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Derek Hough Mentioned In US Weekly

US Weekly has a Super Bowl feature with Derek mentioned in it. They mention how Derek and Kate Hudson danced a little during the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert. There is also some photos of Derek pictured with Julianne as well. As always though, please ignore the tabloid type talk.

Hudson wasn’t as talkative with Hough at first, though. Before Jonas arrived, the onlooker tells Us that they “weren’t interacting at all” until Hudson began to dance to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Around the World.”

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Even More 2016 Super Bowl Goodies With Derek Hough – Pics, Videos

How about just a few more photos and videos from Super Bowl weekend? Some fans were able to capture some really great pics of Derek. If you didn’t see our first posting of last night’s adventures, see this previous posting. Miss Heidi is going to try and put all the video footage together if and as soon as she can or when she gets back from her travels. Happy Monday and Happy Derek! 😀

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Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, And Friends Go To Super Bowl 50 – Pics, Video

As I type right now, Derek, Julianne, and some friends are at the Super Bowl and are they ever having fun. Check out some of the pics and video coming out below. You can also see some photos at the Daily Mail. Derek is a total goof. lol Note that I’m tag teaming Miss Heidi at her instagram if you want to watch too. Thanks to Catherine L for her help. Also, don’t miss seeing Just Jared Jr for photos from last night.

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Derek Hough’s Superbowl Party Fun (Snapchat Video)

I finally assembled all of Derek’s videos from his fun day yesterday into one video. Only his though – I neglected to add some of the other ones I saw. Too much fun, either way. :-)

Dereks Superbowl Party Fun by PureDerekHough

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“Super” Jam Packed Derek Hough Twitter Roundup – February 7, 2016

What a fun, jam packed Twitter Roundup we have this week. Derek was on the “move” this week as you can see. You can see some videos from his Super Bowl snapchat from yesterday too and pictures. Thanks to all who sent them.

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Derek Hough Attends DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night Party – HQ Photos

Last night, Derek attended a pre-super bowl party held by DirecTV. Note how Julianne was there too as well as Nick Jonas and other celebrities. See Getty Images, AP Images, Wire Images, and Zimbio for more. Wow, I have no words. IN fact, I think I just passed out. 😯

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Mark Ballas And Derek Hough Go Bowling!

Once again, Derek’s snap chats are a blast. Below you can watch him and Mark Ballas bowling last night (I love the look Derek gives the camera….and I want Mark’s hat too). Miss Heidi is travelling currently. She says she will make videos out of everything when she gets back if she has time.

They had too much fun last night. ???? #derekhough #markballas

A video posted by @purederekhough on

Mark and Derek bowling…wish I coulda been there. ???? #derekhough #markballas

A video posted by @purederekhough on

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First Promo For The Wonderful World Of Disney “Disneyland 60” With Derek Hough And More

This is awesome and thanks to Linz for sending!! If you can’t see the video below, you can see it at Entertainment Weekly and read an article on it.

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Derek Hough’s Snapchat Day – February 5, 2016

I can’t promise I’ll do this everyday, but I will when I have time. Below are Derek’s fun snapchats from today. Of course, I have to get off here since I have to get up at the crack of dawn, that means he’ll post about ten more. :-)

Derek 020516 by PureDerekHough

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Derek Hough To Be On “The Chew” And “Kelly & Michael”

Gear up, All! Derek is going to on “The Chew” on February 18th. From The Chew….

02/18/16 PG
We care about our fans and what better way to show that than dedicating a whole show to their favorite fiesta dishes? Special guest: Craig Ferguson, Derek Hough Bailando

It’s going to be so good to see him again. Yay!!

ETA: Derek is also going to be on “Kelly & Michael” on February 17th.

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