Derek Video from “Shawn Johnson and Friends”

I can’t listen to the audio, but this first one looks like Derek and Chelsie are doing Derek’s V. Waltz from the tour – only Chelsie goes right over his shoulder on the one lift. If you hadn’t see it on tour, you wouldn’t know that was possibly a boo boo.  🙂 Video is by Blazing1010 – great work!!  Keep checking back – I think she’s still in the process of uploading.

The Hip Hop Number from the tour –

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9 Responses to Derek Video from “Shawn Johnson and Friends”

  1. peacy says:

    Who is doing this hip hop

  2. DJ says:

    Thank you for posting, but they are doing a foxtrot, not the tour waltz. Why do you think they messed up the lift? It looked perfect to me. Derek and Chelsie did a great job on the dance and look great dancing together.

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      Of course they looked great dancing together – who said they didn’t? I would be the last person to be critical of Derek – or Chelsie, for that matter. I would think that would be obvious from this site. 🙂

      I meant to correct the V.Waltz yesterday but didn’t get around to it. As for the lift, I was half joking (note the smilely and the word “possibly”) about it being messed up because several of the moves in that dance were nearly identical to the moves in the V. Waltz from the tour – including both lifts. You only have to look at the video (either here or at my YouTube Channel) to see that. They truncated it during this performance, as opposed to messing it up, I guess – don’t think it’s that big a deal.

  3. Phillipe says:

    the dance in a another angle

    there is two more videos on this acount if you wanna post on pure dwts,gilles salsa and shawn paso -i prefer this angle

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      Thanks so much, Philipe for the heads up on the additional video – I love anyone who saves me the time of a search. We’re all for contributions from readers, here.

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  5. Mary says:

    Love seeing Chelsie and Derek dance together. Not enough of Derek captured in that hip hop video but better than nothing.

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