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Derek Hough Nominated for 2015 World Of Dance Industry Award

For best choreography on TV per World of Dance.com. The nominated dance is Ameska – Flamenco!! He and Misty really should dance that again on DWTS. :-)

WOD 2015

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – January 25, 2015

Well, everyone go follow the Rockettes on twitter because they are happily sharing Derek with us during rehearsals!  I hope they keep it up! Can’t wait for this show – already got tickets. :-) Also this week, Derek went to the Patriot/Colts Playoff game, the ABT 75th Anniversary Celebration and Diva’s Day Out in Las Vegas for an appearance and was, as expected, a big hit. More photos than we’ve had in a while, so thanks to everyone who tweeted and instagramed. As usual, if I attribute the photo to the wrong person, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Derek and Giselle Bunchen Continue reading

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Derek Hough Out On the Town in NYC (HQ Photos)

Well, Derek’s been a busy guy…hanging out with Jude Law?? That’s cool. According to the NY Daily News:

Law was certainly a leader or men after the Wednesday night screening when he hit the town with fellow British actor James Purefoy, “Dancing With the Stars” icon Derek Hough and model Sherita Dehon.

The group started at Chelsea “speakeasy” Bathtub Gin before moving to nightclub No. 8 for a nightcap. A clubgoer there tells us Law, again enjoying the opportunities available to aging male actors, was “surrounded by models.”

Before that it was the ABT 75th Anniversary Celebration…and I have more photos of that affair. :-)

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Derek Hough at the American Ballet Theater’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

Looking gorgeous as usual!! To see more, you can hit up Getty Images or Newzcard.

ETA: Vogue here. If you go to AP Images, you can view a few more photos that aren’t in the links above. He radiates out there!!

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“New York Spring Spectacular” Commercial Starring Derek Hough

Okay, if I wasn’t excited before, I am now. :-) Thanks to Linz for the heads up.

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Derek Hough Attends Natasha Bedingfield’s Debut Of Her New Original Song ‘Hope’ – HQ Photos

Last night, Derek attended Natasha Bedingfield’s Debut of he New Original Song ‘Hope’ benefiting Philosophy’s Hope & Grace in New York City. Gorgeous! You can see more photos at Getty Images.

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Dean Norris Chats With Conan About Dance-Off With Derek Hough – Video

Remember when Derek had a dance-off with Dean Norris a while back at a party? Well, here is Dean talking on it with Conan last night at the 2:24 mark. Hilarious! He has the moves too…

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Derek Hough Pictured With The Rockettes For New York Spring Spectacular

Wow, just breathtaking. I have no words! Picture below courtesy of The Rockettes at twitter. Have you got your tickets yet? If not, go here.


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Behind The Scenes of Caged Bird Song’s “Harlem Hopscotch” With NappyTabs, Derek Hough Included In It

Remember when Miss Heidi posted on Derek Hough in the”Harlem Hopscotch” video? Now you can watch some “behind the scenes” coverage with Nappytabs. Derek is included…

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Tom Bergeron Talks On Derek Hough On The Meredith Vieira Show

Tom Bergeron talked on Derek Hough on The Meredith Vieira Show today. He explained how Derek will be doing the New York Spring Spectacular, but, he hopes Derek will be back for the next season of Dancing With The Stars. More below. For more of this interview see PureDWTS.

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