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TV Line Reviews the Hairspray Live! Soundtrack, including Derek Hough’s Corny Collins

I’m sure many more reviews will follow, but this one from TV Line kinda encapsulated the reaction I saw today on twitter: “Derek Hough can sing!!!??!?!”

Um, duh. Long time followers/admirers/lovers of Derek have known that not only does he dance and choreograph, but he sings, acts, and plays multiple musical instruments. And he’s a hell of a photographer and artist as well. AND he’s directed a music video!! There aren’t enough fingers on one hand to describe the “threat” Derek is. 🙂 I knew this man was a massive talent before most of today’s fans even knew he existed. Okay, I’ve had wine and I’m very, very tired after a long work day. I’m delirious. 😉 Here’s a little excerpt of the album review from TV Line. I expect to see a lot more in the coming days.

* Derek Hough can sing! You’d think I’d know better than to doubt the pipes of a Hough, especially after Julianne’s killer performance in Grease: Live, but I’m just not that evolved. So imagine my delight upon hearing Derek’s rock-solid performance of “The Nicest Kids in Town,” “(It’s) Hairspray” and…

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Kenny Leon and Derek Hough Talk about Acting/Directing in Hairspray Live!

I am no longer sure of what we’ve posted and what we haven’t. 🙂 This is an interesting discussion with and about Kenny Leon, the director. Very interesting video!

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‘Welcome To The 60’s’ Hairspray Live Promo With Derek Hough And The Cast

Below is another new ‘Hairpsray Live’ teaser which welcomes us to the 60’s! Derek looks so cute as always.

Here’s another promo too that I don’t think we’ve posted…

And this….

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Derek Hough Talks to Parade Magazine about “Hairspray Live!”

This is a nice little interview with Derek from Parade on Hairspray and Julianne’s example. 🙂

What’s it like living in the world of Hairspray

It’s amazing. It really is. I was going to say toxic because of all the [hairspray] fumes … I’m just kidding. It’s amazing. It’s the sets, the songs, the cast… It’s just amazing. It’s a kaleidoscope of joy.

It’s almost cartoon-like with the hair and the costumes, and the make-up, everything – at least for the nicest kids, I should say, for Corny, it’s like a doll.  I was like, “Y’all put on a lot of make-up here.” But when you look at it, it’s like, “Okay it’s appropriate.” It makes sense for his role because you definitely get into the character, for sure.

What it’s like living in the world of [choreographer] Jerry Mitchell?

It’s great. For me, I’ve been just watching and learning. I think Jerry’s so great. He’s so fun to work with, so positive and he’s very in tune with the storytelling of it. He’s not just about the movements, the dancing. He’s very much in there with “hey make sure you do this because it tells the story in this way.”

But I’ve also been watching, too, because it’s on my bucket list to choreograph a Broadway show eventually, so I’ve been observing and seeing how he does it. He’s a veteran. He’s very accomplished, so it’s been great.

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“Hairspray Live” Interviews And Media With Derek Hough, Neil Meron, And More

Below are some fun ‘Hairspray Live’ interviews with the cast on Press day including Derek. The reporter is cracking me up….

Also, Neil Meron chats about producing “Hairspray Live” in this interview. He doesn’t mention Derek specifically, but, he talks on the opening number and how special it will be with all the dancers, etc. See why below…

Also, the Salt Lake Tribute has a special story up on Derek (with quotes from past interviews). Yes, his hometown is excited. Here’s a little take. Be sure to read the link for more.

While American TV viewers know Utah native Derek Hough primarily from his work on “Dancing With the Stars,” he’s not a newcomer to musical theater.

“I actually moved to London when I was 12 years old and went to a theater arts college,” said Hough, who attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts for six years. “And I did a lot of West End [productions]. I did plays and musicals out there.”

Hough has a prominent role in NBC’s production of “Hairspray Live!” He stars as Corny Collins, the suave host of an “American Bandstand”-like teen dance show who backs efforts to integrate his show in the early 1960s.

“And I think this Corny is going to dance a little bit more,” the “Dancing With the Stars” veteran said with a smile. “A little bit more — not a lot more.”

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Derek Hough And Cast Of Hairspray Live In People Magazine December 12th Issue

Below is a peek of some ‘Hairspray Live’ coverage in the December 12th issue of People Magazine. Thanks to Jennie for a screenshot.


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“Hairspray Live” Soundtrack Now Available, Rate And Discuss In Comments

WOO HOO! You can now officially buy a copy of the “Hairspray Live” soundtrack at Amazon (Price: $10.29) or download it at iTunes (Price: $10.99). Below is a new Promo and HERE is a preview stream. Let us know what you think of it and Derek’s songs in comments. Meet you there in a bit! 😉

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Derek Hough Interviewed On Hairspray Live, Mark Ballas Wedding, And More On Access Hollywood

Derek was interviewed about “Hairspray Live” on Access Hollywood. Derek says it’s “going to be a party”. Watch out. He also talks about Mark Ballas getting married. Lots more here, here, and here. Way fun!!

ETA: Here is the interview on You Tube…


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An Extended “Sneak Peek” at Hairspray Live featuring Derek Hough

Well, this was just posted today and it also looks different than what we’ve seen before! The goodies just keep coming! Thanks to Orsolya for the heads up on this one.

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Derek Hough – New TIA Girl Club “Trail Blazer”

This is an inspiring new project for Derek! He’s a pretty inspirational guy, so who better to be the “Today I Am” Girl Club’s first male Trail Blazer?? Not only that, but they’re now including young boys as well. I believe we’ve posted on Derek’s involvement with this group once before (although I can’t find the post right now), and Entertainment Weekly writes all about it today. Here’s an excerpt, click the link to read the rest and see the boxes:

Hough’s involvement is notable in that not only is he the first male role model to be featured, but it’s also the first month where there is a box aimed at boys. While both boxes include fun items like beanies and bracelets, they also include posters and handbooks filled with advice.

When Hough was thinking of what kind of message he wanted to send, he turned to one of his own mentors, Tony Robbins, for inspiration. “[He] talked about ‘changing your state’ and for me that was very powerful. That was something I kept with me throughout my own life,” says Hough, adding that that “state” includes everything from the language people use and their focus to their “physiology, mental, and emotional” states.

Hough, who answered a few questions from the TIA Girl Club community for the boxes, says that one of the things his younger fans frequently ask him is how he overcomes negativity or obstacles. “Staying positive is an emotional muscle. It’s just like, to work yourself out physically, you don’t just go to the gym once and go, ‘All right, I’m done for life.’ You have to do it repeatedly.”

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