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Derek Hough’s Response to the Tap Challenge from Michael Weatherly!!

And it’s just as cute as he is. Remember, it’s for Broadway Cares – think about giving a little something.

Derek, in turn, challenges Alfonso Riberio and Laura Benanti. :-) From Derek’s Facebook:

Here's my #TAPPED video for #BroadwayCares #DWTS Dancing with the Stars NCIS Keltie Knight. Thank you to Michael…

Posted by Derek Hough on Friday, September 4, 2015

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Outtakes of Killick Klassik Promo Video With Derek Hough, Shirley Ballas, Marriann Nelson, And More

I can’t stop laughing. This is toooo funny!

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Pap Videos Of Derek Hough And Bindi Irwin Arriving To DWTS Rehearsals September 3, 2015

Awww, what a nice Friday wake up….

ETA: More…

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DWTS Season 21 Good Morning America Cast Reveal – Guest Blog By Cathy

Give it up to Cathy, Everyone! She was able to attend the Good Morning America Dancing With The Stars Cast Reveal on Monday in New York City. Derek might not have been there, but, Cathy was able to see and talk with Bindi. Below she tells us all about it. She also sent us some fun photos and video. Enjoy! ((((Miss Heidi and I can’t thank you enough, CATHY!)))) This is so cool!

What an awesome experience it was to attend the GMA DWTS Cast Reveal for S21 live in Times Square, NYC, on 9/2/15! This was my first time attending such a special event, and it was a great deal of fun and so exciting!

Just before 8am, a group of pros and celebrities made their grand entrance onto the GMA plaza, and the audience began cheering for them as they arrived. Derek was not among that group, so I thought that perhaps he, along with a few other pros and celebrities who were missing, would be in the next wave of cast members to arrive shortly. Afterall, why not save the best for last?! Meanwhile, during the time up until the cast reveal segment, which was scheduled to air at 8:15, all the pros and celebrities, along with Tom Bergeron, interacted and mingled with the studio audience…talking with us and taking lots of selfies! And it was fun watching them as they enjoyed interacting with one another! At one point we even watched Tony and Louis playfully dancing together, and then Keo and Bindi began to dance together!! It was all so spontaneous and so priceless! They all…pros and celebrities alike…went out of their way to entertain us while we stood waiting! The GMA staff also gave us paddles…one that read “ABC GMA DWTS Cast Reveal” and the other had a perfect “10” score written on it…to add to the overall festivities of the occasion. Shortly later one of the staff came out carrying this season’s MBT…yeah, THE coveted MBT, and what a stunning award it was to see in person! And to think…Derek won 5 of these gorgeous pieces, and hopefully 6 after this season! But during this time there was still no sign of Derek. I kept expecting him to arrive at any time, so I remained very aware of my surroundings! I must add that when the pros and celebrities first entered the plaza, there was a lot of cheering and excitement, but the SCREAMING that Derek gets when he’s anywhere in sight…there was none of that! The way Derek fans would scream when he would exit the stage door after NYSS or MOVE…there’s nothing quite like it! And it was awesome to see some Derek fans in the crowd…one group was holding up some creative handmade posters for him! So I felt like he was definitely there in spirit! Continue reading

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Derek, Julianne Hough and MOVE Live on Tour in US Magazine, September 14 Edition

Just in case you want to run out and pick it up!! Thanks to Kelly for the heads up!

Derek Julianne US Weekly 091415

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Derek Hough Working on Tap Challenge for Broadway Cares

Yep, Derek is “working on” Michael Weatherly’s challenge, per his facebook. Below is what he posted for those of you without facebook.

Derek Tap Challenge FB

Is it warm in here? 😉

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New Photos Of Derek Hough Arriving For Rehearsals For Dancing With The Stars

Awwww, did Derek get a new car? I don’t know, but, he and his car are HOT for sure. 😀 To see what I mean, see Getty Images for some new photos (sorry, the embed option isn’t there as of right now or I’d post them in this post). His eyes are beautiful!

ETA: More sweet photos from yesterday….one of Derek….and several with Bindi too. See them at the Daily Mail.

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New, Hi Res Video of Derek Hough Accepting “America’s Favorite Choreographer” Award at IDA

Yeah, this was just posted from IDA and it’s nice, high quality video. You’ve seen it before when I capped the awards off the live stream, but this is much clearer. :-)

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Derek Hough And Bindi Irwin In Access Hollywood DWTS “Meet The Cast” Feature – Video

Access Hollywood did a fun “meet the cast” feature. You can see Derek and Bindi at the 3:35 mark…

ETA: International version… ~Heidi

Derek And Bindi In AH 090215 by dereklvr1013

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More Fun Photos Of Derek Hough And Bindi Irwin

I think I’m going to pass out again. Go to US Weekly as fast as you can for some really fun photos of Derek and Bindi. The photo with Derek holding the snake is priceless! Look at his face! And I like what they wrote too…

The new dancing partners finally met for the first time on Wednesday, Sept. 2, at The Wildlife Learning Centre in Los Angeles after the latest cast was announced. Irwin showed off her special touch with animals by posing with a python, which she also helped Hough handle.

But when it comes to the ballroom, it’s Hough who’s got the skills. If anyone can turn a non-dancer into a serious contender for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy, it’s the five-time champ, who also boasts an Emmy for his choreography on DWTS.

More at US Weekly.

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