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More Photos And Video Coverage Of Derek Hough Attending U2 Concert And More News

The other day we posted on some new photos of Derek at the U2 Concert in Los Angeles. If you head to Just Jared Jr., they’ve posted some photos too. Also, Entertainment Tonight covered this story. You can see a video below.

Also, Arazifitness is reporting People Magazine voted Derek as having one of the best bodies in Hollywood! Not sure if this news was something from the past or if it will be for a new issue? Either case, they chose well. :D Continue reading

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PDH Birthday Party For Miss Heidi: Pick Derek Hough’s “Most Creative” Dances

Today is a special day…it’s our Miss Heidi’s BIRTHDAY! Yay! That’s right. She told me she’s 29….but, I think she told me that last year and the year before too. Not sure. 8O lol Seriously, in honor of Heidi and showering her with gifts of our mutual love for Derek, pick what you think is Derek’s “most creative” dances. You can pick as many dances as you want and post the video links too if you like. This can be a dance(s) from anything Derek has done in his career from Dancing With The Stars, his movie “Make Your Move”, the Move Live On Tour, NYSS, or anything he was part of, etc. Also, I want to thank Amy as she wrote a few weeks ago about discussing Derek’s “most creative” dances. I thought what a better time to do it than on our Miss Heidi’s birthday.

Ready? Ok, I’ll start us off. Miss Heidi, thanks a million for the awesome collaborator and friend that you are. Thank you for this amazing site and all of your knowledge and fun. I was a Derek Hough and Dancing With The Stars fan before I met you, but, because of you, you made me even MORE of a fan!! In light of everything you are, I give you “FOXING AWESOME” because that’s YOU!!!

I also give you this Emmy nominated dance in which Derek made a table even dance.

Another fave….


And lastly, this creative number I never tire of….

I may have more which I’ll add to comments. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have the greatest day!!!

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Lip Sync Battle – Derek and Julianne Hough Screencaps (Part 2)

Wow, these are gorg aren’t they?? You may not remember that I posted a Part 1 a while ago. Finally getting around to part 2…there will be a part 3 and I still have Excellent Flip to do as well. :-)

Derek LSB 14 Continue reading

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Julianne And Derek Hough Get To Do Everything They Love On Their New Tour – New Interview

Julianne and Derek talked with AZ Family in Phoenix about their new Move Live On Tour. They can’t wait to start it in Phoenix, Arizona. More below….

azfamily.com 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

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New Photos Of Derek Hough At U2 Concert

If you head to the Daily Mail, you can see some new photos of Derek at a U2 concert last night in Los Angeles, California. Brooks and Julianne were there as well. You can also see Kate Hudson pictured. As always, ignore the text part of the article. Thanks to Elmari for the heads up.

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Derek Hough And Julianne Hough Talk To CW 18 Milwaukee About Their New Tour, DWTS, And More

Thanks to Cathy for this find. Julianne and Derek talk with CW 18 Milwaukee about their new Move Live On Tour, Dancing With The Stars, the Lip Sync Battle, and More.

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Julianne Hough Writes On Move Live On Tour Rehearsals, Dance Styles, And More

How about some more information on Derek and Julianne’s new “Move Live On Tour”? If so, click on Julianne’s new blog as she is “getting ready to move”. Below is a small take from the link where Julianne talks on the dance styles and more. You know where to go for more. Pic below courtesy of Julianne’s Instagram.

The routines are like nothing anyone has seen before. There might be six or seven varieties of dance in just one song or act. One thing is for sure, you’re going to love jumping up to get down with us! I can’t wait to see you all on the road. I can’t wait to MOVE!


ETA: And is this going to be what the stage looks like (at times)?

A video posted by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

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Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin Media Screencaps

When I was watching these shows, Derek and Nastia looked so great that I just had to screencap them. :-)

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Rehearsal Sneak Peek Move Live On Tour 2015 Teaser Video

Wow, can we marvel at this new “Move Live On Tour” teaser? Tessandra Chavez has choreographed this stunning number.

A video posted by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

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Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin: Entertainment Media, TV Versions – April 24 through May 13, 2015

This is stuff that was on TV and hasn’t been posted before now. Yes, I am still playing catch up. :-)

Derek Nastia AH 042815 by dereklvr1013

Continue reading

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