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Toronto Marlies Use Derek Hough Gif During A Game

This is cute. Apparently, the Toronto Marlies used a Derek Hough gif when playing against another team. Note that Julianne Hough’s finance’ Brooks Laich plays for the Toronto Marlies. Thanks to Lori for the fun find!

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Derek Hough: A Day and Night in the Life – January 19-20, 2017

As usual, I crash last night and Derek has more to say…so does Romie. 🙂 So, below is the continuation of what I posted last night, plus the added bonus of Harley and Derek playing guitar in a gorgeous suit. 🙂 Another World of Dance taping is tonight…and he looks gorg.

Instagram I posted last night…

Sweet Romie…and sweet #derekhough 😍😘💕🐕

A video posted by Heidi Ho (@purederekhough) on

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Derek Hough’s Day on the Michael Buble Set (Video)

Here are some instastories from both Derek and Riveting Entertainment – Derek looking very dapper on set. 🙂 And it’s a wrap!

Director @derekhough going over the scene with the team #setlife

A photo posted by Riveting Entertainment (@rivetingentertainment) on

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The First “World of Dance” Taping – A Derek Hough Fan’s Experience

So, Derek fan Tiffannie was lucky enough to go to the first World of Dance taping with Derek, Jennifer, Jenna and Ne-Yo and was gracious enough to share the experience with the rest of us Derek fans!!  Everyone give it up for Tiffannie and let her know how much you appreciate her sharing!

Hey All! My name is Tiffannie, and I recently attended the first ever live taping of World of Dance! I thought I could do a write up for my fellow curious Derek fans! Below is my taping experience (with spoilers) (but not all of them because long story short EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS SHOW WHEN IT AIRS OMG IT’S SO GOOD). Continue reading

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Jennifer Lopez Talks Of Performing With Derek Hough And Jenna Dewan Tatum In “World Of Dance”

This interview is getting me really excited for “World Of Dance” again. Jennifer Lopez mentions Derek and Jenna Dewan Tatum towards the end and how they are talking of dancing for the show….

ETA: Here’s another interview with Jennifer mentioning Derek….

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Derek Hough Helping, Directing, Choreographing, And Starring In Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” Video

Entertainment Tonight reported on Michael Buble and how he backed out hosting the BRIT Awards in London next month to care for his cancer-stricken son. In this report, Derek is mentioned as helping him and that he’s directing, choreographing, and starring in Michael’s new “Believe You” video. You can read more here or watch the video below. Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael and his family. He couldn’t be in better hands than with Derek.

While the GRAMMY winner is staying focused on his family, he is getting support from Derek Hough. Hough, who met Buble in 2009 when he performed on Dancing With the Stars, is directing, choreographing and starring in the music video for Buble’s new single, “I Believe in You.”

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Derek Hough’s First Day Of Shooting New Project

According to Derek’s snap chats today, he started “Day 1” of a shoot. We’re not sure what shoot, but, it sounds fun and the cutest kids were seen with Derek. Jennie sent us some fun photos which you can view below. When Miss Heidi gets back, hopefully, she can get us some video footage for us.

ETA: Here are Derek’s instastory and snapchat from today – feel fairly certain this is the Michael Buble thing, but with Derek one can never be sure. 😉

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New “Soul Cycle” Move Interactive With Julianne Hough And Derek Hough This Saturday

Get ready for another “Move Interactive” event. This event will take place this upcoming Saturday, January 21st. More information below.

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Derek Hough and “World of Dance” featured on Access Hollywood

I do love that photo that Derek posted – and it made it on Access Hollywood. Nice to see this show starting to get some attention.

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Yet Another Reason to Get Excited for Derek Hough and “World of Dance”

So Jenna teased us all with this response to someone asking her if she and Derek could dance together on “World of Dance” – so excited. I would love to see this.

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