Derek fans, Derek and Sabrina have a history of dancing together that you might not be aware of. They danced together on tour AND they were fantastic!!! Here’s a video put together by a group of Sabrina fans:

Derek and Sabrina have a history of hot dancing. Very hot. So, very hot that I need to see it again. Do you??? Ya’ll we can win this for Derek. We can see Derek and Sabrina dance like nobody’s business. They are hot, they are sexy and I wanna see some more!!! You can vote as often as you like. When you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, vote – over and over and over – that’s how I do it. :-) Just think – we can see dancing like this -

I’ll post more videos in the coming days. But remember this – Derek is the King of the Paso Doble. Sabrina is one of the best female dancers to appear on this show. They are HOT together. Do you want to see these two hot blonds dance an intense, sexy dance together? I sure do!! So, what you have to do is VOTE!!!!!


  • Heather

    Sabrina fans are all for a Derek/Sabrina pairing! Sabrina has always said she loves dancing with him and would love to again. Im voting over and over for him!

  • curls4derek

    I’ll be voting like crazy!! I loved their dances from the tour! Didn’t watch the season Sabrina was on but would love to see her dance with the D-Man! I like Sabrina and she is a great dancer! I think her and Delicious would do an AWESOME Paso Doble!! :)

  • DancingForDerek

    TEAM DS ALL THE WAY!!!!! :)

  • Katie

    i’m voting like a crazy person!! hahaha OMG we want make the 3rd win of design a dance!!! pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz everyone vote for Derek, people are goin to vote like crazy for mark!!! and we want dereeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! D Man all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy! i can’t stop votin! i just stopped for a few min to post this comment hahahah!!!

  • lovmycorgi

    I loved Sabrina & Derek dancing together. She can keep up with him like Jules does. Hope this pairing works out for sure.

  • Linda

    I will support Derek no matter what. This is a real bonus though. I loved Derek and Sabrina dancing together on tour. I also LOVE Derek doing the Paso Doble. Can’t think of anything better than seeing them Paso together.

  • donamadrina

    Derek and Sabrina were hot!!! I think she’d love to dance with him again. They’re such good friends.

    Derek for the win! Ah yeah!

  • Blake

    I’ve already voted for Derek a million times… Can’t say that I like Sabrina though. She just annoyed me, haha. Oh well! I don’t care who it is because I will only notice Derek anyways! :D

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