How To VOTE for Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough on DWTS Season 20

It’s that time once again, folks! Time to dust off your voting accounts, make some new ones and get ready for season 20. Derek has an OLYMPIC ATHLETE, Nastia Liukin, this season – they need your votes and it’s time to get ready!  It’s up to YOU to make sure Nastia’s fans see this tutorial and learn how to vote!  This is the same tutorial I’ve used for many seasons now, so excuse any instance of the wrong person’s name. Just bring it to my attention. :-)  Watch this post, also, in case they change any of the rules as we get closer to the premiere. We won’t know the actual phone number until right before the premiere, so check back!! 

The Short Version

Call 1-800-868-34** As soon as the show starts – you get the same number of votes as there are dancers. So week 1 you get 12 votes. We’ll find out the full number a few days before the show, so watch this space!!

Go to and vote for Nastia and Derek (look for the big “Vote Now” banner)- and keep going with as many accounts as you can until 8 PM Eastern time on Tuesday evening.

Don’t forget calling in via Skype and Voting Using Facebook

Detailed Instructions for beginners: Continue reading

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Welcome to Pure Derek Hough!

This is a site for fans of Derek Hough. We try our best to compile all news, pictures, music and videos about and by Derek – if you find something you think we’ve missed, feel free to contact us. If you are a new fan of Derek’s and want to learn more about him, the “Accomplishments” and “Biography” buttons to the right (and above) contain pages of what we know (or think we know). ;-)

Also to the right is a music section where you can find music by Ballas Hough, Derek’s band, and songs that Derek has danced to on Dancing with the Stars. Complete with iTunes links.

If you want to see old posts, there are two ways: 1) by the media buttons to the right, or; 2) by month under the “Derek Archives” buttons also on the right-hand side of this page.

Questions? Click Contact Us. And Welcome!

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Derek Hough And Julianne Hough Talk With Jenny McCarthy About Their New Tour – HQ Photos

Derek and Julianne talked with Jenny McCarthy of Sirius XM Stars this morning. Below are some beautiful photos of them all (Thanks to Kaitlyn for letting is know on the pics). To see more, see Getty Images. Stay tuned, we’re hoping to have some media of the Sirius interview soon.

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Derek and Julianne Hough on GMA, March 2, 2015 – Screencaps!!

In case you missed it, we live blogged the big announcement and included lots of photos and video. Then Vogue posted the whole video. Then we got the official photo of Nastia and Derek. Then we were blogging tour dates (well, Vogue was – I don’t feel that well).  Now…screencaps from this morning!


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Rockettes Chat Taking Place Right Now: Ask Them Questions On The New York Spring Spectacular

The Rockettes are holding a CHAT right now to answer questions on “New York Spring Spectacular”. If you’d like to tune in and ask them questions on the show, costumes, or Derek, etc., see If you can’t tune in, the link should still be available to read (hopefully).

Here’s to this wonderful show coming soon!! FOR TICKETS

ETA: They just answered this question on Derek…

kupskik: What is it like working with Derek Hough in NYSS?

CHRISTINA: He’s extremely creative, and it’s amazing to have so many ideas, and it’s really refreshing. He’s VERY energetic and enthusiastic! EXTREMELY!

LAUREN: I think he’s the ultimate performer! It’s just nice to have fresh energy at Radio City, and have someone from the TV screen to the theater – it’s fantastic, and it translates incredibly well, because even what he does on camera is live dancing. And not only is he doing the Spring Spectacular but he’s also doing Dancing with the Stars at the SAME TIME.

CHRISTINA: He’s taking on both!

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Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin OFFICIAL DWTS PHOTO

Looking gorgous!!
Derek and Nastia

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Video Coverage Of Derek Hough And Julianne Hough On Good Morning America

Below is video of Derek and Julianne’s appearance on Good Morning America today to announce their second “Move Live On Tour”. Thanks to @IdolXFactor1 for being so speedy again and for the exclusive coverage for us. Be sure to send him a huge Thank you and follow him at twitter.

Also, thanks to Gitte’s eagle eye, see a fun teaser video at Daily Julianne Hough.

For Tickets to the Move Live On Tour in a city near you, click here. Tickets to the general public go on sale on Friday March 6th. Presale for American Express card holders Wednesday, March 4th.

Also, be sure to read our GMA Live Blog of the announcement if you haven’t yet. Miss Heidi is a hoot as always! Lots of goodies you will want to see in it too.

ETA: Here’s a video for International Viewers by Codebear. Stay tuned, Miss Heidi tells me she is making video too with little teases in it. hee hee

Derek Hough and Julianne Hough On Good Morning… by Codebear2

ETA: A poorer quality video but with all the teasers is in our live blog post. ~Heidi

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Schedule And Ticket Information For Move Live On Tour 2015 With Derek Hough And Julianne Hough

Check it out!! The dates and schedule for Derek and Julianne’s “Move Live On Tour” have been added to the official Move Live On Tour site. You can see the schedule at this link!! Who’s ready to buy tickets?? I AM!!! Let’s get this party started!

ETA: Tickets go on sale on Friday, March 6th according to this link at the official site. Get Ready!!

ETA2: For America Express card holders, pre-sale tickets go on sale on March 4th. Click on the show in the city you are interested in, and the link will come up.

ETA3: See the Live Nation at this link. It’s saying the Amerian Express Card Holder sale is TUESDAY. There is a Live Nation Mobile App Presale on THURSDAY. There is also a Live Nation Presale on THURSDAY. Be patient as they update this information to each show date as it looks like they are just starting to update the schedule with this info as I type this. Check Ticket Master as well. ADDING: it also looks like the pre-sales and general public sales could be different depending on which show you go to. Thanks to Dari for all of her awesome help.

ETA4: The Move Live On Tour site is updating with more new pictures. So cool!

Thanks Kaitlyn and Dari for the heads up!!!

Move 2015 3

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Another Move Live On Tour 2015 Derek Hough Julianne Hough Press Day Heads Up

Not only will Derek and Julianne be on Good Morning America,, and The Ellen Show today, they will also be on SiriusXMStars to talk with Jenny McCarthy about their new tour. Tune in to this link at 10:00am ET to listen. It’s going to be like Christmas today, you ready?

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The Rockettes Interviewed About The New York Spring Spectacular, Derek Hough, And More

The Rockettes talk with CBS Local about Derek Hough and the New York Spring Spectacular. This is fun. Check it out! Thanks to Cathy for the cool find.

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Derek and Julianne Hough on GMA – Announcement Live Blog

We do this on PureDWTS all the time and we figured we’d try it out here again as well. We’ll update this post with a GMA play by play for those who can’t see it. We’ll also add the video here once we get it!!

Here we go!!

ETA: The Tour Cities are Already Up!! MOVE Live on Tour!!

Okay….GMA starts in a sec…

That’s a massive pile of show they’re showing…bummin’ me out. Can winter be over already??

Looking at the MOVE Live site, I only count 39 cities – maybe that’s not all of them. And I notice they’re playing Radio City Music Hall this time. :-) Continue reading

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Costume Preview For The Ellen Show, Move Live On Tour 2015 Announcement Teaser – Photos

Aren’t these costumes fabulous? The dancers who are dancing with Derek and Julianne Hough tomorrow on The Ellen Show teased these at their instagrams. Thanks to Tei for the find!! Pics courtesy of Tera Perez and Catalina Paz…



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