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New Info on “World of Dance” and a Fun Video of Derek Hough

So, thanks to Dee who asked the question, we found out that “World of Dance” isn’t going to have any live shows this season. Originally they were going to do the finale live – so the rumors said. But everything is pre-taped and the wrap show was yesterday!

So, as you may have heard, Derek was a late boy to the final show last night and Jenna gets on him when he finally shows up. Here’s what he has to say…

Derek was a bad (late) boy last night. 😘😍😁 #derekhough #hayleyerbert #jennadewantatum #worldofdance

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Derek, Julianne Hough and Nappytabs Working Hard on MOVE Beyond (Video)

Along with Kyle Hanagami. But when I say working hard I’m…exaggerating. 🙂

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Derek Hough Promotes World Of Dance With Stunning New Photo

Derek posted this photo teaser for “World Of Dance”. Isn’t it stunning?! Bring on this show!

@jlo photobombing my photo, again!! #worldofdance #WOD

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – February 19, 2017

Mostly a crazy Derek week, from World of Dance, to the TV Academy, to bowling with Hayley, Emma and Sasha. And I NEVER get tired of this. 😉

My favorite guy 😀 #derekhough #hot #smokin #choreographer

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Derek Hough’s Last Day of Taping at “World of Dance”

Little video from Nappytabs telling us it’s the last day of taping – now if we could just get an air date instead of the rumors we have… 😉

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Bowling with Derek Hough, Hayley Erbert, Sasha Farber and Emma Slater (Instastories)

Well, these were pretty hilarious to watch. 🙂 I bowl like Hayley, unfortunately. But I have fun. Also, Derek shoots some really pretty rainbows before the bowling gets started.

ETA: replaced the original video with a video for each of Sasha, Emma and Hayley since they added bits after I went to bed 🙂 Especially Sasha who added Derek doing something gross. 😉

Check out lots more, below… Continue reading

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Derek Hough Talks Choreographers and Michael Buble to Red Carpet TV

This is a fun interview – love hearing him talk about choreographers, plus his phone call from Michael Buble.

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Variety Talks TV Academy Choreography Peer Group and Derek Hough

So when Variety does an article on the new TV Academy Peer Group and they mention Derek Hough and Mandy Moore in the title? It means A LOT. Derek is the MAN. 🙂 Since he was at the forefront of this effort, all is as it should be. 😉

The best choreographers in all of showbiz waltzed down to the Saban Media Center on Thursday night to celebrate the the Television Academy’s creation of a peer group for choreographers. Mandy Moore, of “La La Land,” and Derek Hough, from “Dancing With the Stars,” were among the choreographers in attendance.

Hough echoed the excitement about the peer group. “It’s kind of about time. In the last decade, dance has really been put in the forefront and there’s so much choreography in television right now, not just in reality competition shows, but in sitcoms and film and TV,” Hough said. “It’s everywhere, and I feel that choreographers have a huge part in creating these moments on television and deserve that sort of recognition.”

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Kristyn Burtt Reviews Television Academy’s “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” With Derek Hough And More

Kristyn Burtt attended the Television Academy’s “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” event last night. She gives a run down on the choreographers and performances (including Derek and Ekaterina Fedosova’s dance). She also gives us a little information on “World Of Dance”. A fascinating listen with lots of fun tidbits….

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Derek Hough Discusses What it Takes to Win “World of Dance”

This is a great article – a great read. Be sure to go to Dance.com to read the entire thing. Excellent!

The key, he said, is in the difference between showcasing and competing.

“If you’re going to come on a competition show, what you are doing may be great but it has to be greater than who’s going before you or after you,” he said. “That’s a big challenge.”

That’s not a factor everyone realizes, he said, observing that many of the “well-known dancers” competing in the show are highly talented, but they’re facing serious challenges from lesser-known talent.

“They’re incredible and nobody’s taking that away from them,” he said. “But when you put that routine in the moment up against someone else, all that doesn’t really matter. It matters what’s really happening there in the moment.”

He added: “You can definitely differentiate the people who are there to compete and the people who just show what they do.”

Communicating that will be a key to his input on the show, and part of why he was brought in. Studio executives were looking for someone with “the complete package — an extraordinary dancer with a charismatic personality,” said Meredith Ahr, president of Universal Television Alternative Studio, one of the show’s producers.

“Derek has been one of the defining names in dance for years, raising the bar with his talent year after year,” Ahr said, noting his passion in everything he does: “It shows through in his mentorship with the dancers.”

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