Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole – Parachute Video

Oh my god – I expected it to be good, but DANG DEREK!!! It’s fantastic!! I’m nearly speechless. I’m so freakin’ impressed!!! I advise watching full screen. 🙂 From Cheryl Cole’s Official Website:

ETA: More thoughts….did anyone besides me and DJ notice the painting of Derek behind Cheryl’s head when she’s alone in that white room? So cool. I’ve always thought Derek was an amazing choreographer and dancer; I hope he gets to do more projects like this one…as long as he always dances in them. 🙂 But I still have “Movie Star” in MY five year Derek plan. 🙂 I hope he cooperates.

I think I get the concept of the video too, but I’m not going to say – I’d rather not be wrong in public. 🙂

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24 Responses to Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole – Parachute Video

  1. Dee(Upclose) says:

    I’m kinda just getting up because I was up this morning to get an early glimpse of the video-whoo hoo, it was so worth it! One word for Derek’s choreography in this video “Brilliant”. Derek and Cheryl looked amazing together. Wow, he did a great job with her and the other dancers. I loved the opening, it was true Derek Hough! This video was hot, it was classy, the dance moves were tight” I’m sure he will get many more opportunities like this one in the future because he did an amazing job! Talent and creativity just runs through his veins! I love this video Derek, applause, applause”, so worth waiting for!

    Derek, NEVER, dissappoints! What an excellent opportunity and fantastic outcome!

    BTW, I did notice the picture of Derek on the wall, hawt, baby hawt!

  2. Ewa says:

    After watching it over and over again, I am back with more comments. Everything is just perfect, classy.

    Simply: DEREK = GENIUS

  3. Marcia (zachermm) says:

    Gorgeous, sexy, incredible dancing…and that’s just Derek! The video was awesome too. The man never fails to amaze me. I missed the picture of him in the background. Oh well, guess I’ll have to watch it again…and again…and again….and again…….

  4. That was AMAZING! I am always speechless when Derek choreographs something and performs it, but this literally took my breath away… Genius he is! Like all of you said before me, he truly can do it all! I love love loved the video, and need to own it so that I can take it with me on my iPod wherever I go! hehe! The whole style, concept, and execution of the choreography was fabulous!

  5. loiss1724 says:

    OMG!!! I keep watching it…incredible and very creative. Derek is a very talented young man. What a performer! He and Cheryl look and dance great together.

  6. Marcia (zachermm) says:

    Um, WOW! I’ll be back later after I regain my ability to speak! 🙂

  7. Ewa says:

    WOW,WOW,WOW… I still can’t find the exact words to describe the video, amazing, fabulous, fantastic, super hot, it’s just flawless, like all Derek’s work.
    He just has that special gift of getting it right.

    I will be probably watching it whole day today, already fell in love with it.

    Heidi like the other fans said, thanks for PDH.

  8. Hotaru says:

    God I should have waited to make that vid if I knew about the level of amazement this video would bring! (Eh, I like mine way is.) But like you, I’m completely speechless! He needs to be in more videos like this (especially one of his own)! Or shows…or movies…or even just pics…anything…O.O

  9. DJ says:

    AMAZING,AMAZING,AMAZING!! I freakin love it!!! Derek looks so hot and Cheryl is a beautiful woman. They are gorgeous together. Derek did a fantastic job with the choreography. The video itself is very well done too. Beautiful styling and cinematography. I love the little details like the portrait of Derek hanging on the wall above Cheryl when she’s in the room alone. Heck, knowing Derek he probably painted the portrait for them too. LOL!! There really is nothing this guy can’t do!

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      I was wondering if anyone else noticed that painting. I was going to edit my post to point it out. I was so busy embedding the video that I neglected too mention it the first time.

  10. Cyndi1113 says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! That was totally awesome. Just when you think it isn’t possible for a human to be any better he gets better. How many of us ladies would have loved to have been Cheryl in that video? I know I would have. I love Derek’s work be it dance, choreography, singing, directing, or if he is just standing there being hot.So greatful that I know about him and that we have this site to come to to see it all. Thanks Heidi for all the work you put into this so we have a place to come to to enjoy Derek so much. He makes me happy. Now excuse me I’m going to watch it again.

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