What Derek is Doing in London – Solved?

Lyndsay Parker at Yahoo Music interviewed Derek on the red carpet at Dizzy Feet. He’s at the ten minute mark in this video – very exciting stuff!! Thanks Phillipe for the heads up!

Dizzy Feet Gala: Reality Rocks’ Red-Carpet Interviews from Yahoo! Music on Vimeo.

Dizzy Feet Gala: Reality Rocks’ Red-Carpet Interviews from Yahoo! Music on Vimeo.

6 comments to What Derek is Doing in London – Solved?

  • Dee(Upclose)

    Great interview and since I’ve said the congrats, let me just say, Derek is so handsome. I love watching him get serious in his interviews it’s intriguing. I know I’m bad but that constant licking of his lips is kinda hot!!!
    I know your going to get me Heidi!-LOL

  • Seeta

    Any chances of him performing in London? I’m deaf and I couldn’t understand the video. I have always enjoyed watching people dancing. I find Derek’s choreographs very entertaining. I didn’t get to watch him performing for Footloose. Such a shame…

    • In the video he says he’s choreographing for Cheryl Cole’s next single, Parachute. Whether than means he will dance in it as well, or if he’s doing other stuff while there, I have no clue – Derek is being tight lipped. He could do anything. :-)

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  • Dee(Upclose)

    Congratulations Derek what a great opportunity to choreograph for Cheryl Cole! I hear she’s very famous.-Very cool!

    We love Derek here and I’m sure they adore/love him in London as well. He is such an incredible talent, an amazing choreographer fantastic performer. I know he will choreograph something amazing for her.

    Kudos Derek! You are the best and deserve the best!

  • Ewa

    I googled Cheryl Cole, she is gorgeous. No wonder Derek is too busy to tweet. Good for him.

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