Nice, HQ Version of Parachute

Okay, I’m going to tell you guys something that will give you probably too much insight into how my mind works. In this song when Cheryl sings, “you and me up against the world” I ALWAYS hear “you and me up against the wall”. 🙂 I can’t help it!! The phrasing of that line and the words used takes my brain there every time. Twisted, I know. 🙂 Someone please tell me they keep hearing this too. 😉

Oh, and thanks to Hollywilloughbyfan for the video.

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7 Responses to Nice, HQ Version of Parachute

  1. malia27 says:

    Derek did a fantastic job, he made Cheryl look sexy w/his choreography. I hope when Julianne does some videos w/her new songs that Derek will help her choreograph n mayb have Tony or Dimtry dance w/her w/some of the other professional dancers as background.

  2. oe says:

    im on both side sometimes i hear wall other times i hear world.

  3. Jen says:

    Yeah, my mind works that way too. I hear ‘wall’ instead of ‘world’. I think its cause she adds the ‘up’, it just doesn’t sound right with world. There is also a part in ‘Birthday’ that I miss hear a lot, and it makes me laugh that I still mishear it after all this time

  4. Rosebee says:

    Sorry, I didn’t hear that.

    [and I’m also NOT admitting to looking at the Parachute screen caps & being oddly pleased when one clearly showed the ‘direction’ he dresses]

  5. dwtsclaire says:

    Um, sorry Heidi, would love to help you out here, but I heard “world” not “wall.” Maybe wishful thinking on your part 🙂

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