, got a feeling the Tango will be fantastic! Go Team Houghzinger, your looking beautiful Nicole, love the hat!

  3. Marisa says:

    Oh, we KNOW Derek will look hott no matter what he’s wearing! He ALWAYS looks good! I practically drool over the TV each week when Nicole and Derek come out onstage because they both look so hott! I can’t wait to see what they’ll both be wearing on Monday night! GO TEAM HOUGHZINGER!

  4. DJ says:

    Can’t wait to see this segment. Nicole looks amazing, but Derek, you could have made a little more effort to dress like Richard Gere. I mean, those shoes? C’mon! Not to mention how many times we’ve seen this exact outfit on him in show segments (and tons of pics) all the way back to his season with Lil Kim. Oh well, we know fashion’s not his thing and love him anyway. LOL!!

    So do we think Nicole’s wearing a dress similar to this on Monday, the red ballgown from the Opera, or the white tank-mini skirt-black boots iconic outfit? It will be fun to see. Derek better be in a hot suit!

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