Team DJ Kills the Salsa!!

And does a beautiful Foxtrot to cap off the evening. Well done. Would have posted sooner but I nearly killed myself voting. 🙂

The Salsa

The very cute Package

The Foxtrot Relay

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6 Responses to Team DJ Kills the Salsa!!

  1. Hotaru says:

    OMG THIS WAS TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!! With how mean Len has been, I was afraid Derek was gonna get his first 6 ever! But instead, he got his best first week score ever!!!!! They are so gonna win!!!! BTW, I do actually love him in yellow and Joanna’s costume is too cute! 😛

  2. Phillipe says:

    IMO she did better than Brooke in week 1,and i much prefer her salsa to Brooke’s, that was hot hot hot,i love the beginning of the dance (the knee thing),great hip action,the only actuall salsa from the two nights,i think she can go all the way.

    The only thing i didn’t like was those dreadful yellow fring paints, i don’t want ever see those ugly things on dwts again,I dind’t like on Brooke, hated in Juliane and KArina, Joanna has amazing legs, there is no need to hide than, and please no more yellow to Derek ,that is not his color.Derek has great fashion sense but this was not his best work.

  3. katie says:

    He’s tough! He’s Rough! He’s DEREK HOUGH! hahahahaha !! OMG i was so happyyyyyyyyyyy when i saw there dance!! the best choreography and the best performance!! Team DJ what!!! when i saw the salsa and how conmfotable she was with this latin dance i thought that she was goin to loose steam on the foxtroot!! but they were killin it! they’re smokiiiing!! thx for the amazing job u’re doin heidi on this site!! appreciate it!!! wohoooooooooo what a night!! Team DJ TAKES IT!! 😀

  4. Dee says:

    I have say what a pleasant surprise! I felt from the pre-season clips that she could move but man she’s pretty awesome. Derek’s choreography is truly amazing. Love Bruno’s comment to Derek about bringing out the best in ALL his partners-what a gift indeed! On the Foxtrot, I felt chills! These two are hot together, great chemistry. Love her personality!

  5. Cyndi1113 says:

    I was literally standing and cheering when I saw Derek and Joanna. They were fabulous!!!I’ve been home sick and this was the best medicine I’ve ever had. This season as of now looks very promising. Thanks for doing such a great job on this site. I know you put a lot of work into it and I appreciate all that you do.

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