VOTE Amy Purdy and Derek Hough on Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!!

It’s that time once again, folks! Time to dust off your voting accounts, make some new ones and get ready for season 18. Derek has an amazing partner this season, one who is very inspirational – but one who also has a very tiny fanbase of her own. So, it’s going to be on us (and hopefully the regular viewing public) to carry Amy and Derek through to the finale.   This is the same tutorial I’ve used for many seasons now, so excuse any instance of the wrong person’s name. Just bring it to my attention. :-)  Watch this post, also, in case they change any of the rules as we get closer to the premiere.

The Short Version

Call 1-800-868-3410 As soon as the show starts – you get the same number of votes as there are dancers. So week 1 you get 12 votes.

Go to and vote for Amy and Derek (look for the big “Vote Now” banner)- and keep going with as many accounts as you can until 8 PM Eastern time on Tuesday evening.

Don’t forget calling in via Skype and Voting Using Facebook

Detailed Instructions for beginners: Continue reading VOTE Amy Purdy and Derek Hough on Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!!

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Derek Hough’s Next Big “Production” for Macy’s Stars of Dance

I’m sure all of you heard about the next Macy’s Stars of Dance being prepared with Derek’s oversight, but ABC’s latest press release gives a tiny bit more detail on the “production”.  Creative oversight…the last one I believe he choreographed, but I wonder if he’s choreographing all of them.  ”Creative Oversight” doesn’t necessarily mean “choreography” but I would be surprised if he’s not at least part of the team doing all the choreo. Either way…I can’t wait!! :-)

“Macy’s Stars of Dance” returns for its second installment of the season with creative oversight by Emmy® Award-winning Choreographer and Pro Dancer, Derek Hough. In honor of “Party Anthems Night,” the ballroom will be transformed into a modern day soiree and the piece will feature the Pro Dancers as well as two surprise performers that are not to be missed.

New Clip from Make Your Move, Featuring Derek Hough and BoA!

Only a couple more days till we can see the movie!! Those of us in the States anyway – some of our European friends have been lucky enough to already see it.  Anyway, Celebuzz has a new clip from the movie of Derek and BoA drumming.  I can’t embed, so you’ll have to visit the site to see the clip —> Celebuzz Exclusive Clip  (thanks to Lea). For all things “Make Your Move” please visit for all the information on the movie, including all about the entire cast.

What do you get when you feature the sexyDerek Hough from Dancing With the Stars and the gorgeous Korean pop star BoA in one movie? Some sexy dance moves and sparkling chemistry.

Afterbuzz TV Team Completely Moved By DWTS Derek Hough And Amy Purdy

Below is the new Afterbuzz TV episode for Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Week 5. Kristyn was out of town (cries, I miss her!)), so Suri ran the show. Julz Tocker and Anna Trebunskaya help her in breaking down the dances. You can listen to what they said on Derek and Amy at the 24:00 mark. Like us, all three were completely touched on Derek and Amy’s package and performance! Note how Suri watched them 5-6 times! I also love how Anna explains the package and how it strips you and makes you vulnerable. She also explains how key it is for your soul to show through for what you are dancing to. I think that is exactly what happened. Though note how Anna didn’t think it was right for Carrie Ann not to call Derek and Amy on their lifts. In my opinion, Carrie Anne was right, compassionate, and a class act for how she handled it…after all, it’s not like she gave them a perfect score. More below. Let us know what you think and if you agree with them! ~Vogue

Derek Hough Talks Of How He Relates To Donny In Make Your Move And More

What a great article and interview with Derek at Yahoo for starters today. Derek talks of the benefits of growing and maturing. He also talks of how he relates to Donny his character in his new movie “Make Your Move”.

“For me, there’s nothing more masculine than when I’m completely in control of my body and can call upon my body to do whatever I want it to do,” he said. “I don’t know if women gravitate towards that, that ability to tap into that true inner masculine self, I don’t know.”

Hough added another benefit of growing and maturing is he finally in a place in his life where he can appreciate love stories, which is the theme of his new movie out Friday.

“It’s amazing how much clearer you get when you fall in love with somebody,” he told ABC News of how his life now relates to his character Donny.

Though he didn’t say whether there was a certain special lady in his life currently, he added, “love clarifies everything, makes it more enjoyable.”

“I see similarities in Donny [his character] and myself, just trying to figure out what it is you’re meant to do, following your passion,” he added.

More at Yahoo. ~Vogue

DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Screencaps (Part 1)

Here’s the screecaps from the opening number which was, IMO, the best of the season. LOVED it. Only problem was I was singing “Step in Time” all day at work. A tad annoying. To my coworkers. :-D  Click each image twice to see the full size, since we still haven’t figured out how to fix the gallery back to the way it was most recently.

Derek Hough and Amy Purdy DWTS Week 5 Media – International Versions

Here are the international versions of today’s media, except for afterbuzz which is on youtube and should be visible to everyone. The version of Nightline that is shown is actually the TV Version. :-)

Derek Hough and Amy Purdy – HQ Waltz Photos, DWTS 18, Week 5

This was so gorgeous, I still get teary eyed thinking about it. :-) To see more, visit Getty.

Derek Hough And Amy Purdy Interviewed On Getting Through An Emotional Week

Would you like another interview with Amy and Derek after Dancing With The Stars last night? If so, here they are with Extra. Go straight to the 2:20 mark…

Make Your Move on Apple Trailers!

I don’t know that there is any new information on this site, but it would be a good idea to go and watch the two videos – one has Derek rehearsing his tap dancing and the other is the trailer. There is also a place to put in your city and look for movie show times – so far, I only saw showtimes for Los Angeles. Hopefully, this issue of not being able to find theaters will be resolved in the next day or so. Kinda hard to go see a movie if you can’t figure out where and when it’s playing.

Make Your Move on Apple Trailers.

Here’s the youtube version…

ETA: Here’s a new interview that I don’t remember seeing before, plus the site says it was posted today. :-)

More Dancing With The Stars Week 5 Derek Hough And Amy Purdy Media

Are these two not a “dream come true” …and I love Amy’s Tiara!! *IHeart Be sure to listen to the end for the new “party chick” game plan!