All Male Pro Dance!!

What more is there to say? Awesome. And Joanna and Derek both looked beautiful – I found the opening as well. 🙂

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8 Responses to All Male Pro Dance!!

  1. HeidiHo1013 says:

    Phillipe are you talking about the part where it looks like he grabs Mark? It looked to me like Mark zigged when Derek zagged and Derek ran into him from the back. Derek grabbed him to steady both of them.

  2. katie says:

    holly smoooooooooooke Derek like usual was the best of them 😀 i was so happyyyyyyyy with that dance awesoooome! the entrance waw! Derek takes it!!! what a loss for the swayze’s tribute!!! and team DJ looks great fingers crossed for tonight show i think she’ll do good!! thx for posting

  3. DancingForDerek says:

    Derek always stands out….and I’m loving it as usual! 😉

  4. Phillipe says:

    he may not be in the patrick dance(along with mark) but they did stand up on this dance ,the first one that the camera focus is Derek and than go to Mark ,Louis always love to be on the front on his dances but half the dance Mark was in the front and than Derek, and they did had the best mini solo.

    Joanna look beautiful, and the guys on general were not that good ,so i think she was a good chance now.

    • Phillipe says:

      “she has a good chance now”, her practice video of the salsa look better that most of the dances tonight

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      She has a good chance if we get her through tonight – they’re eliminating one guy and one girl, so we have to VOTE LIKE CRAZY!!

      • Phillipe says:

        i forget about the one girl,one guy ,but Macy gray is going to be the first girl out IMO.

        I just watched the pro dance again, What was Derek doing on 1:50

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