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Derek Hough: A Day in the Life – February 27, 2017

I swear, the snapchat stories Derek has been doing lately just make me laugh and laugh and laugh – and not he and Mark are doing accents?!?! OMG – so freakin’ funny. Of course, the work out videos are hot and not so amusing. 😉

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Derek Hough To Guest On NBC’s “Kourtney Kang”

Thanks to Linz for the quick heads up. Guess what? Derek has been set to guest on NBC’s Kourtney Kang single-camera comedy pilot. He joins Paula Abdul, a series regular playing a version of herself. More in the link below….

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Kellie Pickler Chats On Her New Show, Dancing With The Stars, Derek Hough, And More

Cleveland.com talked with Kellie Pickler ahead of her show at the Hard Rock Rocksino on March 4th. She chats about what to expect of her show. They also chat on American Idol and Dancing With The Stars. Read more below for what she said on Derek and dancing. As always, she’s a hoot….

Not so hooked, though, on dancing, even those she and “DWTS” partner Derek Hough won the sixth season in 2013.

“I’m definitely not a dancer,” she said, with that smile showing through in her voice again. “The only reason that happened was Derek – he’s the pro.”

While “Idol” has given her a singing career, and she’s fine with that, her experience on “DWTS” has had a bit of a comedic downside:

“I go to weddings and parties and people go, ‘Kellie can dance,’ and they expect me to get up and do the Argentine tango!” she said. “I need professional help!”

To read the full interview, see Cleveland.com.

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Derek Hough Interviewed On ‘World Of Dance’, Dancing, Creating, And More

Kristyn Burtt recently interviewed Derek on the Television Academy Choreographer’s Peer Group Red Carpet. He talks of World Of Dance and lots more. You can watch it HERE.

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New Video Promo By Derek Hough: “How many times do we pay for one mistake?”

Let’s hope Derek releases his new video soon. Here’s another promo…and with such a powerful and deep message too.

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The Vegas Birthday Party Continues with Derek, Julianne Hough and Hayley Erbert

Not to mention their family on the maternal side – and the fun is clearly genetic in this family, starting with Gma. 🙂 The party continued after I went to bed and got restarted with Brunch this morning…which I’m jealous of as brunch is my very favorite.

This morning…

ETA: Back in LA…

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Happy Birthday to Derek and Julianne Hough’s Mom, Marriann Hough-Nelson (Video)

Yes, I know her birthday was yesterday, and I posted a lot of fun birthday party videos last night (and will be updating that one soon), but Dona and Deana found this beautiful tribute video on facebook and asked me if I wanted to share it. It’s so lovely that I thought I would give it it’s own post. Enjoy!!

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – February 26, 2017

This week we have a lot of work going into MOVE Beyond…and a lot of fun at Marriann’s birthday party. 🙂

This summer is going to be Epic!! Are you ready to MOVE? Get tickets now Link in Bio ☝🏼️ #movebeyond

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

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Momma Hough’s Vegas Birthday Party Kicks into High Gear with Derek and Julianne (Instastory)

So, Derek, Julianne and Hayley joined the maternal side of their family in Vegas to celebrate their mom’s 60th birthday! And, as usual, the Houghs show the rest of us how to have a great time. Shirley Ballas was there too!

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Derek Hough Gets Goofy, Day 3 – February 24, 2017

Goofy and hot. It’s funny that he’s gone back to snapchat from Instagram. The filters the last couple days have been killing me. 🙂

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