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New Derek Hough Appearance – AOL Build Show on February 17!

We can add another appearance to Derek’s upcoming media blitz for Disneyland 60! This time it’s AOL Build show on this upcoming Wednesday. He’ll be on the show along with Craig Ferguson (love him) and Hayley Orrantia from The Goldbergs. If you’re in NYC, you can also try for tickets to the show – and then write a blog for us when you go. 😉 I seem to recall that Derek and Julianne were on this show prior to Move Live and that it’s an internet show. I’ll have to refresh my memory. Thanks to Linz for the heads up on this one.

ETA: I think you can watch it on this AOL Build Page. According to what I read, Derek airs live at Noon eastern time and the video will be put on their site (and embedded here) shortly after that.

Derek Hough on AOL Build

BUILD is a live interview series like no other—a chance for fans to sit inches away from some of today’s biggest names in entertainment, tech, fashion and business as they share the stories behind their projects and passions. Every conversation yields insights, inspiration and plenty of surprises as moderators and audience members ask questions. It all happens several times a week live at AOL.com The spirit is offering our guest the most positive opportunity to share their projects, their perspectives and their passions in a thoughtful and safe environment.

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Derek Hough Teaches a Special Dance Class at Ohio State University

We reported on this a while back when it was first announced and it sounded like a blast. I don’t think these lucky folks even had to pay anything…well, besides a very expensive college tuition that is. :-) So far, we’ve only seen one photo that the lovely Abby sent me on Twitter, below. We’ll add more photos as they become available. I’ve added some photos from OUAB and Shay-nuh – so thankful for everyone sharing their photos on twitter tonight!!

ETA: Attention all you OSU peeps!! OUAB has uploaded all your photos to their facebook page – go check them out and see your photo! I’ve included a few fun ones below.

ETA2: Vogue here and updated again with a few more photos.

Video!! Continue reading

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Special Feature And More Details On Derek Hough And Cast Of Wonderful World Of Disney Special

Parade has a nice little feature on the Wonderful World Of Disney 60 Special. You can view a gallery of photos and read some details on the show. Below is what they wrote about Derek. I love how he is SINGING too!

Derek Hough, who serves as Master of Ceremonies for the evening, sings and dances to the song “Step in Time,” from Oscar-winning movie Mary Poppins, with special guest and Disney Legend Dick Van Dyke.

More at Parade

ETA: Entertainment Weekly now has a special feature with more details on the Wonderful World Of Disney 60th Anniversary Special and how the “Dream Suite” will be shown in an inside look.

ABC’s upcoming special, The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60, will feature an inside look into the park’s best kept secrets, including Walt Disney’s apartment and the Disney Dream Suite — which EW toured with one of Disneyland’s expert hosts, otherwise known as the “plaids.” Our tour guide provided a wealth of information on the magic of the Dream Suite and Walt’s apartment, which we present below alongside photos.

The Dream Suite is the one and only place guests can spend the night inside the park, but it’s certainly not easy to score residence there. There is no price tag; the suite is for invited guests only, which means you need to be a celebrity, a dignitary, a president, or very, very lucky. Disneyland has gifted the suite away during the ongoing Diamond Days Sweepstakes, which celebrates the park’s 60th anniversary, as well as back in 2006–07, with the Disney Dreams Giveaway during the Year of a Million Dreams. Sometimes the park awards a night to a cast member (Disney’s term for employee) in a drawing called “Backstage Magic.” The suite was used only three or four times in 2014.

More at Entertainment Weekly including some beautiful photos.

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Mark Ballas talks Derek Hough and DWTS (Video)

Yes, I’ve sensed the air head inside Derek, Mark. 😀 He IS blonde. Love all that Mark has to say about Derek and so agree about Sadie as well. From US Magazine:

Long before quick-stepping toward two mirrorball trophies on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, Mark Ballas was performing in a head-banging metal band . . . with fellow pro Derek Hough!

“It was awesome,” Ballas, 29, tells Us Weekly while playing the Name Game at our New York office. “We had long hair and we used to go to battle of the bands.”

ETA: International Version

Mark Ballas talks Derek by PureDerekHough

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Tessandra Chavez, Derek Hough and Julianne Hough Win World of Dance Award 2016 (??)

The question marks are because we just aren’t sure. :-) But we have reason to think so. Tessandra Chavez won, but she was nominated twice. So, a bunch of us were scanning the net trying to figure out which nomination won. Here were the nominees, in case you forgot.

Then, John sent me this which, if you read the comments, indicate that Elastic Heart did indeed win. So, if this is correct – CONGRATULATIONS!!

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“Be Our Guest” Disneyland 60 Performance At Taping With Derek Hough, Witney Carson, And More

I can’t remember if we posted this video with all the footage we’ve posted so far, but, it’s fun to watch regardless as we inch closer to “The Wonderful Of Disney Special: Disneyland 60” special with Derek. Here’s to next Sunday. Sign in comments if you are getting excited and send Derek some love. Thanks to Machine68 for sending.

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Derek Hough And Cast “Behind The Scenes” Of ABC’s Disneyland 60th Anniversary TV Special – Video

Oh, this is too awesome. Check out this new “behind the scenes” video of Derek Hough and the cast talking on ABC’s Disneyland 60th Anniversary TV Special. Don’t forget the special airs next Sunday, February 21st on ABC. Check your local listings for times. Thanks to Linz for sending!

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Derek Hough Celebrates The World Of Disney At TV Special Celebration

More photos were released of Derek at the Disney TV Special Celebration. To see some super handsome classy photos of him as well other celebrities, see the Daily Mail and Getty Images. Below are a few of them. *dies*

Continue reading

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Derek Hough to Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live!! Get Tickets!!

This coming Monday, February 15th!! Perfect, close enough to Valentines Day. :-) You can still get tickets to the show from 1iota – do it, you LA folks!!

I’m assuming he’s doing PR for Disneyland 60…maybe we’ll get to see a clip!! BTW, I saw a new promo tonight with Derek looking gorgeous at the end. :-)

Jimmy kimmel

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Touring San Francisco in a Mini-Car with Derek Hough

I have to say, snapchat is the best thing that ever happened to Derek. I mean, Lombard street in a tiny car? LOL!! Even when I don’t see that gorgeous face, I am super entertained!! He’s so fun, I love it. And the laugh!! There is nothing sexier than someone who is enjoying life to the fullest. :-)

Derek tours SF by PureDerekHough

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