VOTE Bethany Mota and Derek Hough on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars!!

It’s that time once again, folks! Time to dust off your voting accounts, make some new ones and get ready for season 19. Derek has a cool young partner this season, one who is very successful – but one who also has a fanbase that may not know how important it is to vote on DWTS – using all platforms. So, it’s going to be on us (and hopefully the regular viewing public) to carry Bethany and Derek through to the finale.  It’s up to YOU to make sure Bethany’s fans see this tutorial and learn how to vote!  This is the same tutorial I’ve used for many seasons now, so excuse any instance of the wrong person’s name. Just bring it to my attention. :-)  Watch this post, also, in case they change any of the rules as we get closer to the premiere.

The Short Version

Call 1-800-868-3403 As soon as the show starts – you get the same number of votes as there are dancers. So week 1 you get 13 votes. We’ll find out the full number a few days before the show, so watch this space!!

Go to and vote for Bethany and Derek (look for the big “Vote Now” banner)- and keep going with as many accounts as you can until 8 PM Eastern time on Tuesday evening.

Don’t forget calling in via Skype and Voting Using Facebook

Detailed Instructions for beginners: Continue reading

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Welcome to Pure Derek Hough!

This is a site for fans of Derek Hough. We try our best to compile all news, pictures, music and videos about and by Derek – if you find something you think we’ve missed, feel free to contact us. If you are a new fan of Derek’s and want to learn more about him, the “Accomplishments” and “Biography” buttons to the right (and above) contain pages of what we know (or think we know). ;-)

Also to the right is a music section where you can find music by Ballas Hough, Derek’s band, and songs that Derek has danced to on Dancing with the Stars. Complete with iTunes links.

If you want to see old posts, there are two ways: 1) by the media buttons to the right, or; 2) by month under the “Derek Archives” buttons also on the right-hand side of this page.

Questions? Click Contact Us. And Welcome!

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DWTS Season 19, Week 10: Derek Hough and Bethany Mota Miscellaneous Clips

Plus the dances and packages. I hope everyone is ready to vote for the last time. If Bethany makes it past the Monday night elimination, you’re going to have to vote harder than ever.

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Derek Hough and Bethany Mota – DWTS Season 19, Week 10 Screencaps (Part 2)

So gorgeous!! Tried to get “the kiss” but I wasn’t quick enough. ;-)

Derek Beth Wk 10 Samba 70 Continue reading

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Bethany Mota Posts New Vlog, Talks On DWTS Rehearsals, Derek Hough, And More


She’s so darn cute…and what a perfect time to post! Great stuff with Derek too….they SING and everything. I just died and went to heaven!

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Derek Hough And Sharna Burgess Perform At Goldie Hawn’s Inaugural ‘Love In For Kids’ Benefit – HQ Photos

Wow, feast your eyes on the new pics below! Last night, Derek Hough performed at Goldie Hawn’s inaugural ‘Love In For Kids’ benefiting the Hawn Foundation’s MindUp program transforming children’s lives for greater success at Ron Burkle’s Green Acres Estate in Beverly Hills, California. Note how Kate Hudson was there. He also danced with Sharna Burgess and some of the other pros from Dancing With The Stars. Beautiful! You can see loads of pictures at Getty Images.

ETA: According to Rick Ferarri, they danced to “Proud Mary” by Ike & Tina Turner. Also, if you visit Melissa McCarty’s Instagram, you can view some video of Derek and Sharna dancing. Thanks to Elmari for the heads up!

ETA2: The Daily Mail has pictures and a story about last night.

ETA3: Getty Images has posted a video too. Thanks to DWTSgossip for the find.

ETA4: Zimbio has a bunch of the photos as well. ~Heidi

Continue reading

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Derek Hough and Bethany Mota – DWTS Season 19 Finale Songs (Spoilers!!)

Well, this is interesting. Only Beth and Alfonso got 30 seconds added to their Jives because they were so short the first time. That means they HAVE to come up with new choreo, although everyone was probably doing that anyway. The song stays the same.

Note: We’re about 90 percent sure on the song. Check PureDWTS – it’s possible that we have Sadie and Beth reversed, but considering the other song, we don’t really think so. :-)

Bethany and Derek
Jive (Song: “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift )
Freestyle (Song: “Revolution” by Diplo )
Vote: 1-800-868-3403

Then again…Derek WAS playing Super Mario Brothers earlier in the week…but surely not. That’s got to be Mark and Sadie, right?? :-)

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Dancing With The Stars Finale Promo With Bethany Mota And Derek Hough

Are you ready? Let the games begin….

ETA: The international version ~Heidi

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Bruno Tonioli Goes Inside Derek Hough And Bethany Mota’s DWTS Rehearsals

Great advice!!! You can also see a picture of Derek and Bethany at OK! Magazine. Continue reading

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Derek Hough Writes On The DWTS Finals, The Freestyle, And More

Derek has written his new blog at TV Guide and it’s a goodie as always. He gives some teasers on he and Bethany’s Freestyle. Note that their “jive” is the “Judges Choice” dance.

With the freestyle, I feel like I’ve covered a lot of bases before and it’s like what’s next? It’s a sense of trying not to do something over and over again. I did the stripped-down contemporary with Kellie already. I’ve done the upbeat stuff. You can go with heart or a fun, lighthearted dance or something completely serious. With Bethany, I’m trying to figure out what the right thing for her is. What are her strengths and what’s going to make her shine? So I’ve settled on telling her story. It starts off slowly and lyrically with beautiful shapes and beautiful lines. There will be other dancers as the dance builds to show her Motavators behind her. It signifies her life and strength. She’s created her own brand and her own career — her own everything, really. When I look back at the season, I look back at the moments that showcase how tough and fierce she is, like the Argentine tango and paso doble. It’s strong and it’s a big song, like Inception. It’ll be like Hans Zimmer is there!

The judges picked the jive, which was our first dance, for us to redo. We’re adding 30 seconds and tweaking some things. I’m glad they picked something from early in the season because you can definitely see the growth in Bethany. We feel good so far. We’ll have a fusion dance on Tuesday, but none of us know what’s going on with that yet.

More at TV Guide including his thoughts on the other finalists and Tommy Chong.

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Bethany Mota Chats About Dancing With The Stars, Derek Hough, And More

Bethany was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest about Dancing With The Stars. What a doll! Thanks to Jill for the heads up!

ETA: Here is more! Derek joins them too….

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Thoughts For Derek Hough And Bethany Mota As They Prepare For The DWTS Season 19 Finals

When you think of Derek and Bethany, what words would you use to describe them…especially after seeing these new pictures and video below from DancingABC and Seventeen Magazine? I think of #LetLoveRule #LightUpTheWorld #Power #Depth #Fun #Joy !! Three more days and counting. Let’s send our positive power and thoughts to this beautiful couple as they prepare for Monday!! Derek and Bethany, we are with you all the way!!


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