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MORE MOVE Beyond Tidbits – April 29, 2017

Just a few more fun tidbits I’ve found from the last week and a half of the tour. 🙂

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Guest Blogger KellyK Goes Supreme VIP and Says: “Move Beyond Live is an AMAZING SHOW!!”

Wow, the Supreme VIP experience sounds like a great time when Derek and Julianne Hough are involved!! And I love all the questions the fans asked about…although I guess we all figured that there were issues with “Singin’ in the Rain” – my first Derek scoop. 🙂 Ah well, if it doesn’t happen, something else will. Everyone be sure to give it up for Kelly for taking the time to share her experience with us, especially as not many people on the blog will get to do the Supreme VIP experience. 🙂

Hi! I’m KellyK, aka @RNCCRN9706 on Twitter and @kakrn97 on Instagram. Been a Derek fan since 2012 and an avid blog reader here at PDH for the same amt of time. I tell Derek fans at all of these shows about PDH and to be sure to check it out as Heidi and Vogue post all things Derek here 🙂

Move Beyond Live is an AMAZING SHOW! Continue reading

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Move Beyond “Amazing” And “Incredible”, More Coverage From Columbus, Ohio And Other Shows

As you might know from Miss Heidi’s first report on the Columbus, Ohio show, KellyK was there. Miss Heidi posted photos and videos. Kelly reports that the show was “amazing” and “incredible”. You can view more of her photos and videos below. She will be writing on her entire experience soon and we can’t wait. Below are more photos and videos from other fans at the Columbus Show as well. Palace Theatre Facebook has a few photos too. Also, don’t miss seeing 23r5riker’s instagram for some amazing photos of past shows (We’ve posted some of them in previous posts, but, she keeps uploading more every day). The Torch also has a cool review. They are saying the new “Move Beyond” Live Tour “exceeds expectations”. You can say that again! Continue reading

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Derek Hough: Behind the “MOVE” Scenes in Columbus, Ohio

He alternates between total goofball and sincere sweetheart, wouldn’t you say? And is gorgeous the whole time. 🙂 I love the music blasting out the window and I’m SO happy to see the Scotsman back again.

Derek also had a snapchat that is slightly different from the instastory…

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MOVE Beyond Moves to Columbus, Ohio!!

Goodness!! We know someone at the show tonight who had Supreme VIP and she’ll be writing a blog for us soon. Can’t wait to read how that went down!! 🙂 In the meantime, a few photos and videos of the show for you to peruse. 😉

The @juleshough and @derekhough in #columbus @palace.theatre delivering an amazing evening #Columbus #movebeyond

A post shared by Simon Nankervis (@simonnankervis) on

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Derek Hough Talks “World of Dance” and His Role as Judge

This is a nice little article with a few new tidbits of information! Here’s a little excerpt from NBC7 San Diego – click the link to read the whole thing.

Through his role on “World of Dance,” Hough raved he has seen extraordinary performances from up-and-comers. He said the show demands a certain caliber, and his first reaction to a piece is usually positive. But as he goes through a focused rubric that grades routine, execution, presentation, and crowd appeal, he is able to dissect the strengths and weaknesses of each work — even when confronting drastically different dance forms, like ballet and hip-hop.
“The truth is you can’t really compare the dancing itself, but you can certainly compare the feeling it gives you,” Hough said.

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“Remember, Everything Is Gonna Be Okay” – ‘Move Beyond’ Guest Blog By Andrea

Would you like to read another “Move Beyond Live Tour” blog? Andrea (aka @HayleyDWTS at twitter) has written all about her experience of the Chicago show. Let’s just say, she was indeed “moved” by this show and if you are like me, this story will bring a tear to your eyes. You can view her beautiful photos below too. She outdid herself. ((((THANKS Andrea! You rock!)))))!!!x

“Remember, Everything Is Gonna Be Okay”
Move Beyond Live Tour From Chicago
By Andrea

Better late than never, right? Well, after a week full of ACT prep tests and getting back into the school routine following spring break, I have finally had time to reflect on my experiences at the Chicago matinee show.

I became a big fan of the Hough’s in early 2015. I knew of them prior, but my life was too hectic for me to be worried about tracking them. In 2015, I became a fan of Derek when I started to really watch Dancing With the Stars. At the time, I was going through a lot with my parents’ divorce, grandmother passing away, and daily struggles with my anxiety and depression. Seeing Derek dance became a distraction and something to look forward to when it seemed that nothing else in my life was good. Going to the 2015 tour and learning more of his and Julianne’s stories was life changing and shined a new ray of hope on me. So, naturally, when Move – Beyond was announced, I undoubtedly asked for tickets for Christmas. Since I have divorced parents, I’d FaceTime my dad everyday after school to ask if he got them yet the entire week leading up to Christmas. He was really bad at hiding the fact that he got them, despite his many attempts at lying about it. Unfortunately since I had already gotten VIP for DWTS in hopes of meeting Hayley, I had to stick with balcony seats for Move.

We got to Chicago from Milwaukee around 1:20 PM. My dad dropped me off near the buses because he had to go find a parking garage about a block and a half away and I was wearing heels that were about four inches tall. Only one of the buses was on and running, and it was the nicer of the three. Since the meet and greet was going on, I assumed it was either Brooks or Kristy on the bus. After a few minutes of waiting for my dad, I heard the bus door open and looked over to see that it was indeed Brooks. I, being the Hough fan I am, had to ask for a picture. He was the sweetest and we had a short conversation about how I had to come to Chicago for the show because of my brother’s wedding being on the exact day that they come to Milwaukee… and THREE hours away from Milwaukee at that. After that I talked to a few people who were wondering who Brooks was Continue reading

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Julianne And Derek Hough Spotted Shopping While In Albany, NY (Photos)

While in Albany, New York, Derek and Julianne were seen at the Crossgates Mall. To see some photos of them, see Times Union.

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Miscellaneous MOVE Media with Derek and Julianne Hough – April 27, 2017

Just a little something to stimulate good dreams…a bunch of random stuff I saw on the internet. Lots of hot Derek. 🙂

@derekhough #movebeyond #moveliveontour #pinkshirtgirl

A post shared by Courtney Larkin (@cldancer) on

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“Move Beyond” With Julianne And Derek Hough Called “One Of The Best Shows Ever” (More Rochester, NY Coverage)

#MoveBeyond is absolutely insane! one of the best shows ever! @derekhough & @juliannehough are amazing! @correen_marie

Don’t you just love the quote above? Fans are loving Derek and Julianne’s new “Move Beyond Live Tour”. As Heidi said in her previous post on the Rochester, New York show, Courtney Larkin was there and she has been uploading videos to her You Tube Channel. We’ll post a few of them below, but, don’t miss seeing them all HERE when you get a chance. Thank you, Courtney. We can’t get enough!

Goodness, look at Derek’s feet go in this performance…. Continue reading

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