Team DJ Week 4 – Media Again

Gee, lots and lots of people find shirtless Derek every bit as hot as I do. Most, in fact.  I will say, I’ve never liked Marie Osmond. 🙂  Don’t sweat it, D – Len said he wanted raunch and you did as you were told. And VERY well, I might add.  Joanna looked amazing as well – great hair and makeup!

First up, ET with Marie Osmond (boo 🙂 ). Geez, Mark and Melissa sure didn’t hesitate to say they would sabotage Derek – jealous much? 😉

Oh, I see now – all the media seems to be obsessed with half naked Derek!! LOL! All is right with the world.

Extra with a bunch of the stars…and half naked Derek. I LOVE saying “half naked Derek”. 🙂

Access Hollywood has to be my favorite because LaToya (love her or hate her) pays proper homage to the six pack. 🙂 Go, girl.

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5 Responses to Team DJ Week 4 – Media Again

  1. Katie says:

    He ‘s very shyy and so adorable!! Such a gentelman that’s why everybod loves him!!! Marry Osmond i’ve never liked her and she is really doing this just to help Donny and get him more votes!!! this is sick Hate it!! Deal with it! It’s lambada forbiden dance they didn’t call it forbiden for nothing! so she has to chill! if u want to critique anyone critic the producers for putting that dance!! But if it was up to us we’re goin to THANK them! it’s the best add to the show isn’t it! 😀 And it was the sexiest dance in the history of DWTS! wouhouuuu!! team DJ rocks!! 😀 😀

  2. Blake says:

    I’m with ya Heidi! Whoohoo! My new favorite phrase: “half naked Derek”

  3. well u did the best thing by taking off ur shirt
    so smart
    everybody is talking about it
    ur rates are high now
    smart :))))))))))))

  4. Dee says:

    He’s a sweetheart, very shy and professional. In every video just about that saw of the Lambada the men performed the dance with their shirt off. It was very appropriate, can’t help it that he’s so sexy! Go Derek. I, personally, loved it! I’m so glad I got the close up from Access interview of Derek’s abs. I think I’m having too much fun!

  5. Phillipe says:

    i don’t know but it seens like Derek regret taking his shirt, is not a big deal,Maks alredy danced shirtless, Dmitry wear a open shirt almost every week(even in a v.waltz).

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