Derek and Joanna on the Entertainment Shows – Week 4 of Season 9

E! News – Cheryl Burke is the special correspondent.  Derek also talks about Julianne in Burlesque.

I’ve uploaded other videos at Pure Dancing with the Stars – a couple of them have little bits of Derek and Joanna.

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5 Responses to Derek and Joanna on the Entertainment Shows – Week 4 of Season 9

  1. HeidiHo1013 says:

    Well, going into the show, besides Donny, those three were the most high profile celebs. They have name recognition. Joanna doesn’t, so it might be a while before they get to do the media. Donny is all over the entertainment shows – the only reason he’s not dominating the other shows is likely because of his Vegas act. I don’t think Derek has ever had the partners with the name recognition that, say, Mark’s do – and that really benefits the pro that has those partners. Derek has succeeded on his own merits.

    • DJ says:

      Totally agree with Derek succeeding on his own merits. Mark has had the great fortune of having Kristi and Shawn’s fanbase follow him and support him from season to season. Derek never has this. In fact, he usually has to rely on his fanbase alone to get him through. People love Derek for Derek, not because of any particular DWTS partnership.

      • HeidiHo1013 says:

        Derek gets through on his own fanbase for a while – but then he always manages to teach his partners how to dance well. 🙂 Jo, I think, is a good dancer, Lil’ Kim, Brooke, Jennie, Shannon – He did teach all of them to dance and they never had to rely on fanbase to stick around, they relied on the abilities that Derek taught them.

  2. DJ says:

    So happy DJ finally got lots of press this week. They were getting very little before. Does anyone know why the same few couple are doing all the television shows? Aaron/Karina have done Ellen,Bonnie Hunt & Chelsie Lately.Kelly/Louis have done Ellen & Chelsie.Melissa/Mark have done Ellen & Bonnie Hunt. I know the show arranges these visits but it would be nice to spread out the appearances among all the couples. Maybe they think (or know) these 3 are the most popular but Aaron’s recent status in the bottom seems to disprove this. I guess they could be trying to get him more fans. I want to see DJ on some of the shows.

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